How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Restaurant

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How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Restaurant


How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Restaurant How to decide when the best time is to remodel a restaurant The best timetable of restaurant remodeling Major factors that affect the planning and design of a restaurant Best practices to ensure a seamless renovation for a restaurant

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Restaurant

Experts in the field say that you should remodel your restaurant every 5 to 10 years. Even though it takes a lot of work to plan a restaurant remodel, sales can go up by 40%, according to statistics.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Restaurant

How long does it take to fix up a restaurant, though? What steps are there in the process?

Timelines for restaurant renovations are critical.

An important part of a successful renovation is a project timeline.

Most of the time, timelines depend on where you are and what you want to do.

Most of the time, it takes 4–12 weeks to fix up an old restaurant.

If the job is short, it will take 4 weeks.

But if you completely gut it, it takes about 12 weeks on average.

And keep in mind that this is mostly the time it takes to build, not the time it takes to design or get permits.

After examining the space, architects or designers can set a realistic improvement schedule.

They should also know what needs to be done.

But even with a clear plan, demolition can run into problems at any time.

So, this could change the day of opening (or reopening).

By building stores with a new design, franchisees can get better renovation times.

Also, they stuck to the main focus of the founders, which was on changes.

For some people, building new restaurants with new designs is an important part of making a plan.

After proving the idea of the new design, it will be easy for them to break down the parts of what they are changing.

The best timetable

How well you plan and work on certain things also affects how long it takes to fix up a restaurant.

To make a good timeline for a restaurant renovation, you need to think about a few things.

That, and if you need it, help from a skilled developer.

Also, you should take part as much as possible in the process.

There are major factors that affect the planning and design of a restaurant.

Costs/available funds:

This means how much money is needed or available for making, fixing up, or running the business.

The number and types of activities that can be done depending on costs.

The cost of a restaurant redesign depends on its size, scope, and location.

Do some math to estimate the cost of your restaurant remodel and use that number to guide your plans.

Think about things like:

  • Current sales
  • Current expenses
  • Am I eligible for financing?
  • What terms can I expect for a loan?
  • How much can I pay out of my own pocket?
  • How will the remodel affect my short-term cash flow?

Don't forget that the money you spend on your remodel should match how much your restaurant costs.

A QSR doesn't need to spend as much on appearance as a high-end supper location.


Space is also an important factor when planning a restaurant. Different seating arrangements need different amounts of space.

The size of the space will determine how many and what kind of a range of activities can be done there. (Restaurant Insider, 2019)

When planned well, work centers take into account the shape of the space as well.

In order to know how to remodel your restaurant, you must have a plan.

Look at how different brands have achieved their goals after making changes.

Consult coworkers or customers.

You can also ask a survey company or a specialist in brand management for help.

The plan you make based on real data will not only be foolproof, but your customers will also accept it easily.

Pro tip takeaway: Unless you want to change your restaurant's image, don't change its basic premise.

Before you make any changes, you should think about your audience, idea, brand image, and format.

Style of Service:

The style of service will also affect how you plan your restaurant.

The carpet makes it hard to give Gueridon service because the wheels can't move.

A self-service restaurant will need a bigger space to show off the food.

If the food is served from a buffet, you should only be able to sit on the sides of the dining area.

In the same way, a window counter is all that's needed at a kiosk to give ready-to-eat food to a customer.

At a restaurant set up for a leisurely meal, each person needs at least 50–60 cm of table space.


This means how many people you are making the restaurant for or how many people can be in the restaurant at once.

The number of seats is always based on how much space is available in the restaurant.

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To maximize space, have tables for two, four, or groups of six.

Type of Customer:

The type of customer you are trying to serve will have a greater effect on the type of restaurant you choose.

Simple fixes

  • You don't have to buy all new furniture for your restaurant if you want to change it up.
  • You can save a lot of money with these restaurant renovation ideas:
  • To give old chairs a new look, you can paint, stain, or reupholster them.
  • Change out your light fixtures for ones that go with your new style.
  • Finish and seal the table tops you already have to get rid of signs of wear.
  • Painting stenciled images on walls save money on decorations.
  • To change up the front counter or register area, you can paint or use stick-on tiles.
  • Work with local artists to find paintings that people can buy and put on display.
  • Change things like doorknobs and any nails that are used to decorate your banquettes.

Number, type, and size of equipment

The menu and mealtimes determine how much of each dish to make and what equipment is needed.

Self-service cafeterias need hot and cold beverage equipment.

Snack, salad, and dessert display cases and tray stackers.

Tables that can be raised and lowered can be used for sitting and standing.


In self-service restaurants, fewer skilled workers are needed.

The number of staff depends on how many people need to be served, the menu, service, and the type of restaurant.



Menus are both a sales tool and a way to showcase food when planning a restaurant.

Plan the menu based on the area, the people you want to serve, and the kind of restaurant you want to open.

Menu paper, language, and font should reflect the restaurant's theme.

Sanitation and safety

Sanitation has to do with keeping the restaurant clean.

If your restaurant has carpet, cleaning it will take longer and require more people.

On the other hand, if the floor is hard or made of marble, it is easy to clean and less likely to get dirty.

Safety means being safe from fires, terrorist attacks, etc.

So restaurants must be set up to keep customers and staff safe.

For example, there should be fire extinguishers and fire alarms in different places.

There must be emergency exits and plans for getting out of the building.

How to decide when the best time is to remodel a restaurant

That ancient adage, "time is everything," couldn't be more accurate.

You shouldn't wait until you have a long list of things that need to be fixed.

As was already said, restaurants usually need a change every 5 years.

So, they can stay on top of the latest trends and keep bringing in customers.

If your business has a slow season, try remodeling during that time to keep business steady.

If there aren't any slow times, you can schedule most of the contracting work to be done at night.

in particular, when the business wasn't open.

This makes it less likely that loud or messy renovations will bother your customers.

Also, it keeps things running smoothly in your restaurant.

We recommend the following best practices to ensure a seamless renovation:

  • Have a price range or budget, and know where you need to be for it to work.

You shouldn't spend much money on square footage that only brings in $100,000 a year.

Learn about your budget and don't spend more than you can afford.

  • Set up a working schedule.

Find out what your deadline is and work backward to make sure you can meet it.

Hire experts to help you and put together a team.

Listen to your designer/architect, engineer, and general contractor. You spend a lot of money on them.

They've learned from their blunders and are currently improving your design.

  • Get a team that knows a lot about food and drinks.

Restaurants have unique grease traps, health codes, and kitchens; discover specialists. Make sure any renovations match your timetable and budget.

  • Don't design too much for the space or your brand, and don't spend more on space than you'll get out of it.
  • Do your homework and give yourself time to look over your plans and do your research.

Don't just find a place and say, "Let's do it." First, do your homework.

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