Home Remodeling During Covid 19 Outbreak

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-05 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Adding a second story to a house


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Home Remodeling During Covid 19 Outbreak

Do you want to carry out home remodeling during the covid 19 outbreak? Well, we’ve got you covered. As the world continues to battle the novel Coronavirus, even the smartly set plans are falling short of expectations. And so it is in the home improvement industry. 

With the social distancing, avoidance of overcrowding, and work from home order have left many remodeling projects suspended. Besides that, many are yet to be approved as the offices in charge remain closed indefinitely. 

However, this shouldn’t be a big worry if you had planned for a partial or full-home remodeling and got your plan approved. Below are some of the projects that you can get done during these uncertain times. 

Patio Cover Houston

Home Remodeling  During COVID 19: Addition Of Fantastic  Patio Covers

When it comes to the beauty of your outdoor space, you only have one chance to make your first impression. Therefore, you want to make it perfect. 

If you’ve just finalized a deal on your new home or want to give a fresh breath to the existing one, we build your dream into reality.

Whether you want aluminum, plastic, composite, concrete, stone, or wood patio covers, we’ll change your dull outdoor spaces into an excellent destination that matches your lifestyle and décor. 

Not to mention, we also have a team of complimentary designers who’ll help you choose the best patio design that you’ll cherish each day. 

When it comes to remodeling materials, Smart Remodeling LLC uses only high-quality materials from reputable hand-picked suppliers to build what lives up to the promise.  And that’ what you’d want for the best return on investment.

Even if you haven’t thought of selling your property in the future, having elegant outdoor living spaces adds life to your years. 

Since we understand the magnitude of the current public health crisis that has shaken the global health system to the core, we carry out our duties in strict adherence to the set guidelines to keep you and your home safe. 

Additionally, our experts and casual laborers maintain a high level of hygiene and use masks throughout the project period. 

All you need is to give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

Home Remodeling  During COVID 19: Outdoor Kitchen 

When it comes to the outdoor kitchen, we build what not only improves your outdoor aesthetics but also provides an excellent place to enjoy all summer long while making great memories.

Since the outdoor kitchen is an extension of your house’s functionality and lifestyle, we make it elegant, durable and fully equipped to stay in tip-top condition. 

From classic to contemporary design, our experts are always available to help you choose your dream design.

Moreover, our experts are versatile to work with diverse outdoor kitchen materials, ranging from concrete, tile, concrete to stone.  

Since an outdoor kitchen is a perfect place for family and friends gatherings, we‘ll customize it to reflect your personality and make it the center of focus for a day. 

Of course, no one wants to feel great when cooped–up alone in a tiny kitchen when guests are in the yard enjoying their time.  

Believe it or not, having a fantastic outdoor kitchen does not only allude to a warm-welcoming heart but also boosts self-esteem. Sounds good, right?

Revamp the look and functionality of your outdoor kitchen and entertain your guest in style.

Home Remodeling  During COVID 19: Decks

Decks are a great extension of your living space. Whether you’d wish to step on wood or composite materials, our talented experts are highly trained to design a customized deck that is a true reflection of your lifestyle. 

And with highly talented craftsmanship and quality assured materials, we build what will serve you for many years to come. 

Apart from building a cozy and welcoming deck, we can also make you a multi-level masterpiece whenever you request.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens Designed for the Way You Live & Entertain

Home Remodeling During COVID 19: Exterior House remodeling services

Even though many homeowners perceive the interior of their homes to be very important than the exterior, that perception seems to have changed in the current times. 

Unlike in the past decades, many homeowners continue to discover the value of a house with a fantastic outlook since it commands higher resale value compared to the one with a dull exterior. 

Even if you’re not intending to sell your home any soon, adding fresh paint, new sidings, new doors and windows can give your house the much-needed facelift. 

Home Remodeling  During COVID 19: Essential Services 

Even though more in-house remodeling projects are restricted due to the covid-19 outbreak, some remodeling services are considered essential. 

Essential remodeling services include those remodeling services that can help alleviate conditions that may compromise health and safety. 

Such services include bathroom remodeling and repair, replacement of broken or leaking pipes, repair and replacement of roofing, and others.

If you have any urgent yet essential in-house remodeling project, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our team of home remodeling experts will be glad to offer you free advice and perhaps give you a free cost estimate. We also open our showroom based on an appointment to ensure that the social distance rule is adhered to in promoting the safety of our clients. 

Wrap up!

Even though there are restrictions set to contain the Coronavirus, you can still get your home remodeled in strict adherence to the public health safety measures. Instead of a real meeting, we use virtual communication with our clients and only open our showroom and material store based on an appointment? 

Contact us today and enjoy our better deals on home remodeling during covid, even as the global economy continues on the flip side. 



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