Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Story

[BLOG] Published: 2022-04-11 - Updated: 2023-06-06

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Cons of Adding a Second Story to Your House Pros of Adding a Second Story to Your House Important Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Second Story Addition

Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Story

Is your home starting to seem cramped? Do you have any plans to add a second story to your home? That may appear to be a wonderful plan, but there are a few things to consider before deciding whether to add a second story. Before making any final decisions, think about the pros and cons of adding a second story to your home.

The single most expensive home improvement investment a homeowner will ever make is a house addition. If several rooms are being built, the overall cost can easily reach six figures. A house addition, unlike an interior paint job or landscaping, is a project that cannot be reversed. So, before sending that first check to the contractor, carefully evaluate all aspects of this procedure, which can be both rewarding and exhausting.

Pros of Adding a Second Story to Your House

You have come to the realization that your home is in desperate need of more room and you believe that adding a second floor is the answer. There is one thing you must do before you start looking for ideas on home renovation websites and magazines, local builders, and merchants. That is looking at the various aspects that should be taken into account.

After all, you only want to make the most profitable home improvement investments. Something that is suitable for you and your loved ones.


You get more living space in the home

The increase in living space is one of the key reasons for adding a second story to your home. Adding a second story also expands the scope of what can be done with the available space. 

 You could, for example, create a master bedroom suite. You can add a game room, music studio, a family bathroom, or a variety of other things. Of course, this isn't one of those cheap home renovation projects, but it can provide you with that much-needed extra space.

It won't take up any yard space

Unlike a ground-floor home addition that consumes a significant amount of yard area, building up does not take up any yard space. You shouldn't have to worry if you already have a cramped space since it will not be squeezed anymore. As a result, your children will have more areas to play outside, and you will still have space for your plants and garden. A touch of nature is required in every home. This gives it a more natural, as opposed to materialistic, feel. (Reign, 2020)

You will have an elevated view

This is incredibly useful if you reside in a scenic place because the elevated vantage point will allow you to see more of the surroundings. You can also add a balcony to your home to improve the view, which you can't do if you live in a one-story house.

You'll Raise the Value of Your Home

As per Home Advisor's True Cost Guide, a mid-range two-story addition can recoup at least 65 % of its cost at the time of sale. If you're planning to sell, adding a second story is a terrific way to obtain a better return on your investment. When you increase the square footage of your property, you naturally increase its market worth. 

Of course, you're updating and don't intend to sell it right away. However, if you do so in the future, it will still be an excellent investment. 

ProTip Takeaway: Aside from that, if you don't need all much space, you may rent out a couple of rooms for some extra cash.

You get more square footage on the same land 

A two-story home provides significantly more vertical space on the same quantity of land. Because you're working with two layers of space instead of just one, it's much easier to add more rooms to the house or store more things. 

Photo 3: General plan of a bunk apartment

ProTip Takeaway: A two-story also means you get more housing for your money because you receive more square footage for the same price.

Second Story Addition in Houston

Ability to build staircases 

Having staircases in a home has undeniable visual and stylistic benefits. Stairs add to the overall visual aspect of a property by making it appear larger. (Reign, 2020)

Cons of Adding a Second Story to Your House

It might be costly

The truth is that adding a second story to your home is not cheap. A second story will usually cost you more than the ground floor would. Constructing an elevated addition involves more time and more resources. The contractor and the workers have more work, like building more support beams beneath the extension among other heavy tasks. The greater amount of effort and the overall cost will rise at the same time.

Building Codes and Permits

If you want to add a second floor to your house, you'll have to deal with a lot of constraints. Adding a second story also involves upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems. You will also have to secure the necessary licenses for you to complete the project. Failure to do so can result in large fines or the need to undo whatever work you've previously done.

ProTip Takeaway: Ensure you visit your local government's zoning office to get the required permits and licenses.

Can I Build an Addition Without A Permit?

It Might Take a Long Time

It takes a long time to add a second floor to your home. Living in a house while constructing a second floor is inconvenient. It can be challenging, particularly if you have children. So be prepared to find another place to live until it's finished. It will most likely take several weeks, if not months, to complete your home even with expert help. (Incredible Homes, 2015)

Stairs can be a safety concern

Stairs can be a great addition since they are attractive and help to make your home appear larger. However, walking up and down them can be challenging, especially as we become older. If you have young children or elderly relatives living with you, it can be a safety concern.

You won't see a significant return on your investment

Second-story additions have a greater cost-to-value ratio than other renovations. You may not be able to recoup the entire cost of the addition when you sell which is a risk that a lot of homeowners take. Building an extension with the expectation of selling the house within a year or two usually means losing money. (The Spruce, 2022)

How Much Does Home Addition Cost?

Heating and cooling cost more 

A second-story home addition comes with more bills to pay. With the new floor addition, the home will require two HVAC systems instead of one. Because each HVAC system runs independently, the cost of heating and cooling a two-story house is higher.

More noise from the upper story

Noise is unavoidable in all homes. Noises from above level are almost certain to be heard in a two-story home especially if you have kids or many people living in the house. (Ownerly, 2021)

Important Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Second Story Addition

This is only one of the numerous crucial things to keep in mind while constructing a second story to your house.

How stable is your foundation

In most single-story structures, the contractor most likely did not contemplate adding a second story when laying the foundation. Adding a second story will almost need remodeling, which is both time-consuming and costly. You will need to bring in an expert to test the soil's stability beneath your home. It is a crucial step to take as it will reveal whether the foundation is solid enough.

Adding a second story to a house

Local Building Codes and Regulations

In some areas, adding a second story to a home is not permitted. It's important to know whether you can even add a second floor to your home in the first place if you wish to do so. Check with your local government's zoning office to check if it's legal in your area. Zoning regulations usually limit a structure's height among other things. If other homes in the area have second stories, you should be able to do so as well; however, this isn't always the case.

Locate a Reliable Contractor

Adding a second story is a time-consuming and costly procedure. As a homeowner, you need to do your research to find the best remodeling company to work with. Only expert architects and builders should be employed for the job. They should do so after properly comprehending and analyzing the foundation's strengths. You can't let people do a poor job that jeopardizes the house's general structure. Choose a company like Smart Remodeling LLC with years of experience and you can be sure we know what we are doing.

Are You Ready to Add a Second Story to Your Home?

Adding a second floor to your home in Houston is a terrific way to raise the value of your property while also expanding your interior living area. Working with a reliable company such as Smart Remodeling LLC will give you the second-story addition you deserve. You'll have a reliable contractor to help you through every stage of this complex procedure if you engage with a reputable general contracting firm like ours.

Contact Smart Remodeling LLC today if you'd like to learn more about adding a second story in Houston, Texas to your house.

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