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Hip Roof Porch To Suit Your Home What Is A Hip Roof Porch? Types of Hip Roofs Advantages of Hip Roof Porches Disadvantages of Hip Roof Porches

Hip Roof Porch To Suit Your Home

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive home repair jobs you'll ever undertake. You'll want to make sure you get it correctly to avoid future repair costs. A hip roof porch style is the most common choice for the wood framing of a new roof because of its modern and highly durable design.

Hip roof porches can be used in both contemporary and historical architectural styles. The option of a hip roof porch you should take can be a difficult decision. A lot is dependent on:

  • The weather circumstances you're dealing with.
  • The type of attic space you desire.
  • Whether or not your roof is exposed to severe winds.

If you're unfamiliar with this type of roof porch, we'll explain in detail its characteristics, benefits, and downsides. You will also get to learn the various styles and how you might build one for your home.

What Is A Hip Roof Porch?

A hip roof porch is one that slopes downward from the peak on all four sides. There is no gable or flat end to it. The roof is shaped like a pyramid and is commonly found in cottages, bungalows, and ranch-style homes. Because they are simple to construct, they are also common in suburban homes. Since the walls beneath the roof are of the same height, construction is very simple.

The downward slopes of this form of porch roof are said to go in the direction and location of the roof's sides, making it a complicated type. The slopes are all gentle, especially as there are no gables.

This also comes in a variety of shapes, such as squares, which when completed correctly resemble a pyramid.

This is more complex to build than a gable roof porch because it requires very sophisticated roof truss sets. This aesthetic design, on the other hand, is responsible for making the structure appear compact and sturdy.

ProTip Takeaway: The place where two roof planes meet and protrude outward is called the hip of a roof.

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Types of Hip Roofs

To understand more about hip roof porches, let us first look at the types of hip roofs.

Pyramid Hip Roof

A pyramid hip roof, often known as a square hip roof, is the most basic type of hip roof. This roof has a pyramid shape to it, with a single peak at the top. A pavilion roof is a pyramid roof that sits on top of a gazebo or other garden construction.

Jerkinhead or Half Hip

Half-hipped roofs, also known as jerkinhead or clipped gables, have two short sides that form eaves. Rather than a small hip, they are commonly identified by their upper gable points. 

ProTip Takeaway: One benefit of a half hip roof is the ease with which the gutters can drain. (Homenish, 2021)

Dutch Gable Hip

There is a little gable-like structure at this roof's ridge. Because of this, the dutch gable hip roofs provide additional internal space (near the top of the roof). This sort of hip roof allows for more ventilation while providing wind resistance.

For added living space, a dormer might be built in the center of the hip roof. This adds a lovely ornamental element to the hip roof while also converting the attic into a usable living space.

Mansard roof

This roof type features two slopes on either side of the roof. The slope at the bottom is steeper than the one at the top.

Combination Roof

A combination roof is the polar opposite of a mansard roof. It expands out all the way around the roof at the bottom. The roof's bottom level has a much lower pitch.

Hip and valley

A hip roof with valleys is known as a hip and valley roof. Valleys are the intersections of two roof planes that descend downwards. In recent years, hip and valley roofs have become increasingly popular. (, 2021)

Complete Your Home With A Hip Roof Porch in Houston, Texas

As discussed above, there are various advantages to adding a hip roof porch to your home. Porches are not only practical, but they can also be stylish. Smart Remodeling LLC offers numerous designs of hip roof porches in Houston.

All our hip roof porches are designed to complement your current home's aesthetic. When choosing a style for your new Porch, it's important to think about all of the many features that are offered. 

The following are the most common types of hip roof porches to consider:

Double Hipped to wall porch

Double hipped to the ridged porch

Single hipped porch

A Double Hipped to Wall Porch is a more traditional alternative. A double-hipped roof has three downward sloping parts, one sloping downward and the other two sloping out to the side. Typically, the front part is the largest and most visible of the three. This style should be on your radar if you want to give your home a larger entrance.

The double hipped to ridged porches, which are based on the above style, is for not having to worry about space. This porch type has a larger size and you have the option of installing french doors. This will definitely enhance the look of your home's entrance.

Single hipped porches are ideal for those who prefer a simple, small, and tidy design. If you have a limited amount of room, this style can be ideal for you.

Advantages of Hip Roof Porches

Aesthetic attractive: Hip roof porches are an aesthetically attractive addition to a property, and they can even add value to it. The hip porch roof extends beyond the house's wall, providing a pleasing slant or slope.

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Easy to install: Because this is mostly self-supported, even a small support post will be used during installation.

Durable: Because of their four sloping sides, these sorts of roof porches are more durable and stable than gables. (Iko, 2021)

Offer weather protection: Hip roofs offer superior weather protection in areas where high winds and heavy snowfall are common. As the porch slant, it allows ice and snow to easily roll-off. Hip roofs are also ideal for places prone to hurricanes.

Great drainage: Hip roofs enable great drainage during strong storms and rainfalls because of their downward slopes.

Disadvantages of Hip Roof Porches

Expensive to build: Hip roofs porches are more expensive than gable roofs to install. While hip roofs are less expensive to install than mansard roofs, they are nonetheless more expensive than gable roofs.

The roof's design requires the use of additional building materials, resulting in greater time and labor expenses. (The Porch Company, 2021)

Complicated maintenance: The maintenance of a hip roof porch can be complicated because of the open vaulted ceiling in the interior. The roof's additional supports and bracing are also hidden. However, finish carpentry will be necessary for combination with framing where there are exposed structural parts.

Prone to leaks: Hip roof porches are more prone to leaks because of their design. Their design allows for reliable rainwater drainage but also makes them more vulnerable to leaks.

This is due to the roof's dips and hips, which make water penetration easier. To reduce dangers, it is critical to hire a professional roofer to construct such a roof on your home. (The porch Specialist, 2021)

Why Should Smart Remodeling LLC Install Your Hip Roof Porch?

We are passionate about what we do, and we recognize that you will want to learn more about us before selecting to work with us. We have been able to build hip roof porches for different customers for years thanks to our service for a variety of reasons.

We Use Sustainable Materials

Everything we use is made from the best wood we can find. For every one tree we use, three more are planted in its place. This ensures that our work is sustainable and that we will be able to deliver a consistent supply of products for many years to come.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

We'll use cutting-edge technology on your hip roof porch, from machinery that can design and actualize your desired porch idea. This will ensure the job is done to perfection and give you a hip roof porch that will serve you for many years.

We Inspect All Timber

Once the wood arrives at our company, our team of skilled carpenters and timber graders will inspect it thoroughly. They will examine for any cracks, defects, or other problems in the wood that could prevent it from achieving complete structural integrity when building your hip roof porch.

Photo 3: View of the 1896 impressive Queen Anne influenced style two-story masonry building

Photo 3: View of the 1896 impressive Queen Anne influenced style two-story masonry building

If any pieces similar to this are discovered, they will be carefully recycled, allowing us to employ only the strongest timber in our work.

Are You Ready For a Roof Design?

A bespoke hip porch roof design from Smart Remodeling LLC may be just what you've been looking for to fit the rest of your home. Our hip porch roof design will complement your home and provide a timeless charm.

Contact us today and one of our experts will be pleased to discuss your porch's requirements and specifications with you. You can call us on 832 800 8889. Or visit our offices located at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106, Houston, TX 77034.

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