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Unlock Breathtaking Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles for 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles: A Deep Dive into Design and Functionality

When it comes to kitchen design and cabinetry, we often overlook cabinet doors. However, as a kitchen designer, I believe that cabinet fronts should be one of your primary considerations.

They enhance the kitchen’s look and functionality. They do much more than just open and close; they greatly impact the kitchen aesthetic. When you step into a kitchen, the cabinet doors are among the first things you notice. 

In this article, I will cover everything about kitchen cabinet door styles, from its basic terminology to different styles and how you can choose your style. So, let’s begin!

The Impact of Cabinet Door Styles on Kitchen Ambiance

Cabinet door styles affect the overall kitchen ambiance, everything from its look to functionality and the entire décor of your house. 

1. Visual Impact

How It Makes Your Kitchen Look: The style of the cabinet doors can make the kitchen seem bigger and brighter. Simple, plain doors can make it look modern and spacious. Whereas fancier, detailed doors can give it a cozier, traditional feel.

2. Functional Considerations

Also, consider the functionality of the doors when you are selecting one. Ask yourself:

  • How easy they are to clean?

  • How durable are they to hold for years?

  • How easy It Is to get Your stuff out of the cabinets?

3. Influence on Overall Décor

The door style should fit with the overall look of your kitchen. Modern kitchens go well with simple doors, while more traditional kitchens might need fancier ones.

Understanding Basic Cabinet Door Terminology

Before you plan a kitchen makeover, make sure you know the basic cabinet door terminology. So here you go:

1. Frame vs Frameless Construction

The basic difference between Frame and Frameless cabinet doors lies in their structures. Frame Construction is a traditional style. Here, cabinets have a visible face frame and the front frame with the cabinet doors attached.

The frameless design is also known as the European or full overlay style. In this design, the doors and drawers cover the entire front of the cabinet, and there’s no visible frame.

2. Inset vs Overlay Doors

“inset” and “overlay” describe how the cabinet doors fit within the frame. Inset doors are set inside the cabinet frame, creating a flush or level surface with the frame. Overlay doors are positioned outside the cabinet frame, partially covering the frame. 

3. Panel Types

Panel Type


Overall Look

Suitable Styles

Flat Panel

Smooth and plain panel


Modern and transitional kitchens.

Raised Panel

The central panel is raised with intricate details

Classic and elegant

Traditional and formal kitchen styles.

Recessed Panel

Central panel setback for a clean look.

Simple and unadorned

Modern, contemporary, and transitional kitchens.

Slab Panel

Simple, unframed flat panel.


Modern Kitchens.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

trendy kitchen photo displaying several in-demand cabinet door styles

Here are the popular kitchen cabinet door styles that you must find out.

1. Shaker

Shaker cabinets are inspired by the furniture style of the shaker’s community. These cabinets are distinguished by their simple look and clean lines on them. A shaker cabinet features a five-piece structure with a flat center and four raised sides.

These cabinets can work well in many types of kitchens. Shaker cabinets can fit in with anything from transitional cottages to farmhouse and industrial design themes.

2. Louvered

Louvered cabinet doors feature horizontal slats like old-fashioned window shutters. These slats are fixed, and they create a charming and distinctive look. Its great benefit is ventilation capability. These doors have spaces between the horizontal slats, which is great for areas that require airflow.

For instance, they work well in cabinets near radiators, dedicated laundry room cabinets for clothes drying, or cabinetry housing devices like cable boxes and DVD players. They prevent moisture buildup, which is helpful in humid areas. Your kitchen will get a tropical vibe with Louvered door styles.

3. Flat/Slab

Flat or slab cabinet doors are a simple and stylish choice for modern kitchens. Flat or slab cabinet doors are a simple and stylish choice for modern kitchens. These doors have a minimalist and frameless design without any intricate details, which gives them a sleek appearance.

Flat-panel doors’ great advantages are their versatility in finishes and materials. They can be made from high-quality plywood, textured melamine, wood veneer, thermofoil, PET, or acrylic. The homemakers’ favorite part is that it is easy to clean. So they wouldn’t have to worry a lot about their cleanliness. 

4. Raised Panel

Think of raised panel cabinet doors like picture frames. They’re made up of four pieces, creating a raised and decorative edge just like the frame of a picture. These doors are often associated with traditional kitchens. They look substantial and can have decorative trim and moldings. 

These cabinet door styles work best in kitchens with a more formal or classic style where you want the cabinets to be a standout feature.

5. Beadboard

Like the Louvered style, Beadboard also offers many space ventilation benefits. These cabinet doors resemble traditional beadboard paneling with vertical planks and small ridges called “beads” between them.

This design gives a cozy and rustic feel, especially if you have wooden ceiling beams and rustic furniture. However, it’s important to know that beadboard doors have many little grooves that can trap dirt. So, you need to do a bit more cleaning. Despite that, they add a unique and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen.

6. Glass-Front (Mullion or Mullioned Doors)

Mullion frame cabinet doors are a fantastic way to display and protect your valuable kitchen items. They have a unique design with bars that divide the door into sections, like old-fashioned windows with smaller panes.

What’s special about them is the incredible level of detail. The bars can create intricate patterns that add an elegant touch to the kitchen’s overall look. Mullion doors often have a glass panel in the center to showcase fine china or crystal. These doors are highly customizable and work well in different kitchen styles.

Material Choices and Their Influence on Style

materials of kitchen cabinets

Are you done with selecting cabinet door styles for your kitchen makeover? That’s great. However, it is important to know that the material you choose for your cabinet doors is also important and will affect the kitchen space’s overall look. 

1. Solid Wood

Solid wood cabinets are always in demand in the kitchen. They have different grain patterns. Some wood cabinets have a noticeable grain-like fingerprint, and others have a smoother, less visible grain. You can also choose how to finish them, like leaving them natural, staining them or painting them for a classic look.

In my kitchen design journey, I mostly use wood like Oak, Maple, Cherry, etc. Solid wood cabinets are long-lasting and can easily be fixed if scratched. 

2. MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a type of material made by mixing wood fibers with resin. Unlike natural wood, it doesn’t have knots or grain patterns. So, it gives the cabinet a smooth and even surface. To create a consistent look, you can easily paint or cover it with a veneer or laminate. 

MDF is durable and less likely to warp or crack than real wood. 

3. Plywood

Plywood is made using layers of wood veneers. It is among the best cabinet materials because it offers dimensional stability and is less prone to warping or shrinking. So, it is a great, durable material. The only downside is that plywood costs more than other cabinet materials in the market.

4. Glass (For Glass-Front Styles)

Glass-front cabinet doors are a stylish choice to give a touch of elegance to the kitchen. The common glass types for cabinet doors are clear glass and Frosted or Textured glass. 

The only issue with glass cabinet doors is that they can break and need more maintenance.

Detailing and Decorative Elements

1. Moldings and Edges

You know, those fancy frames around your cabinet doors? They come in different shapes and designs, known as profiles. You could go for something curvy like the ogee profile or keep it simple with a rounded bullnose. These profiles add a touch of style to your cabinets.

2. Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are like little decorations for cabinet doors. They come in various shapes and patterns. They can be made from wood or other materials. Use these decorative elements to customize the cabinets.

3. Handles and Knobs

Handles and knobs are the cabinet’s “jewelery.” They are available in various materials and patterns, like metal, glass, and crystal. Each piece of hardware gives a completely different look. Sleek handles give a modern feel, while antique-style knobs can make the kitchen look more classic.

Current Trends in Cabinet Door Designs

modern cabinet door design trends

Do you also want to impress your peers by showing off your kitchen’s trendy cabinet door designs? Let’s find out what those are!

1. Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets involve using different colors for the upper and lower cabinets. For example, you might have white cabinets on top and dark grey ones below. It creates a modern and dynamic look, making the kitchen less monotonous.

2. Natural Textures

These days, many modern kitchen designs use wood as well. Textured grains, like oak or walnut, are mostly used. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bamboo, known for its sustainability and unique textures, is also becoming a popular choice.

3. Minimalist Designs

Minimalist design is all about simplicity and clean lines. Cabinet doors with push-to-open mechanisms eliminate the need for visible handles or knobs. This sleek and handle-less design looks modern and offers a smooth appearance.

4. Retro and Vintage Inspirations

Retro and vintage styles are coming back but with a modern twist. Think about shaker cabinets or classic beadboard doors that are updated to suit modern tastes. These designs bring a sense of nostalgia and timelessness while still on-trend.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Kitchen

Now, you get a lot of information about how to style your kitchen. However, selecting the right style is very important because if you live in an urban area with minimalist space, you cannot go for a cottage-style look. Rather, opt for a style that maximizes your space. 

Here are a few things to consider maximize your renovation.

1. Assessing the Kitchen Size

The size of your kitchen is super important when you pick your cabinet style. In smaller kitchens like galley kitchens, opting for simpler cabinet designs is often better to avoid overwhelming the space. You can add more intricate cabinets for larger U-shaped or G-shaped kitchens to make them look cozier and more attractive.

2. Aligning with Overall Decor

Think about your style: Do you like modern or traditional looks? Do you prefer bright and airy colors or darker, more dramatic ones? Your cabinet style should fit in with how the rest of your kitchen looks. However, a remodel can also be an opportunity to refresh your home decor.

3. Factoring in Practicality

The kitchen is not all about décor. When doing its makeover, think about its practical use as well. 

If you’re a messy cook or a busy parent, it’s a good idea to pick simple cabinets that are easy to clean without too many nooks and crannies. And if your kitchen is small, you can make the most of your space by using cabinets up to the ceiling.

Hire an Expert

If you want to save time and get your kitchen décor, get help from an expert. They will assess your aesthetics and help you make an aligned decision regarding your budget. People from Houston can get help from Smart Remodeling LLC. It is a leading local company with a team of experts that offers house remodeling. It has earned a reputable rating from different organizations and gets your clients’ trust by fulfilling work.


To sum it up, choosing the right cabinet door style for your kitchen is a big deal. These doors affect how your kitchen looks and works. I covered everything that you need related to cabinet door style. The perfect cabinet door style should reflect your personality and create a welcoming and functional space. So, when planning your kitchen, remember that the cabinet doors are more than just decoration; they are the key to a uniquely your kitchen.

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