Kitchen Cabinets: What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

[BLOG] Published: 2022-06-28 - Updated: 2023-04-01

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Kitchen Cabinets: What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite? Color Paint that Goes With Brown Granite Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts In Houston, TX

Kitchen Cabinets: What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most used rooms in any house. Cabinets are a must-have in the kitchen but it might be difficult to find the right granite and cabinet colors for your needs and preferences.


Brown is a good option to use when it comes to kitchen granite. It's a color that gives your decor a comfortable earthy tone, whether you choose lighter earth tones or darker tones. Brown isn't the trendiest or most common color for granite right now, so you might be wondering what color cabinets go well with them.

There is no one size fits all solution because no two brown granite is exactly alike. But once you've finished reading this article, you'll be able to weigh your options for cabinets and select one that complements your brown granite well.

Color Paint that Goes With Brown Granite

Brown is a versatile color that you can experiment with and truly let your imagination go wild when deciding how you want your house to feel. When combined with the right paint for cabinets, brown granite can create different feelings in the kitchen.

There are two things to consider when choosing the cabinet paint color to match your brown granite. These are the size of the room and the color of the rust. Once you put these into consideration you have an easy time when choosing the cabinetry that best complements the granite. Be sure to take a sample of the granite with you when you shop for cabinet paint so you can compare the colors. (Designing Idea, 2021)

Let's look at a few color options for your kitchen cabinet if you're unsure of what color paint goes with brown granite. These consist of:

Cabinet Color Paint that Goes With Brown Granite












Navy blue

Light blue

Chocolate wood

Distressed wood

  • Black

Black cabinets are one of the most popular dark neutrals and are the ideal color match for your brown granite. For a harmonious look, dark black cabinets can be contrasted with warm brown granite. If your kitchen has a breakfast bar with cabinets and drawers painted in black you can use a hard-wood countertop. You can also choose black countertop appliances that can carry the black-brown color scheme.

ProTip Takeaway: A black and brown color scheme is minimalistic yet stylish. You also have a wide selection of accent colors to pick from because this is a rather straightforward design.


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  • White

White paint is a traditional light neutral color that goes well with any accent color. A bright, pure white will enliven your kitchen and can be the best contrast to your brown granite.

White kitchens have recently gained popularity, but they can be challenging to keep clean. The best way to break the white tones is to pair it with your brown granite which will also produce a more attractive atmosphere with less maintenance.

ProTip Takeaway: Pick warm white cabinets to go with warm brown granite. You can use warm whites with streaks of red, pink, yellow, or orange. There is also brown granite with cold undertones, such as blue or purple, which can be used with cool white cabinetry. (Kitchen Seer, 2022)

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  • gray

One of the most used colors in interior design is gray. Gray is the best cool neutral color since it is a combination of black and white. gray and warm brown tones soften the color scheme and add some brightness to the room. Another great thing about painting kitchen cabinets gray is that the color can give your kitchen personality without making things too dark. 

  • Greige 

Greige is a trendy color that is replacing gray as the dominant neutral color for home interiors as the gray trend fades. Greige is a subtly blended form of gray and beige and is the perfect blend of cold and warm neutral hues. Greige cabinets offer a delicate yet lovely contrast to brown granite.

  • Beige

If you are looking for a warm and inviting color, beige may be the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets. Given that beige is a subtle brown tint, brown shades go well with it.

If you have dark brown tones in your kitchen granite, you can use dark hardware to bring out the color. In return, this will offer some deep accent color and depth to the overall design.

  • Green

The colors green and brown are inspired by nature. A combination of these two color schemes creates a harmonious look of cool and warm tones.

Your kitchen can feel calmer with green cabinets. The green cabinets will also accentuate any green color specs in your brown granite countertops.

  • Teal

Teal is a cool tropical mix of blue and green that will give your kitchen cabinets a vibrant and colorful appearance. Teal-painted cabinets have a vibrant color that can be toned down when used with brown granites. You can complete the look by using colorful backsplash tiles to bring these contrasting colors together.

  • Red

Paint your kitchen cabinets red to create a striking color that will contrast with your brown granite. For an even more appealing look, you can go for red cabinets with aluminum handles to match your brown countertop. (Homeguides, 2022)

ProTip Takeaway: Red is a fantastic color for your eating area because it is also believed to speed up metabolism.

  • Orange

Orange colors are well-known for being cheery and lively. Painting kitchen cabinets with the color orange creates a warm and inviting atmosphere when paired with your brown granite.

ProTip Takeaway: Orange and brown are actually positioned close to one another on the color wheel that's why they work well together. Due to their complementary nature, these two colors create a stunning color combination.

  • Yellow

Mustard yellow is a warm, vibrant trendy color that will brighten your kitchen and grab attention in your house. Golden colors like mustard yellow work well with brown granite to create a rich, bright color for your cabinets.

  • Purple

Purple is a mysterious and moody color that can also be used on kitchen cabinets to go with brown granite. It is an intermediary shade of red and blue that can give charm and character to your home.

Purple is a dramatic color that requires to be paired with a subtle brown granite to ground it. With these two color combinations in your kitchen, you will have the perfect color combination. (Home Décor Bliss, 2021)

  • Navy blue

If you have youngsters in your home, light-colored cabinets might not be practical. Consider navy blue cabinets for a deeper color scheme that better conceals sloppy stains.

Even with brown granite, the deep shade of blue will still produce a lovely complementary color scheme. To complete this style you can use a bronze backsplash which will offer a special warm metallic accent.


  • Light blue

Brown and blue tones make the perfect match especially because they complement one another on the color wheel. Your kitchen will have a lovely and peaceful vibe thanks to the light tones of brown and blue.

Your home will have a balanced appearance thanks to the use of warm and cold colors. Adding black hardware with this color combination will create a detailed look in your kitchen.

  • Chocolate wood

There are countless shades of tranquil wood tones that you can use for your kitchen cabinets. You can give your cabinets a sleek, contemporary appearance by painting them in darker shades of brown wood.

 A modern kitchen with brown countertop

Your kitchen will have a dramatic calming effect when brown cabinets are combined with deep wood tones. Large kitchens will even appear a little warmer when using dark wood tones.

  • Distressed wood

Wood tones are attractive and lovely by nature, and create a calm atmosphere in your space. Any shade of brown countertops can be combined with distressed wood to produce a warm atmosphere.

Kitchen cabinets color selecting


Brown granite can be hard to match with cabinets so when decorating the kitchen this ends up being a hit or miss situation. Most homeowners are unsure of what color paint works with brown granite and are afraid to use it. This shouldn't be the case because there will be fewer colors available that complement the earthy granite blend. You can choose bright or dark cabinets, depending on the richness of the colors hidden in the brown granite block.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts In Houston, TX

Choosing the perfect color to go with your brown countertops can seem difficult because there are so many alternatives, but it doesn't have to be. Smart Remodeling LLC can help you with choosing the right color for your cabinets to go with your brown granite.

We have the best team of designers and contractors in Houston that keeps up with trending elements for indoor living. Our professionals will walk you through the painting concepts we've used in the past and assist you in selecting the color scheme that best suits your preferences and decor.

Schedule your free kitchen cabinet painting consultation today via our website or call us at 832-800-8889. You can also stop in to check out our remodeling showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034.



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