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11 Best Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas

Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to home remodeling, people often think of interior remodeling. How can you make your bedroom more aesthetic, your bathroom more comfortable, and your living spaces more functional? However, exterior home remodeling is equally essential.

Exterior home remodeling enhances the overall look of the house and increases property value. Today, we will discuss exterior home remodeling ideas that will breathe a new look into your house and increase its ROI. So, let’s get started!

Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas

Exterior Home Remodeling

Transform your home’s exterior with these top 11 remodeling ideas to enhance curb appeal, increase property value, and provide functional improvements.

  • Paint the Front Door
  • Update your Roof
  • Replace the Siding
  • Decorate Garage Doors
  • Landscape the Outdoor Space Update Doors & Windows
  • Improve Lightning
  • Mix Textures & Colors
  • Update Your Driveway
  • Top Your Chimney
  • Match Your Gutters

1. Paint the Front Door

Do you ever pull into the driveway, see the front door chipping, and get an urge to paint it? So, let’s begin with its painting.

According to John Gidding, a design expert, vibrant and bold colors should be selected for the front door. It will inject a personality into your home façade. Opting for a rich, saturated tone that reflects your style can help your home stand out. The best part? You can achieve this upgrade for as little as $30.

Additionally, you won’t need to remove the door from its hinges to paint it, which makes it more accessible. Just make sure to cover your floors and tape off any hardware before you start.

2. Update your Roof

Your roof is a crucial aspect of your home’s appearance and functionality. A new roof can enhance your home’s safety and comfort, particularly during rainy or cold seasons.

If your roof is showing signs of age, you might want to consider upgrading to newer architectural shingles. These shingles are better than regular ones because they have more texture and features to help reflect UV rays.

When it comes to choosing a roof color, use lighter or cooler colors to stay current with roofing trends.

3. Replace the Siding

Replacing your siding isn’t just about making your home look better; it’s a chance to make it more energy-efficient and structurally sound. New siding can improve insulation, lower energy bills, and make indoor spaces more comfortable. Moreover, modern siding materials are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, keeping moisture out and ensuring your home lasts longer.

Siding MaterialBenefitsDrawbacks
VinylLow-maintenance- Wide range of colors and styles- AffordableProne to fading over time
Fiber CementDurable- Mimics wood or stucco- Resistant to pests and rotRequires painting or repainting
WoodNatural appearance Can be painted or stained- Environmentally friendlyHigher maintenance- Susceptible to rot and pests
MetalLong lifespan- Low maintenance- Fire-resistantLimited aesthetic options- Can be noisy during rain

4. Decorate Garage Doors

You can decorate the garage door if it has a front-facing. This exterior home remodeling idea will be very profitable in the long run. Choose a decorative style garage door. It will add sophistication to your home’s facade and increase its curb appeal and value. There are various options in materials, designs, and colors. Getting a garage door that matches your home’s style is straightforward.

5. Landscape the Outdoor Space

Landscaping the outdoor space is a pivotal aspect of home improvement. It will enhance both the appearance and usability of your property’s exterior.

  1. Effective landscape design involves carefully integrating elements, pathways, plants, and outdoor structures with the architecture of your home.
  2. Select plants that complement your home’s style. It will highlight its features and improve its curb appeal.
  3. Outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks are more than just decorative; they serve as extensions of your indoor living area.
  4. Patios provide versatile outdoor areas for dining and relaxation.
  5. While decks offer elevated platforms for enjoying views and hosting gatherings.

When landscaping, it’s essential to consider how you’ll use the space. Whether creating a peaceful garden retreat or a functional entertaining area, thoughtful planning can transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and beautiful extension of your home.

6. Update Doors & Windows

Update Doors & Windows

This is another excellent exterior home renovation idea that will improve the house’s overall look. Doors have various options, from traditional wooden doors to modern fiberglass or steel alternatives.

Upgrading doors not only refreshes the look of your home’s exterior but also enhances security and insulation. Go for energy-efficient doors with proper sealing. They will help to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve overall comfort.

Similarly, updating windows can significantly impact your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. So, replace the old, drafty windows with modern, energy-efficient ones that will enhance insulation, reduce outside noise, and increase natural light inside your home.

There are various window styles available, from classic single-hung and double-hung windows to contemporary casement and sliding windows. So, you have many options.

7. Improve Lightning

People often take this factor for granted, but improving the external lighting of your house creates a welcoming atmosphere and, best of all, ensures security.

  1. Add prominent, oversized light fixtures to illuminate your front door. It will provide a warm and inviting ambiance for guests.
  2. Improved lighting not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes a genuine sense of security. 
  3. For instance, motion sensor lights offer added safety for overnight parking.
  4. Meanwhile, lights with automatic timers eliminate the need for manual operation, ensuring consistent illumination without hassle.

8. Mix Textures & Colors

Refreshing your home’s exterior doesn’t always require adding new elements; sometimes, it’s about updating what’s already there. One effective approach is mixing textures and colors to modernize the overall look of your property.

Combining various textures and colors on the front-facing exterior can create visual interest and enhance appeal. For instance, pairing smooth stucco with rustic stone or brick accents adds depth and character.

Similarly, incorporating various colors, from subtle neutrals to vibrant accents, can achieve a dynamic and contemporary appearance.

Maintaining cohesion and balance is crucial when mixing textures and colors. Consulting with a design professional to experiment with combinations beforehand can help ensure a cohesive look.

9. Update Your Driveway

Don’t forget about your driveway when enhancing your home’s curb appeal—it’s a crucial part of the overall impression. You can improve stability by opting for permeable driveway pavers.

Alternatively, consider adding decorative elements like stamped concrete pavers and bricks to give your driveway a stylish finishing touch that complements your home’s facade.

10. Top Your Chimney

If your house features a chimney, it’s essential to ensure it’s capped to safeguard against weather elements and prevent small animals from entering. Chimney caps serve a practical purpose, yet they also offer an opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your roofline.

Consider opting for a decorative cap crafted from stone or wrought iron. This cap draws attention to your chimney and elevates the overall appearance of your roof while providing functional protection.

11. Match Your Gutters

Please don’t overlook the importance of gutters when it comes to exterior remodeling. They are vital in protecting your home from rainwater damage, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull.

Modern gutters come in a range of materials and colors to seamlessly match your home’s style. For example, copper gutters can add a touch of elegance and vintage appeal, while seamless gutters offer a sleek and contemporary look.

Updating your roofing and gutters isn’t just about practicality—it’s also an opportunity to enhance your home’s style and value.

Remodel Your Home Exterior with Smart Remodeling LLC

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Final Words

Exterior remodeling can transform your home’s appearance and functionality, boosting curb appeal and market value. Start with necessary repairs before moving on to aesthetic upgrades that benefit the environment and your wallet.

Consult with professionals to tackle complex projects, ensuring that your home looks excellent and is well-protected and efficient.                                                             

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