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Metal finishes bring out the elegance in the kitchen. If you love making food in an elegant kitchen, it’s time you think about mixing metal finishes in the kitchen. You will agree with me that it will be the best motivation when cooking. Besides that, you can confidently invite your friends over and make good meals together in an appealing kitchen.

Most homeowners get trapped in confusion on how to mix metal finishes in the kitchen. Designers have a way of combining different finishes in a kitchen to bring out a stylish look. Mismatching has been one of the most significant errors that people make when making kitchen finishes. With Smart Remodeling LLC, you will be sure of a perfect metal mix for your kitchen.


What you need to do

Trust me, mixing metal finishes like a pro is not an easy task. If you want to know the best way to mix metal finishes like a pro, you need to gather information. The great thing about the world we live in right now is that you don't have to do all these things yourself. I mean, that's why there are expert and professional designers. (Moen, 2021) Experts will show you which metal finishes are suitable for what position. 

Your aim is style. Therefore, in whatever way an expert mixes the finishes, as long as it displays an excellent kitchen style, you should not worry. Well, for those who want to do it by themselves, getting the correct information is essential. Do you want to mix metal finishes in the kitchen like a pro, you need to follow a few fundamental aspects. Each of the elements will ensure that you choose the most appropriate metal finishes for your kitchen.

  • Look for metal finishes in other rooms

If you are looking to mix metal finishes in the kitchen, going for dominant metal finishes is the most brilliant move. I know you must be wondering; how do I know which is the most commanding metal finish? The technique to getting this is looking for metal finishes in other rooms in your home. What you should aim for while you mix metal finishes in the kitchen is connection. That is connecting metal finishes in the rooms to the metal finishes in the kitchen.

You don’t have to match all the metal finishes that are in your home. Make sure you use two or three metal finishes that are in other rooms for your kitchen finishing. You coordinate metal finishes in all rooms in your house, just like how you coordinate the color plan. You will not have any trouble choosing dominating metal finishes because they already exist in the other rooms. For different additional metal finishes, you choose to depend on the style you need. (Mastroeni, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Most people love the look of stainless-steel kitchen finishes. To add a glow in such a kitchen, add some touches of a gold piece or even a chandelier.


  • Finishes coordination

Coordination is critical when you mix metal finishes in the kitchen. Remember that both metal and non-metal finishes play a significant role in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Therefore, coordinating both metal and non-metal finishes is critical. Find the standard connection between the two finishes to help in better coordination. Failure to consider different finish types leads to mismatching. I'm sure nobody wants that in his/her kitchen.

Well, coordination is not necessary just for different finish types. There are also other types of metal finishes. Those are worth the coordination. All metal finishes for the kitchen are incredible. However, using them all together aimlessly will not bring out their breathtaking nature. Concentrate on one metal finish. Link all the other metal finishes to that single metal finish. Now that brings put the overall finish of your kitchen. The styles of matching may be different for different people. However, each has its uniqueness. (Moen, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: You base the matching of the finishes depending on the style you want to achieve. A modern kitchen style will have a different finish from that of a traditional kitchen style. Therefore, select a manner to make the matching of the metal finishes in the kitchen easier.

  • Resist too many metals

If you perfectly know how to mix metal finishes in the kitchen, you can juggle with different metals. Using too many metals will affect the overall style of the kitchen. In the same way, you won't have many colors painted around the house. You also don't need to have excess metals for finishing. Why not choose minimal metals that you will efficiently and quickly coordinate to bring out the excellent style you intended? 

In some cases, having too many metals is not the problem. The main issue with having too many metals is balancing. What would you do if you are a newbie in mixing metal finishes? The secret is just using a few metals to have perfect results. Some pieces should not look out of place just because you used too many metals for the finish. You can have a few metals with a superb balance between them to have the most stylish kitchen. The lesser the metals you use, the more secondary complications you will have in the finishing process. (Mastroeni, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Too many metals; it's just like a competition. Remember that the metal finishes should not compete with each other. Instead, they should be complementing each other. The fewer the metal, the more complementation aspect you will get.

  • Incorporate a statement metal finish

Do you want a complementing or an outstanding out aspect of metal finishes in the kitchen? Well, this can be a hard decision to make. Consult with an expert on which element is the best for your kitchen. Most people rush to ask how to mix metal finishes in the kitchen like a pro and forget that it is too much besides mixing the finishes. Choosing a style that you want to achieve is a complicated task by itself. 

Before rushing to mix metals, decide on the style you want. To get a complementary aspect, the need to connect metals into one dominant metal finish is critical. For the significant part, it involves an exceptional piece. That type of metal piece should be different in all aspects from the other metal pieces. The outstanding selection should make a statement in terms of boldness and also size. A small metal piece will not be a perfect choice for an exceptional metal finish. (Kathy, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: For a piece to stand out, use that single piece in a place where no other metal piece is similar to it.  It should be in a clear and open position where it attracts attention once someone's eyes land on that position.

  • Consider the texture when mixing.

What texture do you want your finish to have? The different textures you can have include;

  • Brushed
  • Polishes
  • Oiled


To mix metal finishes at home to bring out the desired texture is entirely on the kitchen owner. A polished finish displays shiny and smooth characteristics. For the brushed surface, expect a darker finish. A brushed texture ensures that each piece in the kitchen complements the other. A brushed texture is not ideal for those who want to achieve the outstanding aspect of the finish. 

The oily texture has darker characteristics. It gives the kitchen an ancient look. All finish texture enhances the style of the kitchen. However, the options are all there since different people have different likes. We are now in a new world where we don't have to have a polished or matte finish in our kitchen. People are incorporating other textures, and the outcomes are fascinating. (Mastroeni, 2020) 

ProTip Takeaway: To get a better connection between warm and cool metal finishes, go for a brushed finish. 

  • Be consistent

Consistency is lead for all those who mix metal finishes. Whether you are an expert or just a beginner, consistency will lead you towards getting a clear finish. You won't like when there is confusion between finishes. Without consistency, someone cannot tell which finish texture you wanted to achieve. If you decide to use particular metal finishes, don't go by adding more. They may end up being irrelevant in the kitchen finishing. 

What happens when you have suitable metals but don't have a clear idea of the texture you want? That leads to inconsistency. Everything, when you mix metal finishes in the kitchen, should go hand in hand. That ensures that you have a similar finish at the end of the process. (Moen, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Before beginning mixing the finishes, have a plan on what you want to use and what style and texture you want. That ensures consistency.

Start Your Project Today

With Smart Remodeling LLC, nothing can hinder you from being a pro in mixing metal finishes in the kitchen. All you need is the correct information. Lucky for you, you landed on the right page today. Now you know how to mix metal finishes in the kitchen in the right way. For Houston residents, reach us at 832-800-8889 for more information on general home remodeling.


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