How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Gym?

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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Gym? Choices for gym floors and their costs Gym Remodeling Budget factors make up gym interior design The price range for gym remodeling

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Gym?

Why Open a Gym?

The 2019 IHRSA Global Report says the fitness industry made $94 billion. Entrepreneurs can become gym owners, health club owners, or personal trainers.

A gym remodeling might range from replacing one item to everything. People that use the gym now may not like how it was originally designed, or their usage may have altered. For this to work best, the courts may have to be moved all the way around. The main court can be turned around, which meant that the seats and all the equipment in the ceiling had to be moved.

Gym Renovation

In this case, that means making schedules for many trades, such as:

  • Eliminating everything but the minimum necessities
  • Replace the floor and/or sand, re-stripe, and re-coat it.
  • Install equipment that goes on the floor.
  • Strengthen the steel structure so it can handle more weight or new equipment better.
  • Paint the walls.
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the gym.
  • Putting up equipment above (i.e., basketball backstops, divider curtains, scoreboards, etc.)
  • Mount equipment on the wall (i.e., scoreboards, logoed banners, etc.).
  • Put in bleachers or new seats.

Clearly, there are a lot of things going on, and if they aren't planned well, it can be a nightmare. Floor protection is vital while arranging a renovation schedule. The ideal plan is to set up all the heavy equipment before stripping and finishing the floor.

If you want to do some remodeling, you could turn an area you already have into a fitness room. Here are things to think about if you want to add or change a home fitness room.

Set aside space for different fitness programs.

Create a Budget

Plan and draw the layout

Plan and draw the layout.

The Floor of Your Gym

Wiring electricity

Lighting products and services

Mirror Hanging and coloring

Moving Air with Fans or HVAC Systems

Equipment Assembly


Signage and branding

Set aside space for different fitness programs.

Set goals for updating the equipment and making changes to the space. This will help you figure out your ROI and keep track of it. Also, everyone works out differently and has different goals. So, if you want a wide range of people to join your gym, it needs to have more features.

Make a space for training that works. This can be used for CrossFit, boot camps, and training for obstacle course races with big or small groups.

Have a space for fashionable exercise activities like a cycling studio, yoga, or Zumba.

You can also rent out a space in your building to a business that works well with yours, like massage therapy. This will help bring in more customers and open up more business opportunities.

Create a Budget

This step is often the first step in a renovation. But if you plan (Step 1) and prepare (Step 2) well, you can make a budget that is realistic and useful. This will help figure out how much money the project will need. You will also be able to tell if your facility needs more money.

Plan and draw the layout.

Making a gym from scratch is a hard thing to do. Computer-aided design (CAD), on the other hand, makes this process quick and easy.

You'll need a computer network and a POS system for membership fees and extra purchases.

A solution like this could cost as little as $500 for a small business, but a larger, custom solution could cost up to $5,000.

The Floor of Your Gym

The gym floor takes a lot of abuse. But if you have the right flooring, your body won't have to take as much of a beating. Shock-absorbing options protect joints during high-impact routines. Non-slip finishes help you keep your footing while powerlifting or dancing online. A professional remodeler can help you choose workout-friendly and stylish flooring.

Gym Remodeling

If you don't want to keep the old flooring, you can expect to pay between $750 and $3,800 to replace it. How much it will cost depends on what kind of flooring you choose.

Choices for gym floors and their costs

  • The price range for polished concrete is $1,500 to $3,800.
  • Hard and long-lasting carpeting costs between $750 and $2,500 to install. (Mold can grow on soft things.)
  • Rubber flooring costs between $800 and $2,300.(Long-lasting and safe)
  • Your subflooring will cost between $490 and $2,400 to fix or replace. You might need to do that because gym equipment is heavy.
  • If you don't know if your space can handle the weight, work with a professional who can figure it out for you. It costs between $340 and $700 to hire a structural engineer.

Wiring electricity

It costs between $250 and $1,000 to hire an electrician. Make sure your electric workout equipment has enough outlets and amperage. If you don't have enough power, replacing or upgrading your electrical panel will cost $530 to $2,100.

Lighting products and services

Between $150 and $800 is what it costs to put in a light fixture. To avoid eye strain, you need good lighting. Most of the time, LED lights that look like sunlight work best. Like color, light has a big effect on how a room feels. Bright lights can energize you before a workout, while mood lighting can help you focus and relax. Choose built-in lighting and lamps for your wellness space. Windows, skylights, and even mirrors can be light sources; consider how to use them.

Gym technology

Mirror Hanging and coloring

It costs between $150 and $460 to put up a mirror. It makes a small room look bigger and helps you work out better.

Do you want your wellness space to make you feel calm or energized? Choosing the right wall and decor color can help you set the mood for your workout and reach your fitness goals. For example, a relaxing blue or muted green can help you quiet your mind during yoga or meditation. A stimulating yellow or orange could give you the boost you need to finish strong during cardio.

Let the lights set the mood.

Bring in technology.

There are more options than ever for people who want to get or stay fit at home. Interactive mirror workouts and virtual spinning classes make at-home exercise easy. Even if you prefer to exercise the old-fashioned way, a TV or sound system can help you pass the time. Plan how you'll use technology, whether you want the latest gadgets or a screen-free zone.

Including the cost of the TV, your budget for TV installation should be between $170 and $380. Putting in a TV can help you keep your mind off of things, especially when doing longer cardio workouts.

The Gym Management Software cuts these costs without giving up any features. Automating things, it helps cut operational costs while keeping customer service high.

Moving Air with Fans or HVAC Systems

Most of the time, an HVAC unit costs between $2,000 and $5,000. You'll need it if you want to turn an unfinished room into a gym. If you just need some airflow, you could also think about the $140 to $350 it would cost to install a ceiling fan. If you want to put your weight room in the basement, you might have to pay between $1,300 and $3,800 for a dehumidifier.

Gym flooring

Equipment Assembly

Choose the Right Partner for Your Equipment.

Partnering with a fitness equipment supplier who understands your aims can simplify renovations.

The cost of putting together fitness equipment ranges from $85 to $95. It takes about 2 hours to put each piece in place.

Design For You

Layout, theme, mood, flooring, and other factors make up gym interior design. You need to set aside some money to set up your gym, which includes the layout with; Floors, Lights, Mirrors, and Placement of EquipmentCouches, Chairs, Mats, Tables, Weighing scales

For construction costs, you can expect to pay about $40 per hour. Plan on 150 hours of work to finish the job, which will cost a total of $6,000 for labor. Add $15,000 for materials, and the total cost of running a gym is $21,000.

You should set aside between $20,000 and $120,000 for interior design and remodeling. This is dependent on how big you want the lounge area to be and how many bathrooms features you want.

Think about the little extras that will get you moving, not just your workout. If a cold drink at the end of your routine helps you get through it, add a fridge. Or, if you look forward to a good stretch after a hard workout, give yourself room to spread out and relax.

Signage and branding

People who walk by your building are a great group to market to, but they have to know you're there. Signs, which can be bought for as little as $200, let people know what your building is for.

Are You Ready To Remodel Your GYM?

Smart Remodeling LLC's design-build team can develop your desired workout area. We'll work with you to make a custom design that fits how you want to exercise and motivates you to be healthier. Get in touch with us right away to set up your free, no-touch consultation!


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