How Long Does A Shower Remodel Take?

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How Long Does A Shower Remodel Take?

So, how long does a shower remodel take? This is the most frequently questioned question among homeowners when they plan to repair their showers. A shower remodel is a great method to improve the look and function of your bathrooms at a little cost. Estimating the time required to rebuild a bathroom is a difficult and error-prone undertaking. 

The most concerning aspect of a shower remodel in your house is the amount of time it will take to complete the project. That's because the bathroom in which you're replacing the shower will be out of action for the duration of the project. This could mean sharing a bathroom and shower with others for some time before the project is completed.

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The amount of time it takes to remodel a shower is determined by several factors. These include; the type of shower or bathtub you're installing and whether you're going to hire a contractor or do the project yourself. 

A shower remodel might take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the remodel. Larger remodels can take anywhere from 4-7 weeks, but most remodels will take at least a month to complete. (The Spruce, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Choosing the right contractor and planning ahead of time may help you determine a more manageable timetable for your project.

Factors That Can Affect A Shower Remodel Timeline

Remodeling your bathroom is a long procedure with numerous aspects to consider. To help you plan your project, we've listed some of the factors that can affect your shower remodeling timeline.

The scope of your project: How much demolition is there? Are the contractors knocking down walls, moving windows, and so on? Do you want to arrange a full-scale demolition and reconstruction, or just a minor rework? 

Tearing everything down and remodeling the bathroom from scratch will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. A minor remodeling work, on the other hand, could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. As a result, it would be beneficial if you could decide on the scope of the project.

Is this a DIY or professional project: Do you want to remodel the shower by yourself or pay pros to do it? You may be undertaking the installation yourself which will save you money, but, if you are not a professional with extensive expertise and knowledgeable connections, this may end up costing you much more money. Doing the remodeling by yourself will not only take a lot more time but there's also a higher likelihood of mistakes being made, which can quickly become pricey to correct.

The best way is to hire professionals to install your new tub or shower because they have experience with this type of job. A professional will also be able to do the work much faster than you could. Most experienced contractors will provide warranties, giving you peace of mind that they will complete the job within the set timeline. With this, you can be sure you will be satisfied with the appearance and functionality of your new tub or shower.


The material's complexity and availability: Building supplies will account for a sizable portion of your project's cost. In addition to spending a significant amount of money, materials require a significant amount of time to plan and build. Getting materials such as the perfect tile, sink, stone, tile, and wood will add time to your project, which must be accounted for before you begin. Waiting for imported ceramic tile, for example, can cause a project to be delayed by several weeks if it is not ordered on time.


Unforeseen occurrences: Several unexpected circumstances might stall the progress even with a fixed timetable. Unforeseen occurrences that could slow down the shower remodeling progress include bad weather conditions, material availability, last-minute changes from the homeowner or workmen arriving late to work. (Expo Home Improvement. 2019)

ProTip takeaway: Create a practical project plan and gather all the necessary resources ahead of time to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

How Long Does It Take To Renovate a Bathroom? Phases of a shower remodel and their time estimates

The timetable below represents a fixed period with no breaks for vacations, delays, or other difficulties that may occur during your shower renovation project. While the table below displays the projected timeline for each work, keep in mind that these are only estimates. The actual time range may be less than or greater than the projected time range.

Shower remodeling task

Estimated Number Of Days

Points To Note


2-3 days

The contractor will visit the site and have a look at the existing space and materials it is built from. 

They will install structural beams to support the change that will be made to the new walls and windows as well as give the timing for the demolition stage. 

Should any asbestos be discovered, it must be professionally removed. Allow for an extra 1-2 days of work.

Plumbers  & electricians ‘rough in’

1-2 days

The plumbers and electricians will come in and do something called ‘rough in’. 

Plumbers will rough in the plumbing locations such as the walls and floors, while the electricians will do the wiring for the electrical work.

Preparation for tiling

1-2 days

During this phase, new windows, doors, and wall niches will be installed. Before the waterproofing stage, a cement slab (also known as a tiling bed) will be installed and must be entirely dry. 

Larger sizes will require straighter walls than smaller ones, depending on the tiles you've chosen. The wall has to be straightened and reinforced.


1 day

Now the contractor is ready to sheet the walls and ceilings.


2-3 days

The waterproofer will come in and waterproof the space as needed after the sheets have been put in. 

Waterproofing takes at least 24 hours to thoroughly dry; for 2-3 coats. This ensures that there are no leaking showers as well as a tight water seal for many years to come.


5 days

The tiler will come in setting out the tiles, cut and install them on the floor and walls. Once installation is done, the shower screen can be measured ready for manufacture.

Finishing of tiles

1-2 days

After the tiles are in place on the floor and walls, they are grouted and silicone at the critical joints.

Trimming & painting

Trimming & painting

1-2 days

Trimming is put to the new doors or windows before the painter arrives to paint them, as well as the door and ceiling.

Plumbing fit off

1-2 days

All the plumbing rough in have been done it’s now time to install them and connect them all.

Electrical fit off

1-2 days

Just like plumbing, the electrical items have already been roughed in. The electrician will install the light fittings, switches, and heated towel ladder.


1-2 days

This is the last shower remodeling phase before the shower is cleaned and is ready for use. The shower screen and mirror are also installed together with accessories like the toilet paper holder, hand towel rail, robe hooks.

There are two processes that are not included in the above table; the pre-construction and post constructions processes. Home remodeling experts advise that the pre-construction process could take between 3 to 6 weeks, or even more.   

  • Pre-construction is the first organizational aspect where materials are gathered, contractors are hired and all plans are written out. This step ends when permits are acquired and the actual building can begin.
  • Post-construction covers walkthrough and comprehensive breakdowns of what was removed, what was added, and final contractor thoughts. Payments are finalized and the project is now complete.

It is important to always check that your plan and budget are in sync. Ensure that you communicate with your contractor on a regular basis about any potential surprises or delays. Also, collaborate with your contractor to plan material deliveries. Once you've got these in order, you'll be on your way to your lovely new shower. (The Interiors Addicts. 2019) 

project cost and budget

ProTip Takeaway: The waterproofed area is not to be walked on because a single pinprick might render the entire waterproofing unusable. This will in return require all of the tiles to be pulled out and rebuilt if the problem is detected later.

According to Remodeling's Cost Vs Value analysis for Houston, you will most likely recoup 60% in value for your shower addition. This is about $12,000, depending on a 5-by-7-foot bath that costs around $19,000, or $542 per square foot. 

Shower Remodel Scheduling and Consultation 

If you are dreaming of a shower remodel in Houston Texas, but don’t know where to start contact Smart Remodeling LLC for all your shower remodeling needs. We have many years of house remodeling experience and we use cutting-edge technology as well as advanced tools to ensure that you receive the greatest remodeling service possible.

We have a team of experienced remodeling and renovation experts who will work with you to create your ideal shower makeover. We strive to deliver quality services within the shortest time possible. 

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