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Do you want to give the restaurant a superb remodel? I know it's deciding on remodeling your restaurant, and putting your decision to practice is not an easy task. All you need is to look for the best restaurant remodeling contractor. Lucky for you, you don’t need to look any further because Smart Remodeling LLC has got you covered on your restaurant remodeling project.


A restaurant is an excellent place to hang out with family, friends, and workmates while eating. People are always busy in their offices, and sometimes having some meeting over lunch in an elegant restaurant helps them relax a bit. 

Eating is a daily basis activity that people cannot avoid. As the years pass, new designs for dining areas in restaurants emerge, which makes people crave to experience such designs. Restaurants always compete to have a new look. Therefore, restaurant remodeling is a task that must do perfectly.  (The Restaurant Times, 2020)

Why should you hire a contractor?

Even if you are a DIYer, you can't handle the intensity of remodeling a restaurant. The whole process will take a lot of time if you do not involve a professional. I bet you want your customers to get back to enjoying meals in your restaurant as quickly as possible. Getting a contractor will help speed up the process by doing the following things for you. (Ewell, 2019)

  • Handle remodeling permitting
  • Suggest design idea and make a blueprint
  • Adhere to remodeling guidelines and codes
  • Proper zoning of your restaurant
  • Help in purchasing remodeling supplies

ProTip Takeaway: Choose a contractor early enough to assist you in planning the restaurant remodeling process.

Restaurant remodeling improvements

Besides remodeling to make your restaurant look elegant, you also need to consider upgrading your restaurant's efficiency, including the restaurant space. Restaurant remodeling companies ensure that you make the right improvements in your restaurant. Here are a few improvement ideas that you can implement in your restaurant remodeling. (RCA contractors, 2019)

  • Upgrading lighting designs, electrical and plumbing styles
  • Remodel to meet ADA requirements in different parts of your restaurant
  • Improve kitchen components designs; cabinets, countertops, backlashes, sinks and faucets, and also kitchen appliances
  • Upgrading air conditioning and heating elements
  • Upgrade doorways, stairs, and hallways
  • Changing the bar setup of your restaurant 

Steps involved in restaurant remodeling 

  • Make a realistic plan.
  • Match the plan with your remodeling vision and the function of your restaurant
  • Set the restaurant remodeling budget
  • Choose the best contractor in restaurant remodeling
  • Set remodeling objectives
  • Make important issues a priority
  • Look for the latest trends in restaurant remodeling
  • Advertise your newly remodeled restaurant

How to choose the right restaurant contractor

It will help if you choose a contractor who can do the restaurant remodeling job correctly. Getting a contractor is not an issue because many contractors are waiting for your call to begin the job. However, not all contractors will give you the results that you expect. To avoid disappointments, you need to select the right restaurant remodeling contractor. Consider the following aspects.


Newbie contractors and general contractors are always available to do remodeling projects to increase their experience. However, do they have experience in commercial remodeling? You are not looking to do a trial and error job. That’s why you need to look for an expert in commercial remodeling to handle the restaurant remodeling project. There are beginners in commercial remodeling too. 


Don't let your restaurant be the one where the beginner has their first commercial remodeling practice. Only a pro commercial contractor can help you get that outstanding design for your restaurant. Experienced contractors ensure that the remodeling process runs smoothly in the timeline you stipulate to get incredible outcomes. Research all information regarding the contractor to know the kind of experience they have. (Brian, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: Restaurants deal with different departments like health, construction, and ADA that have their specific requirements. Only an experienced contractor will remodel to meet specific department standards and requirements.

Be keen on low bids

Fast decisions to remodel your restaurant may make you work with a tight budget because you won't have enough time to prepare. If the remodeling is so urgent, then fast decision-making is acceptable. However, if you don't have to hurry for the remodeling process, it's always good to take time to decide to ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare for the remodeling and plan a reasonable budget. 

However, if you have a tight budget, you might consider going for a contractor that changes a lower price. There is always a controversy in hiring contractors with lower bids. Such contractors may use cheap materials, have an inexperienced team, take too long to complete the job, and end up performing cheap, low-quality remodeling services for you. Not to say that all low-bid contractors have these characteristics, but you should be careful with them. (Brian, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: Try to avoid low bids as much as possible. If you have a tight budget, you can always look for several bids and choose the one with the most reasonable price.

Track working records for contractors

If you want to know whether a particular contractor does a good job or not, track the contractor's working records. You will find that some contractors have remolded many restaurants while others have only done a few projects. 

It will help if you go for the one who has done many projects because that implies that most restaurant owners trust the contractor. A contractor who has worked on many projects will know all remodeling requirements, many restaurant remodeling designs, a timeline for the remodeling, and the best remodeling materials, suppliers. (Farazandeh, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: You can also consider looking for restaurants that different contractors have remodeled to get feedback about the contractor from the restaurant owners. You will know the right restaurant remodeling contractor for you from the feedback you get. 

Timeline and budget

Just as any other commercial remodeling project, restaurant remodeling is an overwhelming task. It is a task that needs a timeline and a budget. A good contractor should set the estimated cost and timeline you require to complete the remodeling project. Having a budget ensures that you don't spend too much on a project or spend too little and end up with a cheaply remodeled restaurant. 


As much restaurant remodeling is very overwhelming, it should not take too much time. The contractor should also not do the task very fast as it can result in bad outcomes. The contractor should take his/her time but work on a specific timeline. (Farazandeh, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Taking too much time to do the remolding task implies that the subcontractor's labor cost increases. Get a contractor who can work fast and work smart at the same time to save you some cost. 

Consider the design 

Restaurant remodeling is all about upgrading the design. A contractor that’s new to remodeling may not have a variety of restaurant remodeling designs. A good and experienced contractor needs to assist you in choosing the best design for your restaurant. There are different restaurant designs, from casual to intimate sit-down restaurant designs. A contractor should tell you about the most recent restaurant designs and designs that people love. The design of the restaurant should also consider the space of the restaurant. You should be able to incorporate the expansion of space with the design. (Brian, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: The contractor will only give you the idea of the designs you can incorporate in the remodeling. Choosing the specific design is up to you, based on your interest and taste.

Insurance and Licensing

License and insurance show the legitimacy of the restaurant contractor. It would be best if you look for a contractor with a remodeling and renovation license. Licensing will also show the qualification of the contractor is performing restaurant remodeling. Insurance is excellent in cases where a subcontractor gets injuries during the remodeling of your restaurant. (Farazandeh, 2020)


ProTip Takeaway: Do not trust the information about licensing that a contractor tells you. Look for proof of license and insurance. Ask the contractor to show you the license and insurance document for more validity.

The best restaurant remodeling company

If you are looking for the best remodeling company, it seems today is your lucky day. Look no further because you landed on the right page. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we offer the best restaurant remodeling services. Our experts who have long-term commercial remodeling experience ensure that you are satisfied with the work we do for you. 

Restaurant Remodeling Cost

Average cost: $150 - $750 per square foot















Door and Windows


Are you ready for your remodeling project?

Restaurant remodeling is not a complex task if you have the best contractor. The project becomes complex and gives you headaches if you do not choose your contractor wisely. If you have any questions related to restaurant remodeling or commercial remodeling and renovation in general, contact Smart Remodeling LLC at 832-800-8889 to get answers from our experts.

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