Construction Driver

[JOB] Published: 2022-02-16 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Construction Driver


Delivery Driver Company Driver Consrtuction Driver

Construction Driver / Warehouse Helper 

Smart Remodeling LLC Company looking for a motivated, responsible, and energized Delivery Driver/ Warehouse Helper to join our team.


Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Deliver workers or items/goods to designated locations through the shortest route on time.
  2. Follow delivery schedule promptly.
  3. Assist to load/unloading/ prepare/ inspect delivered items/goods to/from designated locations.
  4. To upkeep the cleanliness and the maintenance of the Company vehicle.
  5. Assist to purchase hardware materials used for the job site.
  6. Assist to purchase meals and beverages for workers on the night shift.
  7. Responsible to make sure water and electricity are shut off properly. Conduct a safety check before leaving the premises. All-access doors are locked before leaving the site.
  8. Perform other duties as assigned by management.


Terms & Conditions/ Information:

  1. The driver should be self-motivated, responsible, hardworking, committed towards work, independent, good working attitude, teamwork, and follow the superior's instructions.
  2. All official petrol and cash card receipts must be submitted to Company to show proof of purchase.
  3. All parking fines and fines related to the Company vehicle incurred by the driver will be charged to the driver.
  4. The driver is to comply with the laws and regulations of the traffic police art, or be subject to penalties, etc.



At least 3 years of driving experience in Texas

Candidates with past working experience in the Renovation/Construction industry will be advantages.


Other Details:

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15 per hour

Benefits: * Health insurance


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