Should White Cabinets Match White Walls?

[BLOG] Published: 2022-03-31 - Updated: 2023-05-31

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Should White Cabinets Match White Walls? White Cabinets and White walls Wall Or Cabinets Color, Which Comes First? Choosing Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Should White Cabinets Match White Walls?

Are you thinking of redoing your kitchen and need help choosing paint colors? One of the questions you might be asking yourself is should white cabinets match white walls? The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

white kitchen with white walls

The color of your walls does not have to be identical to the color of your kitchen cabinets. If your walls are painted white, for example, you don't have to have pure white cabinets. However, the paint colors can be the same if you want them to be.

Having kitchen cabinets and walls that contrast, complement, or harmonize with each other are among the other alternatives. You can't go wrong as long as the overall design is attractive to the eye.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about coordinating your kitchen walls and cabinets. Learn how to add contrast with other features, why matching cabinets isn't a good idea, and other helpful hints.

Wall Or Cabinets Color, Which Comes First?

Remember that while you may easily change the color of your walls, changing the color of your kitchen cabinets can be more difficult. We recommend following your instincts. If you have a specific color in mind for the cabinetry, work with it. Match your kitchen cabinets to the wall, and vice versa, if that's something you're optimistic about. You can choose paint colors such as Simply White From Benjamin Moore as it’s not too warm or too cool. 

Choosing Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

There's no rule that says you can't match your cabinets to your walls. Matching is allowed and can be done with lighter or darker paint colors to give your kitchen a uniform, modern, or minimalistic feel.

Interior design color scheme choices

Match cabinet paint colors with the room

The kitchen wall color is one of the most essential variables in deciding how a kitchen appears and feels. The cabinet colors are equally as important. They should match the color of the walls, countertops, appliances, and even the floors. You can opt for a lighter tone to contrast with a darker color on the wall. Also if the floor is light as well, you'll want to use a shade that complements both.

You will find that there will be no clear area of separation if the cabinet color is too similar to that of the wall. This will make the cohesion to be visually disturbing. To keep these important visual elements separate in smaller areas, develop a color range between the cabinets, floor, and walls. (Hunker, 2021)

Use light colors

If you're going to match your cabinets to your kitchen wall paint color, go for something light and bright, especially if you have a small kitchen. Dark walls and cabinets can make a room feel smaller and confining.

Use dark colors

Dark colors can still appeal in the kitchen. Darker colors in any kitchen look terrific and can also give it a trendy environment. Some interior design ideas use completely black walls and cabinets. If you do choose to go with darker colors, choose a contrasting floor color and fixtures to break up the tone. Otherwise, if you fail to break the paint colors you can find yourself in a room that resembles a black hole.

Create contrast in other areas of the room

White cabinets and white walls can instantly refresh and revitalize any kitchen. However, without contrast, a place can soon become sterile and uninteresting. To bring vitality to your kitchen, you must create contrast in other places like the dining room and living room.

Photo 3: Modern kitchen featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter.

For a unique style, you can use a black oven, range hood cover, and wood cabinets along the lower half of the kitchen to offer warmth. Black and white can also be paired to create a modern feel. (Art Radar Journal, 2022)

Use two colors to break the monotony

You can create a unique design by painting your upper and bottom cabinets in various paint colors. Match one set of cabinets to the wall and then use a different color in the second set. If you want a clean and minimalist aesthetic, two-toned kitchen cabinets in solid shades are ideal. (Houzz, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway: If you like a more rustic or traditional look; the best option is to combine painted and wood cabinets.


White Cabinets and White walls

If you're having trouble deciding on a color for your kitchen walls, there are a few options. You can choose wall paint colors that will color match the other colors in the room like the dining room. You can also select wall paint colors that will aid in the creation of a particular mood. Another alternative is to select a color that corresponds to a specific aesthetic or style.

In some interior design schemes, white cabinets and white walls may be really stunning. All you need to do is break up the area elsewhere, possibly with relatively darker colors on the floors or worktops. To bring out the beauty of your wood trim and cabinets, choose the correct wall paint color.

The best method to mix and match whites is to use true whites on trim and cabinets, then use a white with a lower LRV on the walls. Countless ways can be used to mix & match whites in the kitchen to create an appealing final result. (Kitchen Seer, 2021)

Pure white 

If you have pure white trim or cabinets like Sherwin Williams High Reflective White it will be simple to change the color of your walls. Except for pure whites, all other white paint colors have an undertone. It's easier to use softer or brighter whites without worrying about conflict because pure whites don't have any visible undertones.

However, don't assume that the white on your walls trims and cabinet is indeed pure white. To be sure, get the brand's whitest white from your local paint store and bring it home to compare to your white. Choose a softer or brighter white for another surface in your space if it turns out you do have a pure white on an existing surface.

This is because you do not want to paint your finishes in two different pure whites. 

ProTip Takeaway: When pairing softer or brighter white with a pure white, keep in mind that the pure white will show the undertones of the other whites.

Cool white 

Consider applying the same white on your walls if you already have cool white trim or cabinets, such as Sherwin Williams Extra White. If you paint your trim or cabinets a pure white, they may appear extremely cold and perhaps a bit blue or violet in comparison.

If you use a bright white or warm white, your trim or cabinets will be even more vibrant, and your warm white will appear yellow in comparison. The reasoning behind this is that opposites attract each other and strengthen each other. Choosing a different white if your trim, cabinets, or walls are all painted a cool white is a dangerous business. It is therefore best to paint the same white and let the shift in sheen do the work for you rather than dealing with undertones.

Cool white  kitchen Cabinets

Warm White

If your cabinets or trim are painted warm white like the Sherwin Williams Pure White, Alabaster, and you want white walls you'll go with warm white.

Pairing cool, pure, or bright white walls with warm white trim colors, the new white will make your warm white look creamier. Most people who have warm white trim colors or cabinets don't want to accentuate them. Instead, they want to tone them down and blend them in. For warm white trim or cabinets, paint your walls a bright or true white. Doing it this way you'll be enhancing rather than complimenting your trim color and that of the cabinets too. (Kylie M. Interiors, 2021)

Cream cabinets or trim

If you're going to keep your cream cabinets, then a cream trim color is a must. After that, select paint colors that complement your trim and cabinets. This will in return means that painting your walls gray, greige, or taupe will not be an option depending on the cream you're working with. The most suitable paint colors will be warmer and can include cream, beige, or tan.

Final Thoughts

As discussed in this article, interior design is adaptable and may be customized to one's preferences. If you want your kitchen cabinets to match, they can, but they don't have to. In some interior design schemes, white cabinets and white walls may be really stunning. All you need to do is break up the area elsewhere, possibly with somewhat darker floors or worktops. Hopefully, our post has influenced your decision and provided you with some new thoughts.

Are You Ready to Choose The Right Color Schema?

Choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen, in general, can be a difficult task with so many options available. It's easy for you to fall in love with a color and want to use it on everything. This is where Smart Remodeling LLC professionals come in to help. Our professionals will walk with you in deciding the best colors for your kitchen. We will also paint your kitchen walls and cabinets to give the most perfect results possible. If you want to add unrivaled richness and depth to your kitchen design contact us today for the best services in Houston Texas.


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