Laundry Room Pantry Combo

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Laundry Room Pantry Combo Advantages of Laundry Room Pantry Combo Custom Laundry Room Pantry Combo Design Ideas How to Create the Perfect Laundry Room and Pantry Space Where to Your Store Supplies Behind Cabinetry How To Organize Your Laundry Room and Pantry Space

Laundry Room Pantry Combo

Not every house is big enough to have a dedicated laundry room. The kitchen might be a terrific place to put a washer and dryer if you're now creating your own home and unsure of where to install this important equipment. All it needs is some careful thought and imagination for a laundry room pantry combo.

Keep reading for more information on whether or not you can put a washing machine in a pantry. We will also add some laundry room pantry combo ideas and ways to create a customized space.

Advantages of Laundry Room Pantry Combo

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming to prepare meals and snacks while also doing laundry and many other household duties. There is a way to join all of your duties into one communal area, where everything is conveniently located and organized.

The following are some advantages of having a multi-purpose space, such as a laundry room and pantry combo.

  • Store your different pantry supplies.
  • Keep your laundry and cleaning supplies well-maintained.
  • Have a place to unwind in a folding and sorting laundry area.
  • More natural lighting in your combined laundry room and pantry if you have windows.
  • You have a single spacious walk-in space rather than two smaller closet-sized spaces.
  • Your laundry room and pantry should ideally be next to the kitchen. This makes it simpler to store your supplies and retrieve the dry goods you need for cooking.
  • You can wash a load of laundry fast while also cleaning up the kitchen if your washing machine and dryer are nearby.

Custom Laundry Room Pantry Combo Design Ideas

There are several methods you might use to do this. Making the most of the available wall space, you can arrange the washing and dryer and food storage on one side of the room.

Laundry Room Pantry Combo

A carefully designed, combined laundry room and pantry should provide the convenience you require and perhaps even a spot for some light entertainment as you perform house duties.

The space for your laundry room and pantry, as well as lots of functionality and convenience, can all be covered by the suggestions below when creating a stunning and enjoyable area.

How to Create the Perfect Laundry Room and Pantry Space

Start from scratch to create your perfect space. There are many houses that lack even a laundry room and if that applies to you, you should first decide the most practical location in your house to have such a combination. The perfect spot can be in a practical spot close to the living room or right outside the kitchen.

Renovate and work with the space you have right now. If you already have a laundry room you already have a great space to work with. You can consult a custom designer to figure out how to combine shelving, cupboards, and other organization tools for both pantry and laundry supplies.

Add a storage area. Bins and baskets are your friends when it comes to neatly storing supplies. Make sure your closet or cabinet has a shelf where you can put these bins and baskets. If you have a door that swings open, you can choose to add an over-the-door rack to store everything from detergent to dryer balls.

Always keep aesthetics in mind. Naturally, you'll want a cabinet or closet you build to appear well and go with the room as a whole. If you want to hide a washer and dryer in the pantry be sure to maintain the same door types, paint colors, and hardware selections. Because of the seamless overall design, it will appear as though the door was always a part of the idea.

Choose ventless appliances. Using ventless appliances when creating a laundry and pantry nook in any area in the house will be easy to do. The invention of ventless washers and dryers is unquestionably one of the biggest laundry game-changers for apartment owners.

There are models that can be set up without an electrician anywhere there is access to water. All you have to do is to plug them in when you get home. These ventless appliances can also be stand-alone or stacked. Ventless appliances immediately improve the way of life for many homeowners. (The Spruce, 2022)

Where to Your Store Supplies Behind Cabinetry

For Pantry Items. To make things appear tidier and more orderly, you may simply hide cupboard items like canned goods and snacks behind cabinet doors.

laundry room

For Supplies for the kitchen and laundry. You can decide to have two cupboard spaces. One of them is for storing your pantry items, and the other is for storing your laundry room supplies, such as your detergents, sponges, and cleaning supplies. (Kitchen Seer, 2021)

How To Organize Your Laundry Room and Pantry Space

It's important to also include your unique touch when designing a laundry room and pantry so that the space has greater personal significance for you. You can do the following:

Have separate locations

Use labels

Use airtight containers 

Install shelving

Install a drying rack or hanging bar

Sort items using chrome bins

Set up a folding station


Have separate locations

A laundry room pantry combo will require a separate location for folding clothing and for keeping dry products. You will also find that you have boxed items, dry goods in bags, glass jars, and containers in the pantry. Take into account the height and width of each item while arranging these to organize them properly.

Use labels

Using labels makes the space easier to understand with one look. You can even keep track of when dry items expire by writing the expiration date on your labels.

ProTip Takeaway: To make sure you remember to replace products as you use them, keep paper for a shopping list nearby or hang it on a wall.

Use airtight containers 

You can use airtight containers to remove the need to store your canned products or dry goods in cabinets. This way, you'll have more options on how and where to arrange the food you wish to keep in your pantry. To stay organized, use Tupperware, clear airtight containers, or mason jars.

ProTip Takeaway: To be able to see where everything is placed, arrange these containers such that the tallest are in the back and the shortest containers are in front.

Install shelving

Install shelving just above your washer and dryer to keep your detergent, dryer sheets, and stain remover together. You will most likely need shelves for your food products and a separate area to fold your laundry. To keep your food up and away from any potential wetness, it is helpful to have cabinets. Shelving is a good substitute if you don't have the tools to create cabinets. (Closet America, 2019)

Install a drying rack or hanging bar

You can install a drying rack or hanging bar to store clean clothes as you remove them from the dryer. This will enable you to store your clothing while you finish doing the laundry. It can also help you stay organized even if you dry your clothing in the dryer.

ProTip Takeaway: You can hang your clothes on the hanging bar for an easier transition when putting them away later if you have a bar that runs from one wall to the next.

Set up a folding station

You can use the folding station when folding and tucking shirts, dresses, and sweaters.

Sort items using chrome bins

Make sure you have chrome bins for separating different types of clothes, such as socks, underwear, or t-shirts. These bins can be put under or next to the folding station.

ProTip Takeaway: Chrome containers are also excellent for keeping irregularly shaped items or containers in the pantry.

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Putting a Washing Machine in a Laundry Room and Pantry Combo

You can put a washing machine in a Laundry Room and Pantry combination but you only need to make a few practical changes. You will have to keep your shelving on the opposite wall from your washing machine.

You will also need to exercise caution on how close your food is to your washer and dryer. It is important to keep canned foods and dry goods away from anything moist as the pantry area is used for these items. (Decoist, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: It is recommended to keep canned foods in a closed-off cabinet because your washer and dryer may introduce moisture to the air.

Final Thoughts

A laundry room and pantry can be combined without a problem. You should be fine with this arrangement as long as the space is large enough to house a washer, dryer, and shelving. You should make an effort to keep the laundry components separated from your dry products when combining a laundry room and pantry.

Get a Laundry Room and Pantry Combo in Houston, TX

A laundry room and pantry combo transformation is not always simple. You might want some help if you're considering finally making the leap and turning your laundry room into a pantry.

A custom closet designer from Smart Remodeling LLC, located in Houston, TX, can help you measure, plan, and finally create the finest laundry room pantry combination for you and your family.

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