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Deck Bump Out For Grill

Deck Bump Out For Grill

Deck Bump Out For Grill

A deck bump out for grill extension is typically extended off the existing foundation, similar to a balcony, removing the need for foundation construction. A micro-addition also doesn’t have to be connected to the existing roofline. Both of these characteristics save time and money while providing additional space.

The size difference between a bump-out for the grill and a room extension is the most noticeable. Deck bump-outs are usually very small. It’s only a few feet long, which obviously saves money on materials. Because there is no distinct foundation for bump-out expansions, their size is very limited.

Additional heating or cooling is rarely required for micro-additions. The additional square footage will be served adequately by the vents from the room to which the bump-out is attached. Installing plumbing pipes in an unheated location is not a good idea.

Deck with Grill Bump Out

Why Do You Need a Deck Bump Out for Grill 

With the grilling season in full swing, many of us anticipate the aroma of great food cooking on the grill, as well as the companionship that frequently accompanies it. If you want your grill to be a part of your new outdoor living space, you’ll need to think about a few things while planning your new space. You want your barbecue to be in the most convenient position possible. You may put a grill on your deck, porch, or patio if you have enough space. Another potential alternative is to add space to your deck, porch, or patio by expanding an area for your barbecues, such as a deck bump-out or a grill rack.

A grill bump-out section on the deck is a useful feature since it prevents your grill from taking up valuable deck space. Consider decks that need to make room for a grill but don’t have a bump-out. A lot of the time, the grill gets in the way. It’s ideal to have a separate location solely for the grill, where it won’t obstruct traffic on the deck. (RTA Outdoor Living, 2021)

Factors to Consider When Setting up a Grilling Station

With a few supplies and a plan, setting up a grilling station on your deck is simple. Consider the following when setting up a grill station on your deck bump out.

The Deck Layout

Before selecting a location for your grilling area, make sure to check local regulations. It is advisable to have your grill be at least 5 feet away from any above structure, 2 feet away from your railing, and 3 feet away from any wall. You should also avoid obstructing any entrances or routes to your home.

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The Decking Materials

Deck bumps out for grill materials may or may not be important depending on the outdoor cooking option you choose. People’s main worry is combustibility. Wood decks are unmistakably made of a combustible material which is wood.


As a result, many homeowners are hesitant to put a grill on a wood deck. Rather, they use composite material. When subjected to extreme heat, though, even composite decks have the potential to melt and catch fire.

The best solution is to use non-combustible materials for your deck bump out for grilling. When it comes to building your grilling space on your deck, this will provide you with the most peace of mind. (SFGate, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: To reduce the needed area for the grill on the bump-out, use an aluminum railing or noncombustible material.

Grilling Supplies

To protect your deck from grease and other spills, use a flame-resistant grill pad underneath your grill.

Install a deck floodlight or a grill light clip-on to view your cooking expertise in action.

Consider putting a utility table or cart near your grill to help separate it from the rest of your deck. It will also provide a resting spot for your grilling gear.

ProTip Takeaway: Instead of changing the decking, if the grill pad becomes too soiled from grease, it can be readily replaced.

The Weather

If grilling in adverse weather is an issue, build your outdoor structure to allow you to barbecue regardless of rain or snow. When it comes to cooking outside when the weather is bad, the location of your grill with respect to the prevailing winds is crucial. If the predominant winds are from the west, you should position your grill in the opposite direction. (Real Homes, 2021)

The View

The view from a deck is really essential. Your deck is all about the view, aside from the pleasure of being outside. Don’t use a grill to block it. Take a minute to admire the view from your house window, noting which parts of the deck require the most open space to enjoy the view. These places are now off-limits to grilling. Keep your view by moving the barbecue to a different location.

Structures in the Area

Place your grill at least 10 feet away from any buildings or other structures. Also, place it away from any dry grass that can catch fire. This includes awnings and porch overhangs. It may be tempting to bring the grill inside to cook during the rain; it’s not a good idea because flare-ups might cause a house fire.

The Chef

Keep in mind the chef who is working on the grill. When designing and building the deck bump out for the grill, think about the cook. Have the deck built in such a way that the griller can take in the scenery and relax on the terrace. In the time between turning the patties, and preparing the grill you can relax and take in the scenery. (Decks by E3, 2021)

How Much Does a Bump-Out Addition Cost?

The average room or home addition costs between $86 and $208 per square foot, according to Homeguide, an online home services marketplace. A typical home addition could cost $20,000 or even more at this rate.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the size of a bump-out, but depending on your building plans, you can expect to obtain anything from 2 to 15 feet.

A 2-foot kitchen micro-addition could cost as little as $5000 because a bump-out removes some of the components that drive up the cost.

Two feet may not appear to be a large distance. However, if you run it the length of a 15-foot space, you’ll get an additional 30 square feet. There’s enough room for a breakfast table, pantry, or center island in this space.

ProTip Takeaway: Large expansions may necessitate a larger investment, but they can be useful in the right circumstances.

What Makes Bump-Out Additions Less Expensive Than Complete Additions?

Typically, the building costs are frequently measured by the square footage. A bump-out is less expensive than a room addition simply because of its smaller size. There are, however, other considerations to consider. The fundamental cause is a lack of foundation. Other considerations are dependent on the size and function of the addition; therefore you may not require the following:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. Deck bump-outs for the grill don’t normally necessitate the installation of HVAC because they are outside.
  • Adding on to the existing roof. Typically, deck bump-outs for the grill do not include extending your current roof.
  • As many windows as a whole new room. Bump-outs can be as minor as a few more feet in one specific room of your home, such as the kitchen or screened-in porch. They’re usually not as big as a full-sized room.

Lack of the above mentioned will reduce the deck bump out for grill addition, this will save you more money in the long run. (Columbus Decks, 2020)

Pros and Cons of a Deck Bump Out for Grill

Before delving into the pros and cons of a bump-out addition there is one key question you should ask yourself. Do you want to live in the home and just enjoy it? Do you want to create future value? This will guide you in making a decision on how much to spend on your deck bump out for the grill.

Installing Deck

Nevertheless, these are the Pros and cons of a deck bump out for a grill.




It’s possible that you’ll have problems matching your siding.

There’s just enough room for everything you need.

Don’t add much to the home’s value or provide a good return on investment

Reduce the amount of yard space you lose.

Not for the average do-it-yourselfer.

Easily blends nicely with the current structure



Custom Design Features From Smart Remodeling LLC That Can Raise the Bar on Our Deck?

The importance of custom components in a custom deck design cannot be magnified. It’s your deck, so let us make it with the unique features that will bring you the most pleasure and pride. We want you to feel proud of your new deck when Smart Remodeling LLC installs it!

We can install custom deck rails, separating boards, and picture framing accents. Color-coordinated decking, integrated deck seating, and custom deck skirting are also other eye-catching design elements that we can install.

Are You Ready to Make your Grilling More Fun?

Whatever your passion, Smart Remodeling LLC can help you make grilling more fun and convenient by customizing your outdoor structure to fit your needs. Grill on! Contact us to make the most of your deck bump out for grilling this season. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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