How To Get Stylish With Brick House Exterior Remodel

[BLOG] Published: 2021-04-18 - Updated: 2023-04-01

How To Get Stylish With Brick House Exterior Remodel


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How To Get Stylish With Brick House Exterior Remodel

Undoubtedly, curb appeal is one of the essential aspects of your home that can greatly determine the feel, look, and resale value after your brick Remodel project. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that changing your home exterior could be better said than done. 

Whether you are planning for a complete exterior brick house Remodel or just have a few gallons of paint to give it a fresher look, proper planning and the perfect choice of material go a long way in turning your old-looking home into a sizzling new masterpiece. 


Think about how much you'd wish to spend and which type of materials you'd want to invest your money in. And with the assistance of the best home remodeling contractor, you'll have everything done according to plan. 

Ready to get started with your brick exterior Remodel? We've got you covered. Let's explore the various possibilities and steps to your dream exterior Brickhouse Remodel. 

Why You Might Consider Brick House Exterior Remodel 

Renovating a brick house's exterior is by far the most incredible home upgrade you can ever make to elevate the outside of your property. Although a brick house has a naturally warm and sturdy feel that creates comfort and appeals to buyers, blocks alone won't be enough without proper grooming. Furthermore, a house exterior Remodel is often a brilliant investment decision that can create a great first impression. 

When you apply the right techniques and expert ideas from our professionals, you can be guaranteed the best results. Whether you're dealing with damaged brickwork or architectural issues, we are here to help you restore your brick home the best way possible without breaking your bank. Check out some of our recommended tips for exterior improvements. 


  • Repair Damaged Bricks

There are several benefits of brick restoration. The most notable ones include improving your house's appearance and ensuring its structural integrity. It can also help restore outdated structures and make brick walls last longer. Subsequently, durable bricks provide safety, protecting your family from severe weather conditions and natural disasters. There are many ways you can repair damaged bricks, including the following.


  • Replacing Loose Bricks

Brick houses are built to stand the test of time. However, the block bricks can become loose over time due to weather elements or moisture damage. Spalling often calls for an immediate replacement to help maintain structural integrity. Sometimes you may have to replace damaged bricks with brand new ones. Our experts will replace the damaged blocks without interfering with the mortar and the surrounding bricks. 


  • Repair Damaged Mortar

Damaged or loose mortar can compromise the house's exterior design.  The mortar (the cement mixture between bricks) can wear down over time, causing structural issues, appearance problems, among other concerns. Brick repointing is the most popular technique used in the brick restoration process.


  • Revitalize the Appearance of the Brick

Another great way to do a brick house exterior Remodel is to apply some nice color. The brick and mortar are notorious for collecting all sorts of contaminants, including dirt, moisture, pollutants, and others. These contaminants make the bricks fade, affecting their appearance. Before applying a masonry stain to achieve an ideal color, you can revitalize the bricks through;

  • Vacuuming
  • Pressure wash
  • Brick scrubbing
  • Waterproof Surfaces

Brick and mortar are susceptible to water damage, which can weaken or loosen over time. Water damage is a serious problem as it can cause severe structural issues and affect how your home looks. You can prevent this problem by waterproofing surfaces. A reliable brick restoration specialist will use sealant and water-repellant to protect bricks and mortar and ensure they are not exposed to excessive water.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Repair the damaged brick and mortar to maintain appropriate structural integrity and boost the building's curb appeal. 

  • Add Charm to Your Entrance

Adding the charm factor to your front door goes a long way to complement the bricks' appearance. No matter how hard you try to change the brick and mortar appearance, they will still look plain if your entrance is super dull. Fortunately, many entrance area fixes can give your front door a brand new look and feel. 


  • Dress Up or Replace Your Front Door

Fixing your front door will not only add the most value to your property but can also be a focal point during resale. The best ways to improve your front door include creating a courtyard, repainting the trim, adding a stone porch, painting the front door, or replacing it. Sometimes simple improvements such as wall décor, improving walkway lighting, and replacing the front door hinges and handles can create the strongest impression on your home.


  • Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door with an appropriate color can boost your exterior style. Typically, bricks are neutral and can absorb almost all color shades, but some are more attractive to a buyer's eye than others. Frequent color choices for most homeowners include vintage red, olive, yellow, orange, and classic white. 

Of course, the color you choose should reflect your style and personality. Besides helping you achieve an attractive look at your front entrance, professionals at Smart Remodeling will help you pick a vibrant and versatile option to make your front area as inviting as possible. Depending on the entry door condition, you may need to replace it for advanced durability and enhanced security.


  • Add Architectural Details

Add front door architecture that blends with your home's overall style. Some architectural elements you may incorporate in your front entry include columns, decorative brackets, trim, and moldings. But if you have front entry architecture in place that needs polishing, apply a fresh coat of stain or paint to boost its curb appeal. 


  • Add a Front Porch

The greatest way to change your house's exterior into a beautiful, grand entryway is by building a front porch. A charming entry door catches the attention of any passerby, attracting potential buyers into your home. 

Moreover, enlarging your porch for seating can create a statement, expand your exterior living space, and increase the value of your property. But if you already have a porch, our exterior remodeling team will upgrade it to ensure it's in good condition and functional.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Add charm to your entryway by dressing up or replacing the front door, painting, adding a front porch, architectural details, and other relevant elements. 


  • Cleaning & Maintaining

Naturally, bricks are porous, meaning they are highly vulnerable to elements like soot, dirt, and other contaminants. Professional, good washing can give old bricks a fresh, new look. For thorough cleaning, use a power washer to eliminate all dirt, stains, and grime from your house's outside walls, front porch, and other exterior areas. This helps remove trapped elements from bricks and mortar, leaving them clean and fresh. 

You can also declutter exterior spaces by collecting and storing toys, gardening equipment, and grilling items in appropriate storage containers. Other excellent ways to maintain your exterior living space are stabilizing loose porch rails, filling in mortar cracks, repairing and painting outdoor furniture, and replacing old items. We also recommend that you thoroughly wash your brick before making any permanent alterations. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Good cleaning can help remove trapped dirt from the bricks and keep them clean and restore their original shape and color.

Exterior Remodeling Benefits in Houston

  • Brick Remodel with Whitewashing or Painting

If you're wondering how to update the brick exterior, whitewashing or painting can go a long way to transforming the appearance of your home. These techniques are beneficial if you're looking forward to selling your brick house. Whitewashing is a simple, low-cost process that involves applying watered-down paint to the brick before whipping away. 

This finish helps improve appeal and brick texture, creating a rustic feel and look. Most importantly, whitewashing allows you to choose the intensity of the paint you want to use – you can opt for light color or make it as heavy as you like. Alternatively, you can choose to paint the brick. Whether you want to update your brick house or fireplace, painting brick seems to be one of the most popular choices these days. 

You can quickly transform your brick's appearance by applying a simple coat of fresh paint. However, it's worth noting that painting brick requires routine maintenance, so if you paint brick exteriors, we recommend you create a proper maintenance plan.  

Pro Tip Takeaway: Use whitewash or fresh paint on your brick exteriors to create an eye-catching and brighter look. 


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