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Best House Garage Remodel into Living Space

garage remodel into living space

Garage Remodeling into Living Space 

If you are looking to add some square footage to your home, think about remodeling your garage. Most people don’t often use their garage. Making it a living space will make it more useful. Garage remodeling will save you a few more bucks than building a new area. Whether you need it as an office, guest bedroom, children’s playroom, everything is doable.

Garage Remodeling

Deciding to remodel your garage should be based on certain factors. Trust me, this is the point that you begin to ask yourself, is it worth it? How badly do you want that space? The fact that you are adding new living space, you will end up losing space for your car. However, if the decision is made without haste, you will end up liking the outcome.

Before remodeling, you need to ask yourself a few questions; (Marks, 2018)

  • To what extent do I need the space?
  • If I will consider resale in the future, will the remodeling affect the value?
  • Will the remodeling outcome be worth the cost?
  • Where will I park my car and store garage items after remodeling?

Where to start

Now you have decided to remodel your garage. Where then should you start? Most people might think that garage remodels into living space wake up, decide, and remodel instantly. However, always keep in mind, take each step at a time. I mean this is the best if you want great results. (Mueller, 2020)

  • Make a plan

Planning is essential in all home remodeling activities. Nothing works without a plan. The plan will involve details on the design into which you need your garage remodeled. What do you want in what place? In the plan, you will also outline the timeframe of the remodeling process. Also, make a plan on the amount you wish to spend on garage remodeling. That makes the process smooth and easier for contractors.

  • Get a contractor

Garage renovation into a living space is not an easy task. For perfect garage remodeling, you need a great contractor. The good news is that Smart Remodeling LLC has got you covered on that. Here you can get the best experts to remodel your garage. A contractor will ensure that you have all information regarding the cost to remodel the garage into a living.

  • Get the permit

For garage remodel into living space, there are specific components that you need to add. The additional features will make the renovated living space fully functional. The details may include plumbing, electrical installation, and also air conditioning. For you to execute the addition of these components, you need to get a permit. Get in touch with the relevant departments before committing to the plan.

home permits and inspection requirements

  • Get to action

Do you have the plan, contractor, and permit? What else are you waiting for then? It’s time to make that garage living space. Get your hammers, nails, saws, drills, and other construction equipment ready for works. Make sure that you are working with the best. You won’t like contractors who will take too long to complete remodeling. With the anxiety you will have, a smaller timeframe will work for you.

ProTip Takeaway: Garage remodeling might be a very complex task, just as most people assume it to be. However, with a plan, everything flows smoothly. It will be very fast such that you will not notice when the project ends.

Cost to remodel garage into a living space

The cost to renovate the garage will vary depending on what you want the garage remodeled to. In case you want to renovate it into a living room, it will be cheaper than renovating it to a bathroom or kitchen. Therefore, you have to decide what to renovate to, to get the average price of that renovation. 

Regardless of what you want your garage renovated to, the average cost ranges from $6,000 to $19,000 for a Houston garage. Knowing the average cost to renovate the garage, you can get the necessary materials to remodel the garage’s different components. The fact that a garage is a separate space from the space you are creating, many changes might occur. (Paynter, 2019)

  • Flooring

For garage renovation to living space, you should consider changing the floor. Do not think about covering the floor with a carpet because the garage floor plan is not favorable for a living space. Even if you choose to put on a carpet after renovation, choose a floor design that will look magnificent even without the carpet.


The average cost of installing a new floor in Houston is $1.60 to $2.30 per square foot. The quality and the material you use to renovate the floor will determine the cost, but it will be in the range of the average price (Dailey, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: A carpet will not always hide the wrong floor. Get the floor done nicely to avoid future disappointments.

  • Windows

It is rare to get windows in a garage. In case there is, it is just a single one. I am sure that you don’t want to have one window in your living space. You will decide on the number of windows to install depending on the size of the garage. If it’s an oversized garage, you should consider more windows for lighting purposes during the day. Here, you will also consider the size of the windows you want.

For a homeowner in Huston, the average cost of adding windows will be $1,000 window for each window you install. Therefore, the price will vary depending on the number of windows you need to add.

ProTip Takeaway: The windows play a significant role in the lighting of a room. The position of the windows will determine whether the room gets light or not. Be keen when choosing the windows positioning.

In garage remodel into living space, the door will be the first impression of whether the living space is elegant or not. Well, make sure to create a good image here. The garage door is entirely inappropriate for a living room. Choose a door design depending on what you are remodeling too.

The cost to remodel the garage into living space by adding a door will be $1,300. Choose a door type that is strong for safety purposes.

ProTip Takeaway: The first thing you bump into before entering a room is the door. I guess everybody you like to enter through a unique and classy door. Go for a door that is suitable for what you are remodeling.

  • Walls

Most people can agree with me that garage walls are usually not insulated or finished. If you intend to get a living space out of that, wall finishing and insulation are critical. To ensure that the wall is smooth and attractive, you have to incur a cost in it. The average price of finishing the wall and insulating is $2,000. The garage’s size and the number of rooms you need to create will have a direct effect on the cost.

ProTip Takeaway: Walls, the attention taker of every eye in a room. If you want to appeal to your visitors and your eyes, have a perfect finishing of the wall. Let it attract everybody that sets their feet in your room.

  • Utilities

Utilities are the new components that you want to add to the garage. For garage remodel into living space, you need to add electricity, water, and gas installation. That calls for plumbing and electrical installation activities. Each of these additional activities will have a difference in the cost. 

For plumbing in Houston, you will require $300 to $800. For electrical installation, it will cost $50 to $100 for every hour of work. Make sure you get good plumbing and electrical installation services.

ProTip Takeaway: Electrical and plumbing materials can create a mess if not correctly installed. Also, if you buy low-quality materials, here quality is essential.

Budget Plan

A budget plan may seem irrelevant after knowing the cost to remodel the garage into a living space. I have to tell you that this is the most important thing. If you have already decided to renovate your garage, you will not escape the cost. Having a budget plan goes hand in hand with that. The budget will help you reduce the chances of spending too much or too little on a particular material. (Paynter, 2019)




$1.60 – $2.30 per square foot


$1,000 for each window added






$ 50 – $100 per hour


$300 – $ 800




ProTip Takeaway: As always, have a budget plan. Let it be your guide throughout the remodeling process.

Consultation & Scheduling 

As a certified, insured, and reputable remodeling contractor, our processes are seamless: starting with a free complimentary consultation, free cost estimates, to the actual project implementation. 

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