Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Mobile Home

[BLOG] Published: 2021-06-21 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Mobile Home?


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Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Mobile Home?

Are you planning to remodel your mobile home this soon? Do you need a permit to remodel a mobile home? Well, we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to renovating a mobile home, the scope of the work and the jurisdiction within your area will always come into play.

However, you needn’t worry as we’ll explore all the possibilities for your project. Ready to get started?

Let’s delve deeper….

Permit Requirements for a Mobile Home in Houston

Perhaps you're planning to revamp your Houston mobile home but unsure of the building codes for mobile/manufactured homes in the area. It is important to note that residential permits and building codes apply to mobile homes, especially if the remodel involves electrical, mechanical or, plumbing changes. However, you don't need a permit to perform minor upgrades such as painting, redoing the roof and floor, and replacing exterior doors. Ensure you check with the Houston building department to know the permit requirements for your mobile home remodeling project.


Do you need a Permit for Manufactured Home Repair?

The mobile home remodeling department regulates only those modifications and changes that interfere with a mobile home's existing structure and safety. If you intend to perform a significant renovation that creates a deviation from the existing structure, then you may need a blueprint or plan from an engineer. Modifications are said to be a deviation from the existing structure when:

  • The renovations change the initial design specifications of the house, such as enlarging or adding rooms.
  • Addition/modification/removal of interior walls – interior wall alterations may modify the shear wall, impacting the structural integrity.
  • The materials and products used are heavier than old ones – for instance, replacing wood siding with fiber cement siding where cement panels are much heavier than wood.
  • The remodeling work involves mechanical and electrical work – changing drain pipes, replacing damaged cables, wires, switches, and receptacles.
  • Replacing doors and windows with a different (larger) size.

All these are major modifications that may need permitting. That is why it makes sense to consult your local remodeling department to check permitting requirements. Typically, if your project complies with the engineer's blueprint, city officials will approve your work without delays.

Pro-tip Takeaway: If you're planning for a significant remodel that will alter the structural integrity of your home, you may have to pull the necessary mobile home renovation permits.


When You Don't Need a Permit for a Mobile Home Remodeling

The local government may not require any approval if your work involves small and ordinary repairs. This is because such repairs often seek to improve your mobile home without causing major structural modifications. These ordinary repairs may include

Re-roofing – This involves remodeling or removing existing shingles or tile and replacing them with new ones. However, placing new roofing material over the old material may add a lot of weight to the roof, posing structural and safety issues. In this case, you may need approval from the municipal government.

Replacement of windows and doors – You don't need a permit as long as the new windows and doors are of the same size and standard as the old ones.

Siding repair or replacement – This involves a replacement with similar siding materials.

Toilet replacement – This may include minor toilet maintenance, repair, or remodel.

Replacement, repair, or remodel kitchen amenities – You can change kitchen countertops, cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures. But you can't change the location of these fixtures because it will involve electrical and plumbing work, which makes them significant repairs.

Replacement of ceramic tile or carpet involves tile and carpet replacements with materials of the same or less weight.

Keep in mind that mobile home remodeling involves a ton of activities. Therefore, if you're planning for a certain renovation but not sure if it needs permitting, you can talk to a qualified contractor. At Smart Remodeling, we have years of industry experience, and we can help you understand what requires permitting and what does not.

Pro-tip Takeaway: Simple mobile home upgrades do not require building permits unless you decide to use larger and heavier materials.


Can You Replace Your Mobile Home with Another Unit?

When replacing your existing mobile home with another one, you will have to choose a location. You can decide to place it in a different location or maintain the old location. Either way, you need to pull a building permit for the project. Additionally, if your backyard rests on a septic tank, you may need clearance from the local health and sanitation department to install a new unit in the same location.

Pro-tip Takeaway: You need a building permit from your local jurisdiction to replace your mobile home with a new one.


What Happens if You Remodel Your Mobile Home Without a Permit?

Do you need a building permit for a mobile home? Unfortunately, some people often overlook the need for a permit for their mobile home improvements. But the thing is, remodeling your mobile home without proper permits can be dangerous and unsafe.

Plus, if you get caught doing so, you may face fines and penalties or be forced to redo the entire project, which can be extremely expensive. Besides facing additional remodeling costs, unpermitted work can also make it impossible for you to sell your property in the future.

Pro-tip Takeaway: Performing unpermitted work can have several implications – it can pose safety issues in your home, attract fines, and make it hard for you to sell your home.

Get Expert Help!

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