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Remodeling Companies Richmond

Remodeling Companies Richmond

When looking for remodeling companies in Richmond, it’s important to go for the best remodeling company which can successfully handle your project from start to finish. 

Whether you have a residential apartment, an old-looking office space, a commercial store, a health facility, a high-end hotel, a pub, a guest house, or perhaps a private learning institution you’d like to give a fresh look to, we are the company to get the job done right.

Regardless of your project’s scale and scope, you can always rest assured of a perfect project finish. For over 11 years, we’ve distinguished ourselves as one of the top-industry remodeling companies in Richmond offering the best customer service. 

We take pride in our highly skilled workforce and talented team of complementary designers who can bring any idea in the world of imagination to a real-life project. We leverage our state-of-the-art technology to offer you a precise and timely finished project. 

Get Your Remodeling Work Done By the Best Richmond Remodeling Company

When searching for the best remodeling companies in Richmond, Smart remodeling is one of the companies you will get on the top list. But, it isn’t without reason. We focus on offering high-quality services at incredibly affordable prices. 

We combine our decade-worth of experience with our exceptionally high-quality craftsmanship to give you an outstanding quality finish. We employ a project manager who monitors every remodeling process and stage and ensures the outcome surpasses your expectations when it comes to project accountability.

Additionally, our experts are company employees except for a few subcontractors to ensure a high level of competence in every work they handle, making a 100% satisfaction certain. 

All about Our Home Remodeling Service

We are an experienced remodeling company with an out-of-the-box mentality. As such, we can work on any remodeling project and deliver satisfactory results within the shortest period possible. For over 11 years of service, we’ve worked on a wide range of commercial and residential remodeling projects of different scales. 

Therefore, we know exactly what it takes to deliver a perfectly customized finished project that meets your unique needs and requirements. We offer perfect home remodeling and commercial remodeling services with a 100% quality guarantee as a general remodeling company in Richmond.

What Does Our Remodeling Service Include?

As a certified full-remodeling contractor, we specialize in offering the following remodeling services:

  • Home remodeling: Whether you’re looking to carry out complete home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, attic conversion, or room addition, we get it done to detail. 
  • Commercial remodeling: Your business should not look dull, outdated, and unattractive. We’ll handle all your commercial remodeling work at Smart remodeling LLC and make every process seamless and stress-free.
  • Complete home makeover: We can change your house design and décor to match your dreams and aspiration. Whether you want to change your roof shape, 
  • Outdoor remodeling: Be it patio additions, porches, a deck, or an outdoor kitchen, we create an outdoor space that reflects your personality. 
The Best Richmond Remodeling Company

We’re received tons of referrals and repeat clients due to our culture of high-quality final finish, timely project completion, and at least 100% customer satisfaction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Due to our outstanding quality work, we’ve received an A+ rating with BBB and a 5-star rating on Houz. However, it isn’t out of nowhere—our experts are well trained through both in-house and field training, making them versatile and highly knowledgeable in their areas of specialty.

We also offer an excellent 24/7 customer support team to ensure you get help at any hour of need. To ensure high-quality outcomes, we use pro-rated materials and industry-best equipment that guarantees precision and speed. 

What to Expect During the Remodeling Project 

After scheduling a complimentary consultation, or team of professional remodelers will visit your home to assess your project. During the visit, our experts will establish the scope of work involved in your project and help you work on a more realistic budget and project timeframe. 

When done with the complimentary consultation, the next step involves setting working conditions. Below are what to expect: 

  • Provision of remodeling estimates depending on your project: residential or commercial remodeling.
  • Determine your choice and preferences for your remodeling project.
  • Final remodeling quote and pricing.
  • You will get the best remodeling design and materials based on using our proprietary 3-D design. 
  • We’ll set a realistic project timeframe with you to ensure our schedule fits into your plan. 
  • The real remodeling work commences with our onsight project manager in charge.
  • Inspection of the finished project and making of adjustments, if any. 
  • Clean-up of your property.
  • Unveiling of your final project.

Remodeling Cost—Comercial Or Residential Remodeling 

Even with a well-planned remodeling project, the remodeling cost can vary greatly depending on the type of your remodeling project and the overall complexity. Since every project is unique, there’s no one-price-fits-it-all. 

A typical commercial remodeling averages at $200 per sq. foot, while residential remodeling cost anything between $15000 and $2000. While these prices can help you figure out how much you need for your project, we’ll craft you a custom project quote and price that reflects your budget precisely. 

Benefits Of Our Remodeling Services

Since we understand you can choose any other contractor for your commercial or residential remodeling, we truly appreciate your business. We will do our best to ensure the project meets your goals. Below are some of the benefits that come with our remodeling services in Richmond, tx. 

  • Better traffic flow.
  • Universal design.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Improved health and safety standards. 
  • Contemporary feel and look. 
  • And more.

Contact Us Today, and Let’s Get Working!

Want to start your project today? At Smart Remodeling LLC, we must have thought of you. Whether you want to carry out a full commercial remodeling or a complete home remodeling, we can get the work professionally done with no unnecessary stress. 

Schedule a free consultation, and let’s get working. 




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