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Interior Designer In Houston Texas:  What Is The Best Way To Decorate Your Home?

Moving into a new home in Houston Texas or having a home addition with something new can be one of life’s great joys. It can also be a time of uncertainty when it comes to decorating the new space. Every homeowner desire inspired interior design that makes a good first impression on guests to have them enjoy your home's outstanding interior design.

Here are some great tips from our interior designer in Houston Texas to help you make a good first impression on guests:

  • Determine Your Style

Set the tone at the front door by painting the door a fun glossy hue. Orange and yellow are two other colors that are gaining popularity because they are connected with joy and warmth. Get rid of the outdated screen door and replace it with a full-length glass storm door that you can switch out for a screened panel.

You're halfway there if you can narrow down the design style you desire for the interior of your home. It is always a good rule of thumb is to keep the interior and exterior of the home in the same style. Dark, rich wood pieces as well as clean-lined furniture, and a variety of earth tones complement architectural home styles such as ranch or craftsman.

Below are some of the most popular home decorating styles to consider:

  • Transitional

A transitional style is a hybrid of modern and traditional and goes well with most home architectural styles. This home decorating style is perfect for warming up a new-construction home or updating older home styles like colonial or Victorian. Dark woods, stone, neutral colors, and earthy reds, sages, and olive greens are also used as accent colors in this design.

  • Contemporary

Contemporary design is the minimalist of the design styles and can be used to decorate a smaller space from scratch if you just want to highlight the home’s natural features like big windows or architectural details. This home decorating style is most sparse and few pieces are used in each room with metal and glass being the features.

  • Modern

A modern decorating style has very clean lines and is well-tailored with wood and earth tones adding a softer feel to it. Homes constructed during and after the 1950s work best with modern décor while the design also is very popular in mid-century modern sofas and elements. (My Move, 2021)

ProTask Tip: You can also determine your style by thinking of keywords that define how you want a home to feel for example traditional, formal, and elegant.

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  • Start your new home decorating plan by room

Attempting to decorate the entire house at once is the fastest way to become overwhelmed by an empty new home. The best way to get started is to prioritize which rooms are most essential to you and create a decorating strategy for each one. Choose no more than two or three rooms, perhaps you could begin with your bedroom, living room and plan to decorate them one at a time.

You don’t have to match all the rooms in the house. You can choose a transitional bedroom with a modern living room which will give your home more personality. Create a flow by adding a unifying element to all the rooms such as a decor item of a certain color.

ProTask Tip: Start your decoration with the rooms you spend the most time in, then move on to the others once done.

  • Know Your Measurements

It is vital to match the scale of furniture to the scale of a room. A large sectional sofa can easily overrun a small space, while slimline chairs can seem lost in a large open loft. Measure the length and width of each room you intend to decorate before you begin planning. Also measure the ceiling height and any obstacles such as stairs, columns, radiators, or other impediments. As for the windows, prepare for window coverings by measuring the window openings as well as the wall space beneath, above, and to the sides of each one. (Décor Aid, 2021)

  • Generate a Floor plan

You need to have a bird’s eye view of the entire home once you have all the necessary measurements. Our interior designer in Houston Texas suggests doing this by generating a floor plan. You can do this by drawing a floor plan the old-fashioned way, with paper, a pencil, and a ruler, or use drafting software like AutoCAD as most professional designers do.

Once you've sketched out the space, start experimenting with furniture arrangement, making sure that the footprint of each piece is sized to match the size of the drawing. Doing it this way you will avoid buying things that are the wrong size like sofas that don't fit through doorways. (The NewYork Times, 2018)

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  • Build Around Your Space

Start with the biggest piece in the room first by taking time to focus on finding the most important piece in the room.  Begin with that one item and work your way up from there. Usually, the largest and most expensive object in the room is the most important and most expensive thing in the room. Here are some big pieces you can consider: choose your sofa or sectional first for your living area, then begin with the dining table in a dining room and the bed as the most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom.

ProTask Tip: Try not to move all of the furniture up against the walls. Floating the furniture away from the walls opens up the space.

  • Sample Your Paint

One of the most significant and cost-effective selections you can make is choosing the color of your paint. Painting on your new walls is one of the simplest and cheapest methods to change it. Proper paint selections help to connect rooms in a harmonic way. 

Consider how colors influence our mood. Repaint each room in a different color and go for a brilliant, bold, or rich color. Even a neutral mocha or light grey might make a bigger statement than plain white. The agreeable part is that you can always repaint it if you don't like it. (My Move, 2021)

ProTask Tip: If you paint one room at a time, you risk having fragmented rooms. If you have two small rooms next to each other, make them feel larger by painting them the same neutral color.

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  • Layer Your Lighting

Our interior designer in Houston advises that even the best interior design can be made or broken by lighting. You can easily wow your guests with the perfect interior design lighting such as pendant lights which are the greatest option for illumination in a modern home. Choose pendant lighting with an amazing, uncommon design – one that draws attention and can cause visual focus to shift upward.

There are three types of lighting every room should have which are; ambient, which gives overall illumination and is frequently provided by ceiling fixtures; task, which is frequently found above a kitchen island or a reading corner; and accent, which is more decorative and is used for highlighting, for example, an artwork. (This Old House, 2021)

ProTask Tip: For natural lighting from the sun, go for light colors that won't fade easily. Choose lightweight fabrics panels such as cotton, linen, and silk which also blend because they tend to hang well.

  • Add Rugs To Your Floors

If your living room has hardwood floors but no rug it may look naked. So to create a visual and literal comfort, it would be a good idea to add a rug. The size of the rug you select will also matter when put together with the furniture. The rug's borders should stretch halfway or all the way under the furniture.

ProTask Tip: Here is a common strategy to use for visual and literal comfort is if you have a rug with multiple layers. Pile smaller rugs on top of a larger one to enforce the room’s layout, this way you will add visual interest.

  • Complete Your Decor With Art And Accessories

The last step to finishing any interior design is to add art and accessories. For a small space, adding a few items will do the trick and for a big space in your home, you could add an entire collection of objects and art. Take into account your functional requirements. You can use an ottoman tray to store your remote controls while a magazine rack can be used to keep reading materials out of the way. You can also get an attractive basket to store your children's toys. (Décor Aid, 2021)

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