How to Convert Powder Room to Full Bath

[BLOG] Published: 2023-04-07 - Updated: 2023-05-31

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How to Convert Powder Room to Full Bath Powder Room Full Bath bathroom Renovation Layout

How to Convert Powder Room to Full Bath

A half bath or guest bath, otherwise known as a powder room typically has a toilet and a sink. If you have a powder room in your home that is not frequently used or you simply need more bathroom space, converting it into a full bath can be a good solution.

Powder Room layout

By converting a powder room to a full bath, you will gain a functional space for your guests or family members and add value to your home. This is a project that will require more floor space, careful planning, and execution.

Converting a Powder Room Into a Full Bathroom

Before you begin any work on a full bath addition, you must first obtain the necessary permits, such as plumbing, building, and electrical ones. These permits can usually be obtained from your city's building and safety office. You will have to work with an engineer who will review your plans to make sure that your powder room conversion complies with local codes.

The following are important steps to follow for proper conversion and completion.

Step 1: Determine the feasibility of the project

Before you start any remodeling project, it’s important to assess the feasibility of the project. You should check if there are any structural limitations that could slow down your plans. You will need to evaluate the location of your powder room to determine if there is enough space for a full bath. You might also need to assess the location of your plumbing and electrical systems.

ProTip Takeaway: A full bath typically has a minimum floor area of 36 to 40 square feet which are in a 5×8-feet dimension.

Step 2: Create a design plan

Once you have determined that the conversion is possible, it’s time for you to create a design plan. Consider the following elements:

Layout: Will you need to move any walls or plumbing fixtures to accommodate the full bath?

Storage: Will there be a full bath linen closet or a storage cabinet installed?

Fixtures: What type of fixtures will you install, such as a bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink?

Style: What style will your full bath have, and how will it complement the rest of your home?

Step 3: Hire a professional

It’s best to hire a professional contractor like Smart Remodeling LLC to assist you with the project unless you have extensive experience in remodeling. A professional can help you determine the feasibility of the project, create a design plan, obtain necessary permits, and complete the project to meet all the building codes and safety requirements.

Step 4: Demolition and preparation of the materials 

Demolition and prep work will need to be completed before any installation can begin. Demolition will include removing any existing fixtures, such as the toilet and sink, and making any necessary structural changes. The flooring and walls may also need to be modified to accommodate the new fixtures.

bathroom under construction

Preparation of the materials can include buying the new bathroom fixtures, electrical products, tiling, vanities, construction devices, and other items necessary to complete the powder room conversion.

Step 5: Installation of new plumbing and electrical 

Once the demolition and prep work is complete, the plumbing and electrical systems will need to be installed. This will include installing new pipes, drains, and electrical outlets for the new fixtures. 

For this, the contractor will have to reroute or add additional water pipes and a floor drain for the new tub or shower so that the new drainpipe will go into the home’s waste drain.

Step 6: Installation of fixtures

Once the new plumbing and electrical systems are in place, the fixtures will be installed. This includes the bathtub or shower, toilet, sink, and other accessories such as a towel rack or storage unit.

ProTip Takeaway: The new bathtub or shower unit is brought in while the walls are still open because premade units can be difficult to maneuver once the walls are fully closed in.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Finally, the finishing touches with unique designs and details can be added to complete the project. This can include installing trim and baseboards and adding any decorative elements such as lighting fixtures or artwork.

You can also add a splash of color to your new bathroom by painting it or using other decorative elements such as wallpaper.

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Cost to Convert Half Bath to Full

The cost of converting a powder room into a bathroom can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the extent of the renovation, the materials used, and the location of your home. Here are some general estimates to consider:

Basic Conversion: If you're looking to convert your powder room into a bathroom with basic fixtures and finishes, such as a toilet, sink, and shower, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

Mid-Range Conversion: If you want to add more luxurious fixtures or finishes, such as a bathtub, custom cabinetry, or tile work, the cost can range from $10,000 to $25,000.

High-End Conversion: For a high-end conversion with premium materials, high-end fixtures, and custom design work, the cost can easily exceed $25,000.

Basic Conversion

$3,000 to $10,000

Mid-Range Conversion

$10,000 to $25,000

High-End Conversion

$25,000 or more


$1,000 to $10,000

Shower/Bathtub Installation

$500 to $10,000


$50 and $200 per hour

Other Bathroom Fixtures

$1,700 to $7,500

Tiling and Backsplash

$600 to $2,000


$50 to $2,000


$1,500 to $4,500

Finishing materials




Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Your Conversion Project

Converting a powder room into a bathroom can be a significant investment, and the cost can vary widely based on several factors. Here are some of the key factors that can impact the cost of your conversion project:

  • Size and Scope of the Project

The size and scope of the project will have a significant impact on the cost. Converting a small powder room into a bathroom will cost less than a larger space that requires more materials, fixtures, and labor.

  • Materials

The materials you choose for your bathroom renovation can also impact the cost. High-end materials such as natural stone or custom cabinetry will cost more than standard materials such as porcelain tile or prefabricated vanities.

  • Fixtures

The type and quality of fixtures you choose for your bathroom, such as a bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet, will also affect the cost. High-end fixtures from luxury brands will cost more than basic fixtures from a big-box store.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Work

Converting a powder room into a bathroom may require significant plumbing and electrical work, which can add to the cost of the project.

bathroom pluming

Depending on the scope of the work required, you may need to hire a licensed plumber or electrician to complete the job.

  • Labor Costs

The cost of labor will also vary depending on the complexity of the project and the level of expertise required. If your renovation requires extensive demolition, framing, or structural work, the cost of labor will be higher than a simple bathroom remodel.

  • Location

The cost of converting a powder room into a full bath can also vary based on your location. Labor and material costs can be higher in urban areas or areas with high demand for remodeling services.

Is It Worth Converting A Powder Room To a Full Bath?

Converting a powder room to a full bath can be a worthwhile investment, depending on your needs and the specific circumstances of your home. Here are some benefits of converting a powder room to a full bath.

  • Improved Functionality: Adding a shower or bathtub to your bathroom can significantly increase its functionality, making it more useful for your family and guests.
  • Improved Privacy: Adding a full bathroom to a common area means the family members and guests will have quick access to a bathroom with more privacy.
  • Increased Home Value: A full bathroom is a desirable feature for homebuyers, and adding one can increase the value of your home if you plan to sell in the future.
  • Improved Comfort: A full bathroom can provide more space and privacy than a powder room, making it more comfortable for everyday use.

Improved Aesthetics: Converting a powder room to a full bath can also provide an opportunity to update the look of your bathroom and create a more cohesive design.

Final Thoughts

It’s very important to consider the layout and size of your home. If your home has limited space, converting a powder room to a full bath may not be practical or cost-effective. You may have to hire an expert to guide you through the conversion process. If you're considering a bathroom renovation project, it's important to also carefully weigh the potential benefits and costs before making a decision.

Are You Ready to Convert Your Powder Room to a Full Bathroom?

If you are ready to convert your powder room to a full bath, Contact Smart Remodeling LLC   and our experienced contractor will take on the project. Schedule your free consultation today via our website here or call us at 832-800-8889.

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