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Kitchen space is never enough. You may have a big kitchen but the way you organize it makes the room very limited. Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen with their family and friends. Since there are many activities involving a lot of people that happen in the kitchen, space needs to be big enough. The more organized your kitchen is, the spacious it is.


Innovative storage solutions involve a lot of kitchen design hacks that will make kitchen organization super easy. The exciting thing is that you get all kitchen design hacks for all the items in your kitchen. You do not need to worry that your appliances or other components in your kitchen are too big or have different shapes. Smart Remodeling LLC makes sure you have all kitchen design hacks right at your fingertips. (Jaccarino, 2017)

  • Spice slot

In every home you go to, you are going to get some spices in their kitchen. Some have a lot of different spices types, and others have moderated the number of herbs. It's understandable because, behind every delicious meal, there must be spices involved. Spices will take a considerable amount of space in your kitchen.

To properly organize your spices, carve out a slot at the inside of some cabinet doors. You can use a rack in this case to provide space for the herbs. Therefore, you can use the inside of the cabinet for its usual purpose. It's just making use of the unused space inside the cabinet. (Jaccarino, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: Since some spice storage tins don't have labels, make your labels for them. You can stick the labels on the top or the side of the storage tins to make retrieving spices easy.

kitchen storage solutions

  • Spoons and cups

There are a lot of cabinets in most kitchens. The disturbing thing is that people do not fully utilize all the space inside those cabinets. Just because the left area does not have shelves, people assume that it is supposed to stay unused. Learn the latest innovative storage solutions that can make the space left inside the cabinets functional.

Spoons and cups are kitchen utensils that you can easily hang. Take each item feature as an advantage to save on space. Insert hooks inside the cabinet's door. Use each hook to hang each spoon or cup. Install hooks vertically or horizontally, depending on the design of your spoons and cups. (Klahre, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: When installing the hooks, leave enough space between one hook and another to cover the size of your spoon or cup.

Spoons and cups are kitchen utensils that you can easily hang.

  • Dish Drying rack.

Dish drying racks take a lot of space on top of counters you can use for other purposes. I think you should become crafty for the case of the dish drying rack. The kitchen wall, especially the wall against your sink, is one of the most underutilized parts in the kitchen. I know most of you will ask, how can a wall be a storage space? 

Well, this is a kitchen design that needs you to up your crafty game. Install the dish drying rack on the wall against your sink. You can use rails and hooks for that purpose. You will realize that you did not have to use the countertop after all. (Arsdale, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway: In this innovative solution, spread a towel under the dish drying rack to trap all the water drips.

Install the dish drying rack on the wall against your sink

  • Use of Windowsills

If you talk about kitchen design hacks, you have to think about every part of our kitchen. The cabinets and shelves are not the only kitchen components that you can use for storage. Most people like to have plants and flower vases in the kitchen. If you still want to glance at your favorite plant while you cook, you need to be innovative. 

Every kitchen has windows that have sills. Have you ever asked yourselves, what are the purpose sills? Well, there is no single specific purpose for window sills. It would be best if you create a goal for the sills. Use the sills to put on your flower vase, plant, and your recipe books. (Longobucco, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Secure your plant pot and glass flower vase tightly on the sills to reduce the chances of falling. 

sills to put on your flower vase

  • Magnets

You have to utilize any opportunity and item you can get to add kitchen storage space. Each kitchen equipment type has its hack depending on make material and design. When we consider using the magnet as a kitchen hack, forget about any wooden utensil in your kitchen.

You can use magnets to store any steel-made item in the kitchen. Cabinet doors seem to be the most innovative solution because you still use the doors here. Just attach the magnets inside the cabinet doors, each at a distance. Use them to hand steel knives instead of having a knife block that can consume space. (Jaccarino, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: The magnet you use for this purpose should be strong enough to hold a knife to prevent falling.

Just attach the magnets inside the cabinet doors

  • Appliance cabinet

Kitchen appliances are items that take a lot of kitchen space. You can’t have a kitchen without appliances. For the big appliances like cookers, they can be in-built to save space. What about other small appliances? Most people put small kitchen appliances on the countertop. But, don't you want to free up your countertop?

You use small appliances like coffee makers and toasters daily, but there are times when they are not in use. Why should a toaster be on the counter when you are not using it? Mount small rack in the inside of cabinets’ doors to fit each appliance. (Klahre, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: You learn the innovative solution where the appliance can remain plugged but stored in the cabinet. So, you don't have to plug in every time you need to use the devices.

Appliance cabinet

  • Sponge holders

There are certain kitchen items that we always use. Take the example of a sponge. It would help if you had it to clean dishes. Placing the washing sponge anywhere in the kitchen might make the kitchen look untidy. 

Washing sponge leaves counters wet each time you place them on the counter after washing dishes. Use a sponge holder, and in this case, hang it beside a sink faucet or the wall against your sink. In that way, water droplets will drip into the sink. (Arsdale, 2019)

 ProTip Takeaway: To be more innovative, integrate a tower holder at the side of your sink. 

Sponge holders

  • Cabinet tops

Countertops are not a place where you put on chopping boards when chopping cooking ingredients. Think of cabinet tops as kitchen storage spaces. With cabinets’ tops as storage spaces, I think you have all the space you need. I’m just trying to imagine how big kitchen cabinets tops are. Now imagine that as storage space.

If you have some ingredients and items that you are not using but you will need later, countertops are the best storage space. The great thing about using cabinet top space is that you will reach the items quite quickly. You should organize the items to make the area look neat. (Longobucco, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: If your cabinet tops are not too high, avoid placing items that can harm your children. Children can reach countertops that are too low.

cabinet tops as kitchen storage spaces.

  • Cutting board

People usually use a cutting board on countertops. A space that you can use for other purposes. Mainly if you have limited space on your countertop, think of kitchen hacks that can save on that space. Even when you store other items when not using the cutting board, you will still need to use it some additional time.

Did you know that you can use your cutting board over the sink? When chopping cooking ingredients, you are not using the sink. In that case, you can always use your cutting board over the sink. You can also be innovative and design a pull-out cutting board. (Jaccarino, 2017)

ProTip Takeaway: A small cutting board will fit inside the sink, not over it. Get a cutting board bigger than your sink size to work on the space.

cutting board over the sink

  • Fold-down table and chairs

Most kitchen owners have a dining set in their kitchen. Dining sets squeeze the kitchen space a lot, especially for small kitchens. If you think you have ample room to have the table and dining seats all the time, wait until when you have a lot of cooking in the kitchen. 

Make use of the innovative storage solution of having fold tables and chairs. You don't use the dining table and chairs every time you are in the kitchen. Hang the fold chairs and table when not in use. Only unfold them when you need to use them. You will have space for your kids to jump around when you cook. (Longobucco, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Hanged chairs and tables can cause injury when they fall. Ensure that the hanging hooks are strong to hold the chairs and table firmly.

Hang the fold chairs and table when not in use

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Kitchen design hacks are not only to save space but also for keeping the kitchen neat.  The kitchen organization makes it looks untidy. Innovative storage solutions and the best kitchen design hacks came to save us all. No kitchen space is too small if adequately organized. That's why at Smart Remodeling LLC, we give you tips that you can use to make your kitchen spacious and tidy. Reach us through our contact number 832-800-8889 to get more free information for the kitchen and other parts of your home.


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