Attic Game Room

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Attic Game Room


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Attic Game Room

Homeowners regularly complain about their lack of space and how they could benefit from an extra room or two. The basement and the attic are untapped and excellent choices for expanding your living space. However, you will find that in many homes these hidden nooks are just poorly maintained. 

They are used as storage rooms but they can be transformed into beautiful and practical spaces. The basement can be turned into a modern bedroom and the attic into a game room. The benefits of having a game area in the attic are numerous, and it allows the entire family to spend valuable time together.

Remodeling Your Attic into a Game Room

Remodeling your attic into a game room indeed has various advantages. It will provide an excellent opportunity for you to escape from the rest of your life's stresses. Furthermore, the family will also have a fresh location where they can engage in exciting games and bonding activities. The attic also has ample natural light and maybe one or two windows that let in a lot of light. This makes it one of the greatest advantages of turning it into a game room as you get to see the stars and enjoy a lot of natural light.

Below are some suggestions for turning an attic into a fun game room:


Have a Strong Foundation

Just like every other design and remodeling project, you ought to give a lot of area for wiggle room as things progress. The floor of your attic, on the other hand, cannot be jeopardized in any way. A game room usually contains a lot of heavy items, such as a ping-pong table, football table, and even a billiards table. It’s therefore very important to have an attic game room with a strong foundation. Even just one of that heavy gaming equipment will necessitate a stronger floor than usual. Consider the frenzied activity that comes with that attic game room before beginning any attic game room addition. Be sure to consult an expert to determine the structural strength of your attic game room floor. (Incredible Homes, 2021)

Use a Simple Color Scheme

When working in a limited space such as an attic, the ideal color scheme to use is one that is simple. You will notice there are so many attic chambers with slanted ceilings that are painted white. Ever wondered why this is so? The reason is that the visual fragmentation of that space is greatly minimized when using the white paint technique. It will also make a game area in the attic appear much larger than it actually is. It's recommended to maintain the color palette monochrome and, if necessary, add a burst of color to the mix for accent.

ProTip Takeaway: Keep in mind that the gaming tables and accessories are colorful and will infuse the attic game room with a lot of colors.

Attic Game Room

Buy the Required Games

Once you have consulted an expert and now know how strong your attic floor is, choosing and buying your games should be your next mission. A billiards table or ping-pong table may not fit in some attics but worry not for there are many consoles available on the market. 

These consoles, on the other hand, have been released to integrate games like air hockey, football, and even billiards. Reach out to designers if you have non-negotiable games to find a way forward on how to add them to the game room.

A Unique Focal Point

Every room in the house, even the attic game room, requires its own focal point. In the attic room, the defining feature that steals the show and turns heads does not have to be the typical accent wall found in other rooms in the house. Rather, use the correct focused lighting to make the game table the focal point. A tiny home bar, a sleek fireplace, or even a sophisticated entertainment unit can easily fill this job if you have the extra space.

ProTip Takeaway: These extra features not only increase the value of the game area but also transform this attic space into a stylish hangout area.

Add Floor Cushions and Comfy Window Seats

Attics generally lack vertical space due to slanted ceilings. They however do offer great views of the city skyline or distant mountains. For this reason, adding comfortable floor cushions and window seats is a great idea. For added warmth and maximum comfort, a tufted bench next to an attic window will be a good way to enjoy the views. Cushioned benches and bean balls will also provide adequate seating even when the game room is not in use. You may use the attic to get away from the crowds and enjoy a few quiet moments. (Decoist, 2014)

ProTip Takeaway: You can also add floor pillows and bean bags to provide comfortable seating alternatives. These will be a great addition compared to the traditional chairs and bar stools.

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Flooring That Can Withstand Traffic

An attic game room has to have proper flooring; else it will appear unfinished and disorderly. Proper flooring adds a touch of sophistication to any room and is an important aspect of the game room. Regardless of where in your home the game room is located, it must be able to withstand a lot of activity. In this case, your attic game room floor must be able to withstand a lot of activity, especially if you have kids; it will certainly have a lot of traffic.

Installing a wall-to-wall carpet is the best option. It adds warmth to the game area while also protecting the current flooring from scratches. Carpet tiles are also a good option, as they can add a geometric design to the space. (The Style Inspiration, 2021)

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Let The Natural Light In

The attic has ample natural light and maybe one or two windows that let in a lot of light. This makes it one of the greatest advantages of turning it into a game room. For this reason, you should allow artificial lighting to enhance and complement natural lighting. Sconces and recessed lights also provide this much-needed ambient lighting. They also help you to conserve valuable square footage in the attic.

ProTip Takeaway: For a great gaming experience, many game rooms require a lot of focused illumination. You can use pendants to get the desired illumination.

Get Creative With Storage Spaces

Due to the size of the attic, you might find that there is limited storage space within the walls of an attic. As a result, you'll have to choose a new storage option. Cabinets and shelves are excellent storage choices. Every corner space matters in the attic. You can get creative and use built-in benches and seats at the windows or throughout the room. These are lifesaver options since they serve multiple purposes without breaking the bank. (Houzz, 2012)

Safety Comes First

Safety should always come first especially if you have children using the attic game room. Remember, children should not use a folding ladder. If you don't have direct access to your attic from the main floor, you should consider getting an expert to construct a royal staircase. Children will go up and down the attic throughout the day thus you want to avoid any incidents.

If you don't want to block the attic window, mechanisms that prevent it from raising more than a few inches are a great solution. Because some penthouses include a tiny balcony, it is also preferable to ensure that kids have access. (Dream Lands Design, 2020)

Make Space for Spectators

If your attic game room has only one game, you can boost the ante by providing a spectator lounge area so that everyone can join in on the enjoyment. This attic game room is transformed into the perfect hangout with sectional seating and plenty of pillows on either side of a game like a bright pool table.

ProTip Takeaway: Consider having a comfortable screening zone that also doubles as a family area for video games. This is a great idea if you need to compromise on what your attic gaming room is used for.

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Many people overlook their attic or see it as nothing more than storage space. The truth is that the space can be turned into a useful room, such as a game room.

We tend to spend most of our time in front of computers, televisions, and tablets. It's important to get away from electronics and engage in some physical activity every now and then. The game room in the attic invites you to do so in a friendly way. It also keeps noise to a minimum due to its position, ensuring that others in the house are not disturbed. The attic game room is a fantastic approach to reintroduce some excitement into your life.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Attic

The restoration may be easier than you think if you have an unused attic or are able to adapt it. Using the ideas given in this blog, you can create the ideal version of your attic game room based on your preferences. Get in touch with Smart Remodeling LLC for a free consultation right away. We are one of Houston's most renowned and dependable home remodeling companies.

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