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Outdoor Kitchen Access Doors: Types & Tips

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Outdoor Kitchen Access Doors: Types & Tips

When you look for outdoor kitchen doors, you will find a few features that are pretty common. Most doors or door kits come with a door, a handle, hinges, and a frame for mounting the door. There are many different kinds of handles and hinges for outdoor kitchen doors.

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Pro tip takeaway: Think about how the door will be used before you choose it. The safest option might not be the one that looks the best.

It’s true that outdoor access doors should be more durable than indoor kitchen doors. Look for doors with seals, latches, and locks to safeguard outside cooking equipment and accessories. (Hints and Things 2020)

Stainless steel is the most common material for outdoor kitchen doors. Stainless steel door accessories are also very common and economical. It looks classic and professional in a kitchen and lasts for a long time. Also, it’s very easy to clean. Outdoor kitchen manufacturers often create matching cabinets, appliances, accessories, and worktops.

Handles and hinges are the main parts of outdoor kitchen doors that affect how safe they are. Think about what the door is used for to decide what kind of handles and hinges you need. Are you looking for protection from thieves, from the weather, or both?

Handles are mostly a matter of personal style, but some depend on their ability to lock and seal. There are many kinds of hinges that can be mounted on the outside or the inside. People often use hidden hinges to make a door look smooth and protect it from being stolen. Butterfly hinges often have cutouts and materials to match other hardware.

Pro tip takeaway: If you don’t like stainless steel, you can refurbish almost any outdoor kitchen cabinet into a door. You’ll need to do a little bit of work and know-how if you want the door to work.

If you need a door that locks, you could install hinges on the inside of the cabinet that can’t be easily taken off. For your outdoor kitchen to last, humidity is also a concern, so doors with seals will be important. If you want to seal a door or cabinet yourself, be very careful. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s hard to make a good protective seal. Talk to your local hardware store or a handyman for advice on how to turn cabinets into sealed doors.

Things to think about when choosing materials for outdoor kitchen access doors

There are some materials that can be used for outdoor kitchen doors. The most common kinds are stainless steel, marine-grade aluminum, masonry, and PVC.

When picking outdoor kitchen door materials, consider four things



Are the outdoor kitchen doors water-resistant, sturdy, and sun-resistant, even if covered?


Does the outdoor kitchen door match worktops, grills, and other equipment?

Construction quality

Is the access door built well enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular use for a long time? This is sometimes done to lower the cost of kitchen access doors for both indoor and outdoor use.


How easy is it to clean up spills of liquid and grease and clean the access door? Will the access door need a lot of work every few years to keep it in good shape?


Let’s compare the most common outdoor kitchen door materials.

Stainless Steel

Designers and homeowners updating kitchen doors and appliances more often use stainless steel. It has a lot of benefits. Stainless steel cabinets stand out and look high-end, but they are also easier to clean and keep up. Matching appliances and accessories help a space seem rich. (The Outdoor Appliance Store 2020)


  • Can work well with custom-made appliances and accessories.
  • It includes a variety of textures and patterns to give the look of a designer.
  • Metal has a stylish, urban appearance that requires little maintenance (it stays rust-free for longer).
  • Finish choices include a broad selection of powder-coated colors, textures, and features.
  • Even in the harshest conditions, like snowstorms, salty ocean air, and summer heat, it can last. (Note, it still requires some maintenance).
  • It needs little upkeep and is easy to clean (when powder-coated).
  • Material that is good for the environment Pros



  • Outdoor stainless steel kitchens may cost more than indoor ones.
  • When in direct sunlight, it can get hot to the touch (without powder-coated finishes).
  • Stainless steel without a powder coat finish shows fingerprints, grease, and bird droppings. (i.e., requires minimal maintenance to remain smudge-free)


Some woods are better for outdoor use than others, although they are less durable. Teak, cypress, and bamboo are good choices for outdoor doors. If you take good care of your wooden access doors and keep them in good shape, you can use them for many years to come.

Outdoors Kitchen with Built-In gas grill on a deck

One more benefit is that they are easy to fit into your architectural design. Stain and lacquer them to match a pergola, deck, siding, or other wooden structures.


  • It gives a custom look and feels without much effort.
  • Environmentalists have excellent alternatives.
  • Sustainable: No more cutting down trees or making dangerous greenhouse gasses from paints and stains. When a material has served its purpose, it is recycled.


  • Maintenance and upkeep must be done.
  • Wooden doors tend to lose their color over time. This can be caused by the type of wood used or by not taking care of them.
  • Good hardwoods outdoors are costly (for example, teak is a pricey material).

Outdoor Kitchen Doors in Polymer

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) outdoor kitchen access doors are weatherproof. Polymers are strong materials. This very tough plastic-like material was first made for use in the marine industry. Easy maintenance and UV inhibitors make it a no-brainer for weekend adventurers. Despite being cheaper, polymer outdoor kitchen access doors have some disadvantages. 


  • It offers easy maintenance and a surface that is easy to clean.
  • Sun, rain, saltwater, and snow don’t hurt it, and it doesn’t rust.
  • It won’t stain or fade, and it won’t crack, split, or chalk even if it’s exposed to the elements.
  • It can’t get wet and won’t rot or rust.


  • Polymer outdoors may not look as high-end as wood, brick, or stainless steel.
  • It lacks depth and a wide range of colors and textures.
  • Unless the manufacturer says it is “safe,” it may contain petrochemicals. This is especially important for people looking for “green” access door options.
  • They usually warp and lose shape, which can cause problems with the door.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panels are one of the most popular choices we see outdoors. They are a rigid substrate that can be used in many different ways.

Photo 3: Outdoor barbecue and kitchen

Some of their most important features are:

  • Three years of UV protection. This means kitchen access doors outside without a cover and the colors won’t fade.
  • It can handle water. This is especially important in a kitchen that’s outside. Along with being resistant to UV light, your kitchen needs to be able to handle the weather in your area. The water resistance will protect your doors from more than just rain and snow. If you drop something or spill something while cooking, you can wipe it up and nothing will be broken.


  • Their matte colors come with a 10-year color guarantee.
  • There are about 50 colors to choose from. Its range is one of the biggest.
  • It comes in different finishes. Some of the finishes are matte, glossy, metallic, and pearl.


“Designer aesthetic, 10-year warranty on genuine Perspex grade inserts, and many practical features.”

Here are a few of the most important things you can expect from a perspex outdoor material:

  • They appear like glass when provided with Perspex acrylic inserts
  • These inserts are useful because they are easy to clean and won’t chip like paint. The unique “anti-fingermark” finish on these doors means they don’t need to be cleaned as often.


  • Hygienic: If your doors are made of Perspex, they are guaranteed to be very clean, which makes them great for making food. They are also in line with EU rules about food contact.
  • Safety: These doors are safer than glass because they don’t break when they get hit.
  • Durability: These doors are half as heavy as glass doors, which makes them much easier to use. Their lightness puts less stress on the hardware and makes large doors easier to use.
  • Caring for the environment is very important. They care about the environment in every aspect of how they do business. Aluminum and Perspex, which are the two main parts of one of their doors, are both recyclable

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