Bath Remodel Near Me: 9 Ideas For A Fantastic Bathroom Look

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-17 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Best Bath Remodel Near Me


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Bath Remodel Near Me: 9 Ideas For A Fantastic Bathroom Look

Before you plunge into remodeling your bathroom, it's imperative to search for the best "Bath remodel near me" online to find a trustworthy remodeling company like Smart Remodeling.

Remember that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you want to make it as perfect as possible. Although bathroom remodeling can be a bit challenging, professional renovation can make your space new and exciting.

Typically, your bathroom should make you feel happy, calm, and relaxed when unwinding after a long, stressful day.

Furthermore, bathroom remodeling is a great way to add value to your property. So, if you're looking for fresh ideas to transform your outdated bathroom into a perfect oasis of joy, the following ways are crucial.


  • Get Organized with Towel Racks

Revamping your towel racks is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your bathroom's functionality while staying organized.

You can get creative and personalize your towel racks to suit your specific need and style.

Ideally, a well-organized bathroom is often efficient and safe, making it easier for everybody in your family to have the best bathroom experience.

Pro-tip takeaway: You can organize towel racks in a pattern or a specific layout of your choice.


  • Bathroom Showers

The best way to create a functional and appealing bathroom is to remodel your space with exciting features.

You can include handheld showerheads, dual shower heads, and body sprays to enhance your shower experience.

Pro-tip takeaway: You can also add a modern walk-in shower to create a luxurious and roomy feeling.


  • Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

Another great way to improve your bathroom is to repair or replace your fixtures.

Updating the cabinets, sinks, countertops, faucets, and lighting can completely change your bathroom's look and functionality.

As such, partnering with a reputable "bathroom remodel contractor near me" could save you the hassle and help you achieve your dream bathroom effortlessly.

Pro-tip takeaway: Repair broken fixtures and replace the damaged ones for a fantastic bathroom look.


  • Tile the Wall of Your Bathtub

Your bathtub is a special room where you can relax and get rejuvenated in a soaking tub or a soothing warm shower.

So, you want to make it comfortable and safe. You can tile the bathtub walls and floor to protect them from water damage and stains.

Moreover, using tile can be an excellent way to add an element of color to complement the entire bathroom space.

Luckily, tile comes in a range of colors, patterns, and styles; you will be sure to get one suitable for your bathroom.

Pro-tip takeaway: Choose tiles with textured surfaces for your bathroom to increase your bathroom's safety.


  • Create Space for the Soap during Bath Remodel

Having a couple of soap dishes in your bathroom can seem like a boring idea. However, it is crucial to create ample space for soap at a convenient spot within your bathroom.

Furthermore, dishing up the soap can help prevent minor accidents like slipping or tripping when getting out of the shower.

You can opt for a built-in soap dish to avoid these issues and clear up your tub's edges.


  • Replace Your Faucets

Your bathroom faucets need replacement when they are ineffective, damaged, old, or outdated.

For that matter, if you've used the faucets for decades without replacement, there is a high chance they might start to leak.

Similarly, just a single wrong twist of the faucet handle can create damage resulting in rust. Be sure to replace your faucets to make your bathroom efficient and comfortable.

Pro-tip takeaway: Place faucet handles in the wall to create a unique and fun style in your bathroom.


  • Declutter Your Bathroom Space

An organized bathroom is more gives a great visual appeal, comfort, and easier to keep clean. And that's why Decluttering is a practical way to practice self-care as it helps you take full control of your bathroom and life.

If you're planning to schedule for bathroom decluttering, search for "bath remodel near me" for the best tips on how to get rid of the extra stuff in your bathroom. Additionally, include extra shelves or an organizer over the toilet for additional storage. Use a hanging shower caddy to keep your body wash, shampoo, soaps, and more.

You can also place a pocket organizer in the cabinet and use it to store your cleaning supplies.

Pro-tip takeaway: Mason jars can also be a great storage solution for cotton balls and other small items in your bathroom.


  • Purchase a Bathtub Tray

Are you looking for a way to add a luxurious touch and improve your bathtub experience? If yes, buying a bathtub tray or bathtub caddy is a viable solution.

A bathtub tray is put across the tub once you get into the bathtub and lie across. It's more of a desk area because the tray's edges rest on both sides of the tub.

Pro-tip takeaway: You can use your bathtub tray for whatever reason you like – to place books, nail polish, candles, coffee mugs, or tablets.


  • Add a Bathroom Mirror

If your bathroom mirror is too small or has scratches and damages, you may need to replace it with something new and bigger.

This will help bring more light into your space and make your bathroom more beautiful.

Pro-tip takeaway: You can opt for a large, gorgeous round mirror to create a perfect statement and add a unique style to your bathroom.


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