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Handicap Accessible Bathroom Shower

Handicap Bathrooms and Showers in houston

5 Little Known Secrets For A Fantastic Handicap Accessible Bathroom Shower

Handicapped accessible bathroom shower is among the modern trends in the home improvement industry. Having it in mind that even if you’re not having mobility difficulties, one of your loved ones or guests could be handicapped. Therefore, making your bathroom shower accessible for everyone is a great deal. 

Handicap Bathrooms and Showers in houston

Apart from making your bathroom safe and secure for persons with disabilities, handicap accessible bathroom shower improves comfort for the disabled to enjoy a shower. Below are some of the little-known secrets that can change your handicapped bathroom shower for the best bathroom experience.

  • Avoid using a white roll-in shower pan made of fiberglass.

Even though a white fiberglass roll-in pan looks impressive with the glamour that emanates from its surface, you could be headed for a serious challenge when it comes to keeping it clean and stain-free. If you’ve ever tried to clean and remove stains at the bottom of a fiberglass shower pan in your children’s room, then you can understand the hassle you could be in for.

Instead of installing a white fiberglass pan, there are two cost-effective and better options that you can use for a seamless bathroom experience.

  • A one-level wet room complete with a tiled floor: Tiles are waterproof and extremely durable. Without a lip step to step over, the shower will easily be accessible by a wheelchair or a walker. You can get stylish with linear drains and use large tiles to give the shower room an illusion of expansive space due to fewer grout joints. Believe it or not, large tiles are among the hottest trends in the industry.
  • A solid-surface pan—complete with a ramp extension kit and fantastic low-profile curb: This is a perfect option if you don’t find it easy to clean your bathroom grout lines. A solid-surface shower pan is easy to clean and equally safe for any disabled person. You can go with a low-profile curb height and include a ramp extension kit that you can remove at any time. With this design, you’re sure to get a pretty-looking base without a permanent ramp. 

Pro-tip takeaway: A solid surface shower pan is a great way to go.

  • Opt for a stylish wall surround with low or zero maintenance.

Nearly everyone loves a tiled bathroom wall due to its water resistance and availability in a wide variety of prints. However, when it comes to cleaning the grout lines, you’ll probably be feeling wary. Therefore you want to find an alternative that gives a fantastic look while also calling for no maintenance. 

When you’re looking for a no-tile bathroom wall, a laminate wall shower pane comes in handy. It’s 100% waterproof and gives a real tile look. Besides that, a laminate wall shower panel is DIY-friendly. Therefore, you can simply snap the panels together like a floating floor and have a seamless shower wall.

What’s more? The panels are among the trendy handicapped shower ideas and are available in different tile sizes, shapes, and textures. 

Pro-tip takeaway:  A laminate wall shower pane has zero maintenance cost.

  • Install an easy-to-use shower

Beyond a reasonable doubt, we’re all used to a fixed shower head with underneath controls for mixing water temperatures. However, this outdated design could be ridiculous to handicapped persons who use wheelchairs or walkers. Since it wouldn’t be pretty good for a handicapped person to roll in and turn around in the water due to a shower positioned beyond her easy reach, there are three main ways you can make changes to the water source to make life easier. 

A roll-in shower

  • Make changes to the shower controls’ position: Instead of having the shower controls underneath the showerhead, position them at the entrance. This allows the handicapped to turn the shower on and wait for it to warm before getting in. This way, you’ll save your loved one from getting blasted with freaking cold water before it warms up.
  • Get contemporary with a rain shower head: The high-pressure rain heads produce compact spray so that they won’t spill water all over. This type of shower head is excellent for shower stalls that only have curtains. 
  • Incorporate a hand-held shower: If you have issues with standing for long while taking a shower, or your loved one has a problem, getting adding a hand-held shower could be critical. This type of shower allows you to shower while seated. Also, the shower allows the user to clean hard-to-reach places, including the floor. Additionally, you can also use it for cleaning your pet.

Pro-tip takeaway: Handheld shower is an excellent idea for a handicap-accessible bathroom shower.

  • Avoid a flimsy framed door on a handicapped-accessible bathroom shower.

Even though you can use a framed shower door, it wouldn’t be pretty right for a handicapped shower. Instead, opt for frameless, semi-frameless, or glass blocks. Since most handicapped have a low posture balance, a framed glass shower door could get you into a shower-cleaning hassle and maintenance costs. 

When it comes to having a frameless shower door, there are many options from which you can choose your favorite design. You can choose to have a full-glass enclosure or go doorless. If you’re planning for a doorless option, you can choose a frameless shower screen or a glass block shower. 

 frameless shower door

Pro-tip takeaway: Use a frameless door for easy access 

  • Opt for stylish but floating vanities and accessories

Floating vanities allow for a roll-in space for easy reach so that handicapped persons can easily navigate around and reach for the accessories. Ensure the accessories and vanities in the bathroom are impressive. When adding wall-hung vanities, it’s essential to consider the height that a handicapped person can easily reach. 

Pro-tip takeaway: When it comes to making your bathroom stylish and handicapped accessible, avoid buying wall panels with built-in accessories

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