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Outdoor Patio Renovations


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Outdoor Living Contractors: Design, Build & Install

Smart Remodeling LLC is a well-known reliable outdoor living contractor in Texas. We're a full-service design-build company that specializes in unique outdoor living projects. By improving your home's outside living space, you can provide more pleasant locations for your family to relax and play. It also helps to increase the value of your home.

fire pit Outdoor Remodeling Houston

We alter outdoor spaces by tailoring them to your specific requirements. Our designers, project managers, and builders will work with you to create a tranquil haven in your own backyard. We can design and build decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pools, waterfalls, and fountains. Everything can be made to your exact specifications and requirements.

Your backyard is a natural extension of your home. For your property, we can design and install the ideal beautiful outdoor element. Your outdoor living space, like all of our projects, will be tailored to your preferences.

Services We Offer

Outdoor Kitchen

Today's outdoor spaces can incorporate anything from a simple kitchen with a grill to full culinary appliances. We can develop a custom-designed, fully equipped outdoor kitchen that integrates with the exterior of your home. Through knowledge and experience, we strive to provide quality outdoor kitchen construction. Our lovely outdoor kitchens are intended not only to entertain visitors but also to be practical.

Smart Remodeling LLC strives to provide you with a low-maintenance environment that you may enjoy for many years. Learn how to start living the life of your desires in the comfort of your own backyard kitchen! (Verum Construction Inc, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: You can also add sinks and refrigerators, mixers. This way you can make your meals outside without having to journey back and forth from your indoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Houston

Decks & Patios

Your patio will serve as the basis for your outdoor living space. It must be durable and well-built in addition to appearing attractive. We can guide you with the planning, design, budgeting, and installation of your patios, making the process simple and efficient. 

We employ high-quality patio installation materials and techniques. We provide a variety of deck and patio alternatives, including wood, concrete, and tile.

Deck restoration, repair, and new deck construction are our specialties. We can help you with a deck that needs some TLC or a new deck that will add entertainment area and value to your home.

Adding a new deck and patio will have benefits such as:

  • Restore your current deck to extend its life and appeal.
  • Increase the size of your backyard's recreational area while also increasing its value.
  • Make your yard more attractive.

Outdoor Home Remodeling and Renovation Houston

Patios Covers

Patio covers are the ideal way to make the most of your backyard all year long by giving shade and protection from the weather. To ensure continuity, the design of your home can be smoothly merged into the style of your patio cover. With the correct additions, you can entertain and enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.

The benefits of installing a patio cover include:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Regardless of the weather, enjoy the outdoors.
  • Protect yourself and your children from the sun.
  • Make your backyard more interesting. 

Smart Remodeling LLC-Outdoor Home Remodeling and Renovation Houston

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace or a fire pit will provide hours of entertainment for you and your family. It will also contribute to the ambiance of nighttime garden parties. They can provide light, heat, and an engaging experience that will make your time spent outside much more enjoyable. 

After all, nothing beats relaxing in front of a fire. If you have a specific design in mind, we can create it to your specifications. Please contact us for a free consultation so that we can assist you in getting started. (dm outdoor living spaces, 2020)

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Jacuzzis and pergolas

You may trust us to add shade to your backyard or construct a Jacuzzi for exhilarating hot water splashes. We have worked on a variety of outdoor living renovation projects to ensure that we make your house more comfortable and pleasurable. To liven up the outdoor space, we'll add shade and erect a pergola in the backyard. We construct your outdoor constructions according to your specifications.


Outdoor remodeling with pool in Houston

Waterfalls and Fountains

Waterfalls and fountains in the outdoor space might help to raise the home's value. It gives the outside space a focal point. We create your waterfalls and fountains using landscape design principles. We can assist you in choosing the best materials for your waterfalls and fountains.

ProTip Takeaway: Combine the elements of fire and water. A year-round fountain will provide serenity in warmer areas, while a fireplace will entice guests with its warm glow.

fountain outdoor

Balconies, Decks, And Railings

We offer railing materials, decorative features, deck designs & installation. Living in an area with beautiful scenery and an abundance of adventure activities you may have a strong desire to be outside. We're no exception at Smart Remodeling LLC. Our design and build approach is deeply rooted in our outdoor living space building Culture. 

We creatively mix outdoor living area renovations with the existing natural landscape. This creates a really personalized look using this type of attentive design and innovative use of materials. Our crew is ready to assist you with a sweeping deck, an elegant balcony, or personalized safety railings. 

Balconies, Decks, And Railings

Outdoor Living Space Contractor in Houston Texas

Houston has the ideal setting for creating an outdoor living space. The weather is usually nice enough to provide temperatures high enough to enjoy your outdoor area. This is at least for part of the day throughout the majority of the year. An outdoor fireplace or pit can be just the thing to offer warmth and atmosphere on those chilly nights.

Outdoor living spaces should resemble inside living spaces and are only limited by your imagination. The following items could be found in your space:


Ceilings can be an important aspect of your environment, even if it's an outdoor space. Rain and glare can be reduced with the use of a cover. It can help shield you from the heat during summer. This outdoor living area will be useful if you add a ceiling fan to promote circulation.


You have a wide range of options for floors, from simple to sophisticated. Grass, wood, brick, tile, stone, concrete, and slate are some of the types of flooring we've installed for our clients.


Light up the outdoor spaces like a pro. Use upward-facing lighting to highlight an architectural aspect. Use such lights for areas such as a façade on your home's exterior or another element visible on your home. 

Add downward-facing lanterns, bulb lights, and other outdoor lighting options. These will create a warm ambiance for entertaining. You might also scatter gently glowing LED lights in the shape of stones throughout your patio and yard.

Dining and lounging

You'll need adequate chairs for your guests, as well as a dining space large enough to accommodate them. If you frequently organize small parties, you can design basic settings to entertain a group of people.

outdoor Dining and lounging


Don't be afraid to use color. Bright colors should be used sparingly indoors; a bold hue can easily overpower a small room. Outdoor spaces, on the other hand, can manage more color without seeming claustrophobic.

ProTip Takeaway: In your patio stone selections, use turquoise, mango, lime, or another bright, cheery color that calls to you.


Remember to include the electronics as well. While fantastic music and a TV to watch your favorite sports teams are why you entertain, the evening can be enhanced with good music and a TV to watch them. Turn your space into a cozy spot with the addition of a DVD player.

Outdoor Entertainment

The Benefits Of Living In The Outdoor

Personal Satisfaction

Your outside patio is the ideal setting for turning off the television, enjoying the day, and even stargazing. You may entertain friends without having to travel to an expensive restaurant or a loud bar. In addition, this will offer a calm environment for your family.

Home Value Appreciation

We hope you'll like your outdoor living space once you've finished it. However, if you plan to sell your house, your outdoor space can help set it apart from other properties on the market. In today's down market, this is a positive thing, but it's also effective in a robust house sales market.

When compared to creating an alternate inside space, adding an outdoor space can usually be done for half the price. While it will not add to the square footage of your home, it might be far more interesting than simply adding another room.


Home Value Appreciation

Are You Ready for outdoor living Renovation?

We are known in Texas as a dependable outdoor living contractor who can assist you in creating a relaxing outdoor place. We examine the areas and discuss the home improvement features with you in detail. We also evaluate the finest ideas and builds that will assist alter the space. We will help in adding value to the home and boosting its beauty because every outdoor space is unique.

Are you considering adding an outdoor kitchen, a patio cover, a pool, or a new deck to your home? It will be great to work with you to improve your present space or create an entirely new one. 

Don't put it off. Allow professionals at Smart Remodeling LLC to guide you through the process of improving outdoor space. Request a free estimate today!


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