Read This Before a DIY Bathroom Remodel

[BLOG] Published: 2021-04-18 - Updated: 2023-04-01

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Read This Before A DIY Bathroom Remodel 

Before considering the DIY way, remember that even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast gulps and sometimes takes a deep breath before getting down to the bathroom remodeling process. Therefore, you should consider the time you have to get the job done, the budget, and the technical expertise needed to get the job done.

Apart from the kitchen, no work is more involved than a bathroom remodel as it involves more plumbing and electrical work. The work can be intense and demanding as it involves highly skilled trades. Since a bathroom is an essential space, the need for speed and quality can put any DIYer under pressure trying to get the tiny room remodeled quickly within a short time.

Therefore, in most cases, call a professional bathroom remodeler or a general contractor to deploy subcontractors who can handle the work perfectly. With the professionals on the ground, you can get the work done faster than you could on your own. 


  • Not Shutting Off Water to Your Bathroom

One of the worst mistakes you can make when remodeling your bathroom is not shutting off water to your bathroom before doing any demo. Whether you're removing a vanity, toilet, or any other part in your bathroom, ensure you shut off the water first because you don't know the condition of the valves that you're going to be turning off. 

In most instances, old valves end up leaking just by rotating them, which can ruin adjacent rooms, drywall, or even damage the floors. This explains why it's vital to turn the water off from the main water supply rather than using shutoff valves. 

But what happens if you have a leaking valve or faucet? You may wonder. The best remedy for this problem is to source replacement parts from a reliable supplier to make it easier to replace damaged valves and continue with your project. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Shut off water to your bathroom before doing anything else.  Also, repair or replace old valves and faucets. 


  • Not Being Practical

If you're considering a DIY bathroom remodel, practicality is the key. Besides aesthetics, there are several other factors to keep in mind to achieve your desired outcome. More often, it's easier to get carried away with the excitement of upgrading your bathroom and forget the basics; this could lead to recurring blunders that can cost you in the future. 

While there is nothing wrong with wanting your bathroom to look at its best, it helps to think about bathroom essentials. For instance, you must ensure that your bathroom is easily accessible to everyone who uses it. 

Are the bathroom fixtures like the toilet, sink, and shower easy to access and use? Is your counter and storage space enough to accommodate your toiletries? These are some of the crucial things to consider before plunging into the bathroom remodeling process. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Whatever way you choose to remodel your bathroom, you must ensure it is accessible and easy to use. 


  • Skipping Essential Steps

A DIY bathroom remodeling may sound like an easy job to do on your own. But the truth is that it requires a lot of commitment and hard work to be successful. If you decide to remodel your bathroom without a professional remodeling contractor's help, be sure to follow the proper steps. Skipping any of these steps would result in expensive mistakes which will need professional fixing. 

  • Appropriate measuring – The first and foremost step in remodeling your bathroom is to take the proper measurement and understand space limitations. Think of the correct measurement for your toilet and other fixtures. If you're unsure how to navigate your bathroom measurements, our qualified experts will help inspect, measure, and fit just any type of fixture you need in your bathroom. 
  • Proper drainage – You might not believe it, but the reality is that appropriate drainage starts from your bathroom design. There is a need to slant your shower floor to allow for a free flow of water into the bathroom drain. This paves the way to the water, which could otherwise be standing in your shower.
  • Excellent drain ventilation – Like other drainage systems, your bathroom drainage needs proper ventilation to function correctly. You don't want to suffer from a dry sink trap, leading to unhygienic issues. So, as you work on your bathroom, don't forget to vent the drains properly. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: If you decide to renovate your bathroom on your own, ensure you don't skip any essential step; otherwise, you may end up paying more in reworks.

bathroom Remodeling Checklist

  • Not Setting a Realistic Budget

What seems like a simple renovation can quickly turn into an expensive venture once you start the project. Before you begin tearing tiles off the floors and walls, ensure that you have a realistic budget and that you know how much you intend to spend at every step. 

This will help you prioritize what is crucial to you and stay focused throughout the renovation. Think of the most important things you want to be incorporated in your bathroom; they could be a vanity, premium tiles, or a new bathtub. 

Such items can take a toll on your budget, even if it's bulk. So, if they are a must-have in your bathroom, we recommend you find stores offering discounts where you can buy them at lower prices to avoid overspending. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Set a realistic budget for your project and stick to it.


  • Tackle Complex Tasks on Your Own

Bathroom remodeling entails more than just it meets the eye. Understandably, you may want to have a great DIY project, but if not handled diligently, you may end up regretting or even paying more to fix messed-up work. For example, you may run into electrical and plumbing issues while upgrading your bathroom. 

These issues often require the expertise of a trained professional to identify and fix them appropriately. Another important feature that needs to be handled by a professional is storage. At Smart Remodeling, we have over 11 years of experience in the remodeling industry, and we can help you achieve your dream bathroom. 

We will include various storage features to help you keep your toiletries and the things you need for your hygiene and beauty routines. We can add classic shelf storage over the toilet, medicine closet, and adjustable shelves to help you stay organized in the best ways possible.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Let experts handle your complex tasks to reduce the chances of reworks and make your project a success without stretching your budget. 


  • Failing to Prepare Well for the Renovation

Regardless of your bathroom size, you at least expect it to last for a long time after remodeling. That explains why you must pay great attention to its design, layout, and overall style. Not preparing well for your project can be fatal. 

Take into account small but crucial details and ensure you understand your needs and expectations. Additionally, assess your bathroom to identify which configurations you can maintain to save on plumbing costs. You can also consider buying your cabinets, tape ware, sanitary ware, and accessories in advance. 

Poor preparation would lead to poor results and even stretch your budget. For instance, ignoring details can result in the poorly installed shower, toilet, cabinets, and other fixtures, affecting your bathroom's function and look.

Pro Tip Takeaway: To achieve the desired results, pay great attention to your bathroom design, style, and layout.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

  • Poor Planning for Sufficient Storage Space

Sufficient storage space is a critical feature in any bathroom. Lack of enough storage space in your bathroom can affect your bathroom's functionality and comfort. First off, you need to consider your storage needs and determine what you need to keep in your bathroom. 

These can be daily beauty essentials or products for your hygiene routine, linens, and toilet supplies. Establish the size of your products both vertically and horizontally so you can figure out the appropriate way to store them.  

We recommend creating separate storage units that incorporate a free-standing cabinet, a vanity, a wall unit, or a closet.  Having adequate storage in your bathroom allows you to store all your bathroom essentials, including cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and medicines, in a safer and more organized way.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Plan for sufficient storage to reduce clutter and keep your bathroom organized at all times.


  • Poor Ventilation

Proper bathroom ventilation is essential as it helps control odor, reduces airborne contaminants, and eliminates trapped moisture. Besides, nobody enjoys cleaning themselves in a damp and dark bathroom without proper air circulation. 

You can try to add windows to your bathroom to allow the penetration of natural light. If it's impossible to include a window, install a skylight to create a natural ambiance. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Install windows or a skylight in your bathroom to ensure proper ventilation and enhance comfort. 


Get Expert Help

Taking your project the DIY way could be tedious, time-consuming, and surrounded by a lot of uncertainty.  Given that most bathrooms remodel projects are complex, getting your project done by experts pays off almost immediately. 

Our Smart Remodeling LLC team is here to help bring your remodeling design to life. It’s destined to increase your home’s value and enhance your quality of life. Contact us today for a perfect bathroom remodel with at least 5 years guarantee, or visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034, to discuss the possibilities of home remodeling today!




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