Best Patio Cover Ideas and Designs

[BLOG] Published: 2021-04-21 - Updated: 2023-04-01

Best Patio Cover Ideas and Designs


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Reading and having some drinks with your friends in your backyard can be the most fantastic experience. However, that can be a nightmare if your patio does not have a cover. Some of us even like to have a nap at a swimming pool. That’s where outdoor patio covers come in; to ensure that you have a conducive space where you do some fun outdoor activities. With a patio cover, you will always miss spending some time in the backyard.


If you already have a patio or you are just beginning to get one, you need to look for the best patio cover designs for your outdoor space. Giving your deck a shade protects you and also the area from environmental hazards. To bring out that elegant and protective look in your patio, patio cover ideas are what you should be looking for. Well, lucky for you, Smart Remodeling LLC will feed you with all information you need to know about patios. (Sebring, 2020)

Planning to build a patio cover

The building or renovating a patio cover is a serious job that you need to do perfectly. It will be best to get a professional to build or renovate the patio cover for you if you don't have any experience in building. The good thing about using professionals is that they know all construction regulations. 

Well, I know you are wondering, what do construction regulations have to do with building a patio cover?  Building a patio cover is still part of the construction. That's why you need to follow set standards when making your patio cover. Before creating your patio cover, consider the following; (Taylor, 2020)

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the size of your patio?
  • What is the architectural design of your house?
  • Which is the location of your patio?
  • What materials do you need for the construction, and where to get them? 

Patio Cover Designs

There are patio cover designs that you need to incorporate to make your patio look great. You will never get disappointed with the ideas that we have for you. The style you choose needs to rhyme or complement the overall style of your house. 

Balcony patio 

The balcony space is always underused. The balcony is a great outdoor patio that you can utilize. The fact that the balcony already has a cover from the general house roofing makes it easier to create a deck out of the balcony. You can install a small swing that you can use for relaxation when reading a book or meditating. Some balconies are not spacious. However, you can create more seating features in that small space. (Mendelsohn, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: You can add a few elements to the balcony patio to make the space livelier. Some floor cushions will rhyme perfectly with a swing or unique chairs.


Enclosed skylight

You will never get enough of an enclosed skylight patio cover. The design is so that the skylight penetrates through the cover to bring brightness to the patio d space. The best thing about an enclosed skylight patio cover is that it gives you a good view of the sky. Most of the skylight covers are plastic and are transparent to allow the penetration of light. Nothing can beat the idea of the sky and the good natural lighting of an outdoor patio.

ProTip Takeaway: Use a material that can filter light; it should not allow excess or limited sunlight to the patio area.


Galvanized steel panels

If you are looking to get a simple but attractive look for your patio, use galvanized sheets to cover it. The value of galvanized steel panels lasts for some time, giving you enough time to look for other designs that you can incorporate with the steel panels. Painting the boards with a color that coordinates with the color of the house makes the patio more attractive. (Mendelsohn, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Galvanized steel panels will come in different qualities. Ensure that you buy weather-resistant panels in such a way that, no matter how heavy it rains or how much sun there is, the value of the sheets will never deteriorate.

Galvanized steel panels patio


Did you know that you can make the patio flooring and cover rhyme? That gives your patio a uniform and classy look. The best material that you can use for both patio flooring and the cover is basswood. A basswood patio cover ensures protection from different weather conditions. 


Like with any other wood roofing, paint the wood to make the cover more appealing. The basswood cover can also have a unique design. You don’t need to install the basswood in a straight matter. Employ some stylish design for the basswood patio cover to make it appealing and hold other patio components like a chandelier. (Taylor, 2020)

An Umbrella

If you are out of options for patio cover ideas, an umbrella patio cover is the simplest thing you can have in mind. Umbrella patio covers are familiar near a swimming pool. That nap beside the swimming pool will be great if you have an umbrella shade. 

An umbrella will not be the best option if you are looking for a permanent patio cover. However, it suits well as a temporary patio cover. Even if it is for temporary use, getting an umbrella for your patio is very easy and affordable. That's why many people love using umbrellas because they are cheaper options for patio covers.

ProTip Takeaway: The umbrella need to be robust to handle any rough weather like strong winds. Trust me; you don't want the wind to blow away your umbrella patio cover. It cannot be charming.

umbrella patio covers

Cloth patio covers

Cloth patio covers are one of the cheapest options you can get. You will like cloth patio cover due to their ease of installation; you can even do the building yourself. With the cloth patio cover, you need to anchor the material ties to the edges.  Ensure that they are tight enough to withstand strong wind and heavy rains.  

The cloth patio covers may not be a permanent solution for your outdoor patio because the cloth materials lose value fast, especially after exposure to different weather conditions. However, since cloth you can easily access cloth materials, replacing the cover will not be a problem after some time. (Taylor, 2020)

cloth patio covers


What about a natural patio cover? If you have some trees around your patio, then you don’t need any other cover ideas. You have a cover right beside you. No shade beats that one of the trees. Some homeowners do perfect landscaping that makes the trees around the patio stay in shape all the time. Use the tree shade as the patio cover. It's so natural, right? A tree patio cover is not great for all weather. If there is rain, you will not be able to spend time on the patio. (Mendelsohn, 2021)

tree patio covers

ProTip Takeaway: If you are using the trees as a patio cover, ensure that the trees' shade can cover most parts of your patio.

Benefits of having a patio cover 

Most people like spending their free time on a patio. However, this becomes impossible when changes in the weather make it hard to stay on a deck that does not have a cover. A patio cover allows the users to spend all the time they need on the patio regardless of the weather condition. An Outdoor patio cover also adds up to the general look of your house style.

If you have a stylish patio cover, it complements your house style even if the house design is not too appealing. A patio is also an excellent place to spend some fun time with visitors. You can stay as long as you want in the deck as long as it has a cover. There is no limit to the time you remain on the patio, as long as you incorporate a cover. (Sebring, 2020)

Selecting patio cover material

Different patio cover materials suit different patio designs and the house's architectural style in general. The patio cover material needs to coordinate with the patio and house design. Before beginning the construction, determine what patio cover material you want to use and where to get the material.

Different materials also have varying weather resistance characteristics. Go for a patio cover material that suits the weather conditions of where you live. Your taste should also be a consideration when choosing a material for your patio cover. Select the material that you will be happy looking at every time you spend time on the patio. (Sebring, 2020)

Patio Cover Installation cost

Patio cover installation cost


Minimum Price


Maximum price


Average range

$2,000 - $8,000


Are You Ready For Your Patio Covers Remodeling?

As the warm season approach, people’s interest in spending their time outdoor increases. That's when the need to renovate patios and install patio covers comes in. Besides having the patio cover, you can also add different elements to the deck. Having adequate seating components will coordinate well with some air conditioning features. The patio cover will also incorporate well with some lighting features. The great thing is that Smart Remodeling LLC has got you covered in all issues relating to patio remodeling and renovation.  Do not hurry when you need the patio the most. Contact us at 832-800-8889 to obtain any information you need regarding patio remodeling and renovation.

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