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Are you a homeowner who wants to convey your style through your home? Well, then painting a room is one way that you can convey your style. From the color choice to the painting style, all this displays the owner’s likes and interests. In most cases, choosing the color to paint a room and whether to paint it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you comes easy. The issue comes in determining how much it cost to paint a room. (Fixr, 2021)

If you wonder how much it cost to paint a room, you landed on the right page. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we have the expertise to do home improvement projects perfectly and provide you with the correct information regarding the home improvement you want to make. The cost of painting a room will vary depending on various aspects.

If you are a Houston resident, you can expect the average cost of painting a room to range from $990 to $1,320 for a 330 square footage room. However, the price can go as low as $120 and as high as $3,000, depending on various aspects.

Why do I need to paint a room?

As much you will be spending a considerable amount of money to paint a room, the outcomes come with many benefits. Besides refreshing a room, a homeowner rips other benefits from painting a room in his or her home. Regardless of which type of room you are painting, here are the main reasons why you need to consider painting a room. (Flannery, 2021)

Why do I need to paint a room?

  • Painting a room ensures that the homeowner experience enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Room painting enhances the value of a home for both resale and personal purposes.
  • A homeowner can hide marks and stains in a room that are hard to remove by painting.
  • Painting gives a room a cheaper way of enhancing the look of your house’s interior.
  • Some paints are water, tear, and stain-resistant, hence protecting the wall and ceiling surfaces of a room.

ProTip Takeaway: To achieve the benefits, you need to ensure that you follow the painting process perfectly and work with the best painter.


Factors that determine the cost to paint a room

If you fail to consider one factor, you may not get the exact cost of painting a room. Each element is of utmost importance.


If you are planning to paint a room by yourself, then you will save the labor cost. However, working with experts, you will always incur the labor cost. Working with professionals is excellent since you don’t have to gamble with the results. If you are working with a company like Smart Remodeling LLC, determining the overall labor cost will be easy because a company gives you an inclusive price regardless of the number of experts working on your painting project.

The average labor cost of painting a room per person is $20 for every hour. You will need a different number of painters depending on the room size. The more the painters, the lesser the working days or hours. The labor cost to paint 1500 sq. ft. house interior will be $800 and will take one day. (FreshBooks, n.d.)

Room size 

By measuring the size of your room, you will get the average cost to paint a room. Different room sizes require an additional amount of paint and also labor costs. If you are wondering how much it costs to paint a 12 x 12 room, you must consider the amount of paint needed for such room size and the labor cost of painting that room size. Here is a table that shows the cost to paint a room depending on size. (Fixr, 2021)

Room size

Cost (Walls Only) 

Cost (Entire Room)

5’ x 8’

$60 – $140

$120 – $160

10’ x 10’

$150 – $350

$300 – $400

12’ x 12’

$250 – $ 600

$ 450 – $ 700

14’ x 14’

$300 – $700

$600 – $800

20’ x 15’

$450 – $1,050

$900 – $1,200

20’ x 20’

$600 – $1,400

$1,200 – $1,600

20’ x 25’

$750 – $1,750

$1,500 – $2,000

50’ x 20’

$1,500 – $3,500

$3,000 – $4,000

Room type 

The room type also adds up to the average cost of painting a room. However, you have to understand that each room type size varies from one house to another. Room types differ from one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and also living room. A standard bedroom is usually 10 by 12 foot which can cost from $300 to $750 to paint. For a standard bathroom, 10 by 10 feet, the painting cost will be $150 to $350. Painting a standard kitchen measuring 14 by 14 feet will cost $600 to $1,320. A 330 square footage living room will cost $900 to $2,000 to paint. (Flannery, 2021)

Room Type

Painting Cost


$300 – $ 750


$600 – $1,320


$150 – $350

Living Room

$900 – $2,000

Type of paint 

There are different types of paints available in the market. As a homeowner, it will be best if you choose the paint type depending on the kind of space you intend on painting. The various paint type available in the market also comes at different prices. Therefore, you should also put that into consideration depending on your budget. 

The average cost of paint is $15 to $ 60 per gallon of paint. You can get two main types of paint in the market; oil-based and latex-based paint. Oil-based paints are water and moisture resistant making them great for the kitchen and bathroom. Latex-based paints are great for any room type because they are durable, and you can customize them depending on your taste. That implies that the Latex-based does not crack or chip easily. (Fixr, 2021)

Paint Type

Cost per Galloon


$20 -$60


$15 -$50

Paint finish 

Various paint finishes come at different prices. The difference in price for the finishes brings about the average cost of painting a room, depending on the type of finish a homeowner chooses. The paint finish quality depends on the gloss level. The higher the gloss, the costly the finish. A high-gloss paint finish costs between $17 and $80 for every gallon, while a semi-gloss paint finish will cost $12 to $70 per gallon. Other paint finish types available are the flat and the eggshell, which cost $10 to $ 70 and $12 to $ 70 per gallon. (Flannery, 2021)


A primer helps protect the surface you intend to paint and makes the paint stick easily. A painter applies the primer before applying the first paint coat. The average cost of primers, depending on the type, is between $16 and $70. Like the paint type, primers also come in different styles; latex-based primers, Oil-based primers, and shellac primers. You can use primers on any surface type, whether steel, metal, or wood.  Shellac primers which are the best for wood surfaces cost $ 30 to $80 for every gallon. The latex-based primers that dry fast cost $15 to $60 per gallon and the oil-based $25 to $70. (Fixr, 2021)

Painting materials 

Besides the paint, you will also need other materials in the painting process. Each painting material comes at its price. That implies that the overall cost of painting a room will vary depending on the type of painting materials a specific homeowner will be using. If you are painting the room yourself, you will need to purchase the materials. The materials include brushes that cost $ 3 to $20 for a single brush. A tape that cost $3 to $10. 

Rollers will cost $10 to $100, while a paint tray costs $2 to $5. You can choose to purchase a painting kit that includes the brushes, tray, and rollers that cost $10 to $25 all-inclusive. You will also need a drop cloth and a ladder in the painting process. (Nichols, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: If you are working with a professional, you don’t have to worry about painting materials like brushes, ladders, drop cloth, and others because a professional comes ready with the materials. That implies that you will save on the cost of purchasing such materials. 

The process of painting a room 

If you are considering painting a room by yourself, you have to know the overall process of painting a room. However, working with professionals saves you the hassle of mastering the process and makes the project easier. It also ensures that you have the perfect results. To paint a room by yourself, follow these few steps. (Flannery, 2021)

The process of painting a room 

  • Choose paint color: There are different paint color shades available in the market today. Choose a color tone that best suits a room depending on your taste and the style of your house.
  • Purchase painting supplies: In painting a room, besides the paint, you will need other supplies like rollers, brushes, primer, paint tape, drop cloths, ladder, and others.
  • Move the furniture: Even if you have a drop cloth, it will not protect your furniture from paint splashes. You can choose to move or cover the furniture in that case.
  • Cleaning: Before you begin the actual painting, it would be best to clean the walls to wipe dirt and stains.
  • Cut off the power supply to the room: That is for safety purposes to minimize unexpected shocks.
  • Outline: Outline the space you want to paint using a painter’s tape
  • First coat: Apply the first coat of the paint and wait till it dries
  • Second coat: Apply a second coat and wait till it dries to apply the paint finish
Are you ready to get your room Painted?

Painting a room in your house is a significant investment. It not only adds value to your room but also makes you happy once you walk into a well-painted room. Isn’t that what any homeowner would want? If you are a homeowner in Houston that wants to give a room in your house an appealing look by painting, Smart Remodeling LLC is the place to be. Reach us at 832 800 8808 to get the assistance you need.

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