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Countertops and backsplashes bring out the stylish look of every kitchen. Homeowners will invest a lot in the two kitchen components. The fact that a kitchen requires countertops and backsplashes makes the two elements quite costly. Countertops and backsplashes come in different designs, which vary in price depending on quality and durability.


When buying countertops and backsplashes, you can select the design you want and then employ techniques to save on that specific design cost. Backsplashes and countertops come in the form of different materials. The make material contributes to the overall cost of the countertop or the backsplash. 

The following are other countertops and backsplash materials that you can get in the market. (King, 2016)

-Stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops and backsplashes are the best options if you are aiming for stains and heat resistance. They give your kitchen a seamless and sleek look. 


The toughness of limestone makes it indispensable. You can choose limestone backsplashes and countertops for their durability characteristic.


In most cases, recycled glass is used as countertop and backsplash material. Glass is a perfect option since it is cuts, scratches, and also heat resistant. 



The quartz is a mix of stone chips in different percentages. You get other quartz countertops and backsplashes styles and colors. When it comes to stain resistance, quartz is the best.


No homeowner will resist granite as the material for their backsplashes and countertops. It is heat, cuts, and water-resistant. The attractiveness and durability of granite make it likable by many. 

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In the past years, you would find almost every kitchen with laminate countertops and backsplashes. That is still the case in most of our homes today. The durability, stain, heat resistance is superb. 


Tile is one of the most available materials for countertops and backsplashes. Almost every homeowner who has no idea of any other countertops and backsplash materials ends up utilizing tile material. The durability is excellent, but with time, the material stains. 


If you are into dark colors, soapstone is the suitable backsplashes and countertops material for you. Soapstone is a granite replica. It needs stain protection but can resist cuts, scratches, and heat.

-Polished concrete

Unlike the other concrete, concrete for countertops and backsplashes have a polished finish. You will get a clean look in your kitchen when you use concrete countertops and backsplashes.


With marble countertops and backsplashes, you don't have to worry about chips. Countertop and backsplash materials chip over time; that is not the case for the marble backsplash and countertops material.

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Cost-saving techniques

Just like any other kitchen remodeling materials, you will incur some amount on countertops and backsplashes. You don't need to get expensive countertops and backsplashes to get that stylish look for your kitchen. Have you thought of ways you can save on cost for countertops and backsplashes and still make your kitchen appealing?

-Choose affordable material

Different countertops and backsplash materials come at different prices. Some materials are expensive than others. Most people perceive that cheap countertop and backsplash materials are of low quality. But have you considered the inexpensive materials? It's not only about the cheap ones. There are affordable materials that are durable and attractive, just like the expensive materials. (King, 2016)

ProTip Takeaway: Different countertops and backsplashes materials fit different kitchen designs. Choose a material that complements the design of your kitchen and the entire home.

-Look for different companies.

The demand for kitchen remodeling and renovation has led to the emergence of many companies selling kitchen remodeling materials. It might sometimes be confusing on which company to select. Always keep in mind that kitchen remodeling materials prices vary in the different companies. 

It doesn't mean that the first company you land on has the best price. Have you looked around to see what other companies have to offer? Compare the offers of different companies to choose the best to buy your kitchen countertops and backsplashes and save on cost for that. (FlintstoneCountertops, 2020)

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ProTip Takeaway: Besides looking at the best price, remember you should also aim for high-quality countertops and backsplashes. Choose a company with quality material at a lower price. 

-Purchase in wholesale

Purchasing countertops and backsplashes materials in wholesale is a game-changer in cost-saving. Some companies sell kitchen remodeling materials wholesale. They mainly deal in wholesale for the customers who are buying in bulk. (Odilon, 2020)

Research for companies with such offers to see if they can consider you for the deal. Some may even offer discounts for countertops and backsplash materials bought in bulk. Isn’t that a great way to save a considerable amount of money?

ProTip Takeaway: Remember that we are aiming at saving costs. Buying in bulk for a small kitchen will not make sense since you will not use all materials. Look for other cost-saving techniques in this case.

-Minimize material wastage

Those who have experts do it for them, and they advise you to get one piece of an entire slab. With their measurement during the installation of the countertops, you end up having some countertop materials left. What would you do with the leftover material? 

If you are new to kitchen remodeling, your first thought would be to throw away the leftover, not a smart move. Save the leftovers for other finishing, like covering up backsplashes. The leftovers are also perfect for finishing flooring transitions. (FlintstoneCountertops, 2020)

ProTip Takeaways: Get a professional to guide you on the size of countertops to purchase. As much as the leftovers are helpful, having too many pieces will not be a cost-saving technique.

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-Get materials from the boneyard.

Once homeowners finish kitchen remodeling activity, they take leftover stone slabs they no longer need in a boneyard. You can always get those slabs at a lower price. Different homeowners will have different leftover slab colors. If you are not aiming for color consistency, especially if you own a small kitchen, you can utilize the slabs in a significant way. (Odilon, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: If you are looking for a specific countertop or backsplash material, you might or might not get it in a boneyard.

-Select the most popular color

Countertop and backsplashes materials come in a variety of colors. Manufacturers have integrated technologies that allow backsplashes and countertop materials in different and rare color shades. We are past the era where countertops and backsplashes were only in plain colors. (FlintstoneCountertops, 2020)

Rare colors for backsplashes and countertops are in high demand, making them very expensive. Not all rare colors are beautiful; some are just overrated. Standard colors (they don't have to be plain colors) are less expensive. 

ProTip Takeaway: There are different standard colors. Do not choose a color just because it's cheap, consider your taste and select a standard color on that basis.

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-Opt for prefabricated material

If you have standard countertops, opt for prefabricated material. A prefabricated material comes cut and polished. Therefore, you save on the cost of cutting and polishing. You will also save time because you will go straight to work.

The surface of a prefabricated material is polished and finishes made in three different edges of the material. You get all this at half the price of obtaining materials that are not prefabricated.

-Purchase locally

Most people like importing countertops and backsplashes due to quality considerations. Who said you could not get quality materials locally? That's usually an assumption that's not true. Most people forget that importing comes with shipping costs. That's an additional cost to the cost of purchasing the materials. (Odilon, 2020)

Some local suppliers will charge transportation costs for the materials. However, the price is not as high as the shipping cost. Some suppliers can also transport your countertop and backsplash materials for free if you have a big order.

ProTip Takeaway: Do not assume the perception that local suppliers may have low-quality materials. Research for local suppliers that offer high-quality materials.

-Consider installation cost

Besides purchasing countertop and backsplash materials, there is also installation involved. Different materials have different complexity in structure. The more complex a material is to install, the more the installation cost. Opt for a material that’s easy to install to minimize installation costs. If you are working with a professional, you will never escape the installation cost. If you are working on a tight budget, you can always install yourself to escape the installation cost. (Kemp, n.d)

ProTip Takeaway: Different experts will have different charges for the installation. Look for an expert that can give you a discount on the installation cost.

-Countertop and backsplash layout

You will require different countertop and backsplash materials depending on the countertop and backsplash layout you want to achieve. Choose a design that needs not too big sizes of materials. To get extra dimensions of material will always cost you more.  (Kemp, n.d)

ProTip Takeaway: Backsplash layout should coordinate with the structure of your countertops and the entire kitchen design


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