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Kitchen remodeling for a mobile home


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We all love great kitchen cabinet designs. A new look for a cabinet is almost every kitchen owner's desire. You will find that a lot of cabinets are in good condition. However, there is still that urge to make some changes to the kitchen cabinets. Lucky for the kitchen owners, in the era that we are living in today, there are a lot of kitchen cabinetry styles and options. (Wallender, 2020)

Sometimes, considering the funds people have, they have to put some thoughts on completely changing their cabinets. Other kitchen cabinetry techniques are cost-effective such that you will still have a new look for your kitchen cabinets. The only difference is that you apply the technique to change some, not all, features of the kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen cabinets serve a special purpose around the kitchen. You will never regret having cabinets in the kitchen because they are all worthy. (Lazanik, 2019)

  • Maximize storage

Some people have a pantry in their homes. But that doesn't mean that that space is enough to store kitchen items and food—cabinets in such an environment act as additional storage space.

  • Kitchen organization

A kitchen with cabinets is an organized kitchen. Well, everyone would agree with that statement. When you use cabinets to store utensils, you will never find utensils all over the kitchen, making them untidy. Everything starting from utensils, spices, and other kitchen items are in their rightful place in cabinets.

  • Garbage organization

Trash cans are amazing. However, it would help if you had a place you can put them instead of placing them at any place in the kitchen. Cabinets come in handy to provide space for trash cans.

  • Workspace

If you love cooking, you will need a place to put your cutting board while chopping ingredients and putting bowls while mixing baking ingredients. With cabinets, you can use cabinet tops for such activities and many others.

ProTip Takeaway: Use kitchen cabinets for their proper function and in the right way to prevent fast damage.

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Kitchen cabinetry style

The discussion about the kitchen cabinetry styles available has not ended. There are a ton of styles that you can use to design your kitchen cabinets. We will only discuss the most common styles. (Hohenadel, 2020)

  • Shakers

The shaker cabinet style has its history from the 18th century. However, designers have made some innovative crafting, not to change the style but to enhance it. Shaker cabinets come with thin doors, and the style is simple.


  • Glass front

Just as the name indicates, glass-front cabinets utilize glass in the front. It acts as a display where you can see the items inside through the glass.


  • Contemporary

Contemporary kitchen cabinet style displays a sleek feature. Contemporary cabinets can be made from a variety of materials.


  • Open shelving

Open shelving cabinet style is basic wood attached to the wall to bring out a floating wood characteristic.


Kitchen cabinetry repainting

Kitchen cabinets' paint fades away with time. I know everybody wants that shiny look on their cabinets. If you think of the most cost-friendly solution for faded cabinets, you will have kitchen cabinetry repainting as the only option.  I believe that you can be a master painter if you have the right information because it's time that we paint those kitchen cabinets. They will look like they are new again.

Preparing for repainting is one of the vital parts of the repainting process. If you take your time to prepare for the repainting, you will have great results. Although repainting is affordable, it still comes with a price. It would be best if you had paint and other tools like a brush for this process. Selecting the best paint will have a contribution to the results. Consider the cabinet's material type and the number of cabinets when choosing both the quantity and quality of paint. (Brian, 2021)

  • Evaluate the current condition of the cabinets
  • Remove items in the cabinet and unfasten cabinet doors
  • Get rid of dirt and repair where necessary
  • Choose a painting space and sand the cabinets’ door and frames
  • Begin painting the frames followed by the large cabinet area
  • Go through the cabinet surface again with a dry brush
  • Begin painting the cabinets’ doors followed by cabinet’s fronts and back
  • Move on to the second paint coat
  • Clean and attach cabinet hardware and fasten back the cabinet door once dry

ProTip Takeaway: Gather all the tools you need for each step in the repainting process. Lack of a tool for a particular step will drag behind the whole process.


Kitchen cabinetry refacing

You can't always get rid of cabinets and replace them with new ones because the skin is in bad condition. Have you thought about kitchen cabinetry refacing? With cabinet refacing, you retain the original design of your kitchen. The best thing is that in refacing, you can add new features to your kitchen cabinets. In cabinet refacing, you can choose from a variety of veneers for woods and laminates. (Wallender, 2020)

The cost of refacing kitchen cabinets is between $4,000 and $9,000 on average, depending on kitchen size and cabinet type. Consider the price as a lower cost than getting new cabinets and replacing the old ones. You spend half of the price you would use the replace the cabinets. Refacing kitchen cabinets is an easy task. You can choose to do it yourself, or you can get experts like Smart Remodeling LLC to do it for you. On average, the refacing process takes three days if an expert is doing it for you.

  • Evaluate the need for refacing
  • Unfasten cabinet doors and remove drawers
  • Cover the front parts of each cabinet using veneer
  • Use laminate or veneer to skin the sides of the cabinet
  • Replace cabinet door hinges if the current ones are in bad shape
  • Install new cabinet drawer fronts and door fronts
  • For the hardware that is bad in shape, replace with new ones
  • Add additional features to the cabinets if necessary

ProTip Takeaway: If you are looking forward to changing your kitchen's design, refacing is not the best option for you.


Kitchen cabinetry replacing

If none other technique from repainting to refacing works for you, it's time to look for another technique. The only option left for you, in this case, is kitchen cabinetry replacement. Replacing involves the total renovation of your cabinets from cabinet style to the overall kitchen layout. If you are not into the current kitchen design in terms of cabinets’ size and shape, here is your chance to change that. You can even change all of the cabinets’ features to suit your desires.

Replacing kitchen cabinets is time-consuming and costly. You will have to consider those factors before deciding to replace cabinets. The average cost of replacing kitchen cabinets ranges from $3,000 to $18,000. If you decide to have a cabinet replacement, consider getting a professional for that job. Replacement can take one to two weeks for the process to be fully complete. We will discuss some factors that will affect the cost of replacement. (Webster, 2014)

  • Kitchen design

Kitchen cabinet replacing may or may not involve changing the kitchen design. If you choose to retain the original layout, then good for you because you will have to incur less cost than changing the design

  • Cabinet material

There are different materials that you can utilize when replacing cabinets. Different materials come at different prices. Choose the material depending on durability and your taste.

  • Kitchen cabinet style

With different cabinet, style comes different prices and layouts. Consider the style if you need to change the current cabinet style.

ProTip Takeaway: Consider your budget, timeline, and preference before deciding to replace your kitchen cabinets.


  • Gel stains

New trends keep coming, and for the kitchen cabinetry, gel stain is one trend that's worth the try. Gel stain might be expensive than a typical stain, but you will be fascinated by the look of cabinets with gel stain. Most people aim for a shiny and smooth look. I mean, you need to try gel stain.

The preparation for applying gel stain and paint does not differ a lot. The difference comes in the coats, dry time, and sealing. Are you wondering how to use gel stain on your kitchen cabinets? Here are the steps that you need to follow. (Adams, 2019)

  • Prepare for the process by unfastening cabinet doors
  • Sand your cabinet doors to offer the gel stain a place to stick
  • Use a brush to apply the gel stain
  • Leave the gel stain on gel stain for one day to dry
  • Apply the second and the third coat giving each coat one day to dry
  • Seal the gel stain with varnish or polyurethane

ProTip Takeaway: You can use a foam brush to apply gel stain but a bristle brush for the polyurethane


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