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Installing quartz countertops in your kitchen or bathroom is the greatest investment any homeowner can ever have. Many advantages come with purchasing quartz countertops, including their affordable price and their beauty. For quartz countertops to maintain their beauty and durability, they need proper maintenance. Most homeowners are always worried about maintenance activities for countertops since some countertops are very difficult to maintain. That is not the case for quartz countertops. (BC Stone, 2019)

Quartz countertops maintenance activities are very straightforward. Taking care of your quartz countertops involves cleaning the countertops and employing techniques to ensure the countertops do not get dirty faster. Today, we will explain in detail the best way to ensure proper maintenance of your quartz countertops. You will love the results if you follow our maintenance tips.


How often should you clean your quartz countertops?

Countertop, especially kitchen countertops, are regularly used, most likely during cooking. That implies that they are prone to getting dirty every time you use them. Bathroom countertops are not an exception. Most homeowners use bathroom countertops as their makeup table. That makes them prone to getting mascara or even ink stains.

Therefore, cleaning quartz countertops is inevitable. It will help if you clean your quartz countertops, depending on how regularly you use them. A homeowner who often uses their countertops will often clean them, unlike a homeowner who rarely uses them. Countertops are installed mostly in our kitchen and bathroom. These are two parts of a house that are mostly used. Therefore, it seems you will be cleaning your quartz countertops more often. 

For kitchen quartz countertops, cleaning needs to occur immediately after the preparation of meals. Wipe off any spills immediately to prevent hassle in cleaning afterward. For bathroom countertops, cleaning should happen after using them. Wipe any dirt or stains using a soft disinfecting cloth. Quartz countertops need a deep cleaning that needs to happen weekly to remove any stubborn stains that you never wiped off. (Leverette, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Wiping the quartz countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom will make weekly deep cleaning less hectic. That is because there will not be a lot of stains on the countertops. The more the spills stay without being wiped, the harsher they become.


How to prevent damaging quartz countertops 

Preventing the damaging of quartz countertops is one step towards proper maintenance. Damaged quartz countertops will not have their original beauty and durability. Therefore, if you want your countertops to maintain their longevity, you need to prevent damaging them. Prevention of damage on quartz countertops requires you to follow just a few easy tips. (Granite Selection, 2020)

  • Protect from high temperatures

Quartz countertops do not respond impressively when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, avoid placing hot pans, electric skillets, and also hot pots on quartz countertops. Continuous exposure of quartz countertops too high temperatures causes damage and reduces the quality of the countertops. If you need to place anything hot on the countertop, use a trivet or a mat. The mat will prevent direct contact of the quartz countertop with the high temperature.

  • Cleaning spills

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant. However, they only act as stain-resistant for only a few minutes. After some time, they are prone to staining. There are a lot of spills during meal preparations. It would be best if you wipe off the spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a soft cloth, warm soapy water to wipe off spills. That will not only prevent damage but also reduce hassle during the deep cleaning.

  • Avoid harsh cleaning products.

If you are not using natural cleaners, then you are using store-bought cleaning products. Unfortunately, some of those cleaning products are acidic, which is not great for quartz counters. In case you realize that you have been using highly acidic cleaning products, wipe the counter with water and mild soap immediately. 

ProTip Takeaway: Ensure that the cleaning products are suitable for the quartz countertops and good for your skin. 

  • Utilize a cutting board

While chopping cooking ingredients, avoid cutting them directly from the quartz countertop. Instead, use a cutting board for the chopping task. Although quartz counters are strong and cut-resistant, chopping on them is not recommended. Your knife may not cut through the quartz countertop, but it can get dull with time when continuously used on the quartz countertop.

  • Keep away from scouring pads.

Quartz counters are scratch-resistant, which is a good thing. However, they are not scratch-proof. In that case, avoid using scouring pads to wipe quartz countertops. 

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

For homeowners with quartz counters installed in an outdoor space, keep it away from direct sunlight. Instead, install a shade above the counter to prevent fading.


General quartz countertop cleaning routine 

Cleaning is also another way of taking care of your quartz counter. You will need warm water, paper towels, cleaning products, disinfectant, non-abrasive sponge, soft and a plastic scraper during cleaning. Follow the following guide to clean your quartz countertop properly. (Vila, 2019)

  • Wiping

The first step in cleaning a quartz counter should be wiping. In this step, use a soft cloth or sponge. First, dip the cloth in warm soapy water. Next, use it to wipe carefully but firmly through the quartz countertop. Wiping the countertop needs to happen as many times as you use it. 


ProTip Takeaway: During wiping, use mild soap or detergent that will not be too tough on the quartz countertop.

  • Scraping stuck dirt

You may notice stuck dirt and gunk after wiping off the quartz surface. It would be best if you get rid of the gunk to prevent it from building up. The more the gunk builds up, the more stressful it will be to remove. Therefore, the earlier, the better. You need to perform the scraping task gently. With the plastic scraper, scrape off the gunk gently. If you notice stuck dirt, even if it’s not cleaning time, it is always good to scrape it off immediately.

  • Wiping grease

Grease can be hard to get rid of with water and soap. In some instances, you will need a degreaser. When buying a degreaser, ensure that it is safe to utilize on quartz countertops. A good degreaser should not contain bleach to prevent fading of the quartz counter. Once you have a safe degreaser, wipe off grease and oils in every part of the surface.  After wiping the grease, rinse the surface. Skipping the rinsing step leaves residues that may attract dust hence making the surface dull.

  • Disinfecting

The final step should be disinfecting. Use a disinfectant or disinfecting wipes in this step.

ProTip Takeaway: When purchasing quartz countertop cleaning products, ensure that they are ideal for quartz surfaces. You can confirm that with your supplier or research on products suitable for quartz. 


Stains removal from quartz countertops

Quartz countertops can stain when spills are left for a long time. That's why it is always important to wipe stains immediately to prevent staining. Stains on quartz countertops can be in ink, mascara, gum, and grease. To remove tough stains, you require adhesive remover. 

  • Pour the adhesive remover on the parts of the quartz countertop that's stained.
  • Leave the remover to sit for around 5 to 10 minutes
  • Wipe off the stain after the minutes are over

You can also remove stains on a quartz counter using isopropyl alcohol. Dip a rag in the alcohol and rub the rag against the satin. Then wipe with warm water just ad with the adhesive remover. In case you don't have the above two stain removal products, you can choose the deep cleaning technique. This technique requires you to have a glass cleaner. The glass cleaner you select needs to be safe to use on a quartz countertop. Pour some of the glass cleaners on the area of the quartz countertop with stains. In this case, you need to leave the liquid to sit for several minutes for the stains to ease. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the surface. 

Not all glass cleaners are safe to use on quartz countertops. Therefore, this should be your last option if you don't have any other stain removal product. You can ask your supplier if the glass cleaner is safe to use on quartz to be on the safe side. Stains should not be an issue if you perform your regular quartz countertop cleaning routine. Wiping spills, grease, and oils immediately is the secret toward easy stain removal. (BC Stone, 2019)


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Ready For Quartz Countertop Installation in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Proper maintenance of quartz countertops is the only way to ensure that you enjoy that look of their beauty. Taking care of such countertops is easy. Your quartz countertops, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, will never be dull. Again, they will last longer than they are intended to. Reach us at 832 800 8889 to get free information and assistance on maintaining quartz countertops and all other types of countertops in general.

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